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Found 13 results

  1. Bros and Sis, My ride suddenly could not start today for no apparent reason.. bo pian.. Jump start then went to change battery.. I was quoted $230 for the battery shown below.. Since I really no choice as I was rushing , I agreed.. Just curious.. Is it worth the $$ I paid? http://www.flickr.com/photos/87993356@N08/8046563589/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/87993356@N08/8046566509/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/87993356@N08/8046563589/ P.S Cant embed the image.. Dont know why..
  2. My Hitachi car battery in my Honda Shuttle Hybrid died on me a few days ago. Sadly, it lasted only 1.5 years, and could not start my engine after I WFH for a few days. Luckily, I managed to get a nice guy to come down within 20 min to re-start my car for $25. Thereafter, I went to a car workshop to change to a new battery. Initially, I wanted to install the cheaper advertised Amaron car battery ($70). However, the technician looked at my hybrid engine and recommended the Varta Blue car battery ($110), which he said was specifically for the start-stop engine. He said it could easily last 2 years. I thought Amaron was the hottest brand in the market and I had a good experience with it on my Vios. Any feedback on the Varta battery? Unfortunately, the small battery tray in Honda Shuttle Hybrid meant that I could only install the smallest Varta Blue battery even though I wanted a bigger one for only $10 more. I checked around several online websites and Varta batteries easily cost 50% more than Amaron batteries of similar capacity and current 🙁
  3. Hi Guys, Like to find out from you guys that which battery brand is the consumer's choice. Kindly share with me the battery you are using and maybe why did you choose that battery! (:
  4. Hey guys, any recommendation for reliable car workshops in the west that carries amaron car battery? Looking to change mine tomorrow..
  5. Hi All, I have just changed to Amaron batt at $110. I was given Globatt or omolite and finally chosen amaron. any advice? thks!
  6. Hi, currently, using this Amaron 85D23L 12V 60AH for 3 yrs 9mths. Still starts on 1st crank. Does this battery give any warnings before it fail? My previous battery, I still remember, before failing, have to crank 2 times before it can start the car. And it lasts 3 weeks before total failure. Regards.
  7. My battery kapoot only after 1 years & 2 months of usage. As it happens at ~ 6+, no choice but to call AA. However, they only have Hoppecke brand for my car model & retails at $250 (crazy man). Quickly drove to AV & only left with 1 shop that is open. Was recommended the Amaron DIN-66 (66Ah) MF battery at $135 (btw, the cheapest among the range of batteries he carries). Trying to search the web for details but couldn't find any? Is the price reasonable?
  8. Help, mine is dying and need to change soon.
  9. Any place to recommend? or is it standard price
  10. Sharing a deal here. Was attracted to the price until I saw the fine print, ONLY for 40ah batteries! http://deal.outlet.com.sg/thedeal/view/ind...arwarranty.html Think Honda Jazz uses 40Ah is it?? Not sure. But its really for smaller cars. And at $69, maybe only abt $10-20 cheaper than wat u can get from outside for 40Ah Amaron batteries.
  11. hey bros.... my previous car had this 'icing' problem... funny thing it was fine all along... until one fine day when i.... sometime ago... i parked overnight at a frd's plc and didnt start the car for more than 24hrs... no big deal right?... but couldnt crank at all the following 24hrs... funny... probably alternator weak or dying (coe car)... anyways AA came over and i got a Green Amaron Batt.... all was fine afterwards... car was great... got a voltage meter and made sure my alternator was fine... watever the case my batt was fine for another year... i had a pivot blue VS and a little spark enhancer too... ALL NO PROBLEM... till one fine day i had just enjoyed my favourite katong laksa and the sunny asked me for help to jump start his car... wasnt a chio bu but a middle aged man who was helpless cause nobody helped him... had a galfrd with me so wanna act helpful... haha... i connected the cables... he started his car and thanked me and i drove off.... the next few days i realised there were 'icing' on my terminals... never had them before... could it be the jump start that caused it... my batt died the following month... it had lived approx 1.5 years... i had to get another batt to scrap the car so i picked one up from my regular WS... got an abandoned for 6months plus panasonic MF batt and it worked fine... WOW.... my mech said Amaron batts had a tendency to get icing on the terminals... true? the present car i'm driving has a Green Amaron Batt now at almost 2years and it still seems fine... dying soon maybe but no signs watsoever... hmmm... i wanna go up north next week so wanna get a new batt... So is Amaron really good or not? wanna get a new batt now but want a good one that last.... suggestions much appreciated...
  12. As above.. My stock car battery is near one year liao.. heard that should change after one year.. Any bros and sis here know any lobang ? BTW any conventional methods to diagnose weak battery ? Thanks !
  13. my car battery just died in my company carpark. is there any battery shop/workshop selling amaron/varta battery with delivery and installation service? me not AA member. hehe... thanks a lot. and waiting for your reply.
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