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Found 23 results

  1. Can anyone pls advise me which brand of batt water is better?? How often should the water be top up??
  2. Did it on Friday night actually at one of the most unusual places...... in a shopping centre basement carpark.....lol...... [laugh] The whole process took over 3hrs. Started work at around 8pm and finish around 11.20pm..... Sorry I didn't take any pics... The main benefit is improved battery lifespan. Its known that engine bay heat does shorten the lifespan of a battery (just google around). Since engine bay temp is easily 60-70C, putting it in the trunk will reduce temp by well over 20-30C. Hence battery will last longer. Another benefit is perhaps improved weight distr
  3. I am surprised that just a battery is enough change the handling characteristics of the car. Previously, I will get understeer while turning right (tyre screeching and sliding marks visible on front left tyre). The batt is originally located on the left side of the car. I shifted it to the trunk and doing just that alone improves the handling. Tyres no longer screech as the same cornering speed. It does not improve tremendously, but I am able to get around 5-6KM/H more. Not a bad thing. If you are facing understeering problems with 1 side of the car, then you might want to consider
  4. Sharing a deal here. Was attracted to the price until I saw the fine print, ONLY for 40ah batteries! http://deal.outlet.com.sg/thedeal/view/ind...arwarranty.html Think Honda Jazz uses 40Ah is it?? Not sure. But its really for smaller cars. And at $69, maybe only abt $10-20 cheaper than wat u can get from outside for 40Ah Amaron batteries.
  5. Maybe i'm mountain tortoise...but is there really some power mama car batt that's at that pricing? $600++?? Asking this becuz this morning my friend was telling me his boss just replace the batt for his 7-series and it cost $600++. And it was not the normal car batt... The replacement was done at PM after some standard servicing. i do expect some mark-up on price, but $600++? Really got such thing?
  6. I need a replacement car batt for my 2.5yo WRX 65D23L 60AH. Anyone has any lobang? Thanks
  7. Hi Bros, How to we know that our car batt is about to konk out? Other than car cannot start, what other "clues" can our car give us even before the engine totally cannot start? And what grade batteries are lancer ex using?
  8. I am just thinking that since car batt prices are pretty closed, might as install a higher capacity one. Eg. My car needs a 48AH batt but I install a 60AH one.
  9. hey bros.... my previous car had this 'icing' problem... funny thing it was fine all along... until one fine day when i.... sometime ago... i parked overnight at a frd's plc and didnt start the car for more than 24hrs... no big deal right?... but couldnt crank at all the following 24hrs... funny... probably alternator weak or dying (coe car)... anyways AA came over and i got a Green Amaron Batt.... all was fine afterwards... car was great... got a voltage meter and made sure my alternator was fine... watever the case my batt was fine for another year... i had a pivot blue VS and a li
  10. Hi guys... Just like to find out some comments, yesterday went to a batt shop to change a new batt for my car, it charged me S$150 for 62 AMP (Korean brand batt)...am not very sure current local market price for car's batt... did I pay too much for said batt ??
  11. I need those for HTC snap. Non-original ones. Enlisting soon, need to stock up.. How much are originals anyway ?
  12. ok, im driving a latio and just collected my car from workshop (due to accident..) a few days ago... so far, no weird sounds and everything seems perfectly done except for one weird phenomenon..... even with me on driver seat, and engine started and started driving, the "Key" signal will blink for around 10seconds and then gone... if no key detected, it's "red" and i cant start the engine but for this weird situation, key is detected and i can start engine and drive but the green lighted "key" sign will blink blink blink.... in fact, it seems no harm but it doesn't hapen this way before... is
  13. HI all, huat to a new year. my car batt went dead when i was about to go for my reunion dinner. Does anyone knows of any workshop that might be open during CNY period or is AA my only option now if i want to fix it for CNY. Thanks all.
  14. Yesterday, my car battery decided to retire for good. Checked the markings and found out that I bought it only last May. That's slightly more than one year ago. Anyway, as info for all bros, this short-lived maintenance-free batt is from Yuasa. Got it for around $85, as my Pica uses a very small batt. As replacement, I got an Amaron maintenance-free batt from Stamford for $120. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will last longer than the previous batt.
  15. hi, anyone know what affordable handphone with the longest battery life, dont need any features, just calling and texting is enough. thanks.
  16. hihi all.. Need advise from and sis here, which brand of rechargeable batt should I buy ? Which model too . thanks
  17. Overall which is better? In term of maintaenence and value for money..
  18. I bought a used batt for storage. How long can it last w/o being in the car?
  19. hv 1 set of 6 pt grounding kit n 2 batt terminals. wires hv been measured n cut to specified lengths for my ride (proton wira) n ends hv been prepared w lugs already soldered on. looking for help to install as totally unfamiliar w electrical issues. willing to pay token sum. anybody know of ppl dat do diy grounding ie not a shop but an enterprising individual pls giv contacts or reply thru PM. tks
  20. Do you have any idea where can I purchase the battery for my car.
  21. Hi everyone here... just wanna check with all expert in ICE kakis that do you change your normal batt to those High end BATT for your ICE system?? especially those with lots of lights? if so.. which batt you will recommend? my workshop recommend me EFX EDC1200
  22. My Car batt need to replace.. almost 3 yr from the day factory fitted until now.. Wat brand is good.. ? i'm looking for Maintenece free type..
  23. Hi all, Just curious on the average lifespan u get out of yr car battery?
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