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Found 58 results

  1. Now, I won't say that I am the biggest follower of traffic laws when I am cycling. Far from it, in fact. Yes, I know that as a cyclist, I also have to obey the traffic laws as laid out by the Traffic Police, but I have ran so many red lights while cycling that if it were reflected on my real driving licence, I would have exceeded the allotted 24 demerit points by.... Let's just say, by a lot. But I digress. Laws, rules and regulations are there for a reason. One of them being primarily to keep us safe. Or alive. Or both. Feel free to apply it as per necessary. But unfortunately for the star of today's post, this uncle either didn't get the memo or he just chose to tear it up completely, because he went against one of the most basic everyday rules. Based on the information in the video, the accident seems to have taken place in Sengkang. Now, I am not saying that I don't do this, and I'm pretty sure most, if not everyone reading this post has done what the uncle has done too, which is crossing the traffic junction when the red man is still on. Usually it is fine, you get to the other side without issue. But there are days when your luck just runs out and the results are... Less than pleasant. In all fairness, I can see why the uncle decided to go ahead and cross the road. Judging from the clip below, oncoming traffic seemed to be clear, with no vehicles in the immediate vicinity of the camera frame. However, my guess is that he may have missed the oncoming motorcycle due to its smaller size and just decided to cross the road. Perhaps the motorcyclist didn't expect someone to suddenly cross the road and may not have enough time to react once he/she realised what was going on, which ultimately resulted in said collision. However, it is also heartening to note that, fellow pedestrians at the junction immediately ran forward to help both injured parties after the momentary shock of having an accident happen right in front of their eyes. Judging from the style and colour of their outfits, two of the pedestrians could also be nurses/healthcare professionals, and if that should be the case, it is indeed fortunate that these nurses/healthcare professionals were at the right place at the right time to help people in need, despite the unfortunate circumstances of the accident. Perhaps, people, just a thought, listen to the rules, or just observe them. Or maybe just take a little while longer to set off from a traffic junction or when you're at a standstill. It could end up saving your life, or your wallet, or both. I mean, I should know. The last time I decided to rush for something, it ended up making a significant dent in my wallet 🙃. But that's another story for another day. Stay safe, people. Life isn't all about rushing from one place to another. Sometimes it could actually be beneficial to take your time, have a breather and smell the roses.
  2. Have you encountered trouble at carpark entries and realised that you needed to have another go with the IU scanner but the car behind is so close that you cant even reverse a tiny bit? We sure have and know how troublesome it is get the car behind to reverse so that you can re do the IU scan. Often, the driver behind refuses to bulge leaving you in an awkward position and frustrated at the driver behind you. Something like this happened on 22nd of October 2020 at Crawford Court between a Prius Trans-Cab and an unknown camera car. However, egos and tempers got the best of them and things turned out ugly. Who was in the wrong? Watch the video as posted by SG Road Vigilante and let us know in the comments below!
  3. Volvobrick

    Ang Moh whacked local Security Uncle

    https://www.facebook.com/1993145654159487/posts/2912589585548418?sfns=mo Another case of imported bullies Let's see if this guy get fired from his job.
  4. Jman888

    RIP Uncle 白言

    99 years old. https://www.zaobao.com.sg/realtime/singapore/story20190819-982131?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR0az8ZWIgu_xtiIJmViwCwdwujVtXY7_yUG43L0H5u93Yz_PrQuU7iFBtk#Echobox=1566180533
  5. Not sure this was posted before as the video was posted in youtube in Jan'13. One young man was watching porn on his laptop in the train, one auntie not happy scold him 'siao' then the young man responded, the husband of the auntie then scolded the man and the man ti key talk back to the uncle. Next was hammering happen as shown in the video. The man called the police...
  6. Saw this quiz in ST today. Maybe you can define how uncle or auntie are you nowadays. Have fun in this lazy Sunday. Q1. What do you ask your younger relatives during Chinese New Year, Hari Raya or Deepavali? A. Why aren't you married yet? have you put on weight? How much you are earning? In one breath. B. How are you? C. Can you get me a drink? Q2. There is a special item in Daiso that you want to get your hands on. You A. Already know which outlet stocks it, thanks to the Facebook group you are in, and have signed up for a group buy. B. Queue at the nearest outlet for 30 minutes before you buy. C. Know Dior, but what's Daiso? Q3. Where can you buy the freshest fish? A. The seller you have been buying from for years. B. Your helper does the marketing, you do the inspecting. C. Frozen is fine. Q4. You are on the bus and people are tripping over your trolley pf shopping. What do you do? A. Fish out a cable tie from your purse, secure your trolley to a pole and snooze in peace until your stop. B. Glare at anyone who dares to make eye contact and click your tongue back at anyone who "tsks" you. C. You can't remember the last time you took public transport. Q5. It is a super hot day. What do you drink? A. Your regular hot drink such as teh-o. B. Beer with ice cubes. C. Perrier. Q6. You don't order avocado toast in a cafe because A. Why pay for something that you can easily make yourself? B. Nothing beats kaya toast. C. Carbs are evil. Q7. Your favourite form of exercise is A. Zumba B. Yoga C. Spin class Q8. The best thing about the National Day Parade is A. The awesome goodie bag. B. The fact that it's free. C. The aerial fly-past. Q9. An advertised $2 discount does not appear on your bill after your meal. You A. Kick up a fuss and later badmouth the eatery to everyone you know. B. Kick up a fuss until you get the discount. C. Forget about it. Q10. You see a long line. What do you do? A. Join first, ask questions later. B. Try to find out what it's for. C. Walk on by. Q11. Your kitchen is A. Filled with containers of every shape and size, with some still in their original packaging. B. Packed with enough canned and dried goods to see you through any apocalypse. C. Strictly for show only. Q12. What item do you always carry with you? A. Wet wipes. B. Tissue paper. C. Blotting paper. Q13. What trigger word within earshot is most likely to grab your attention when you are out and about minding your own business? A. Affair B. Accident C. Alfa Romeo Q14. Which sentence do you agree with most? A. Nagging is caring. B. Nagging is sometimes necessary. C. Nagging is wearying. Q15. When you hear about nose-to-tail dining, you think A. Please, we have been eating fish head curry and oxtail stew for donkey years. B. Overpriced Western food. C. What a fascinating culinary concept. An A answer scores 10 points, B answer scores 5 points, C answer scores 0 points. Not applicable answers just give 0 points. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How the scores define you? 120 to 150 points You are a card carrying, point-earning member of the auntie and uncle club and proud of it. You can be fierce and unyielding, but you can also always be counted upon to say what's what. Nobody messes with you. 80 to 115 points You have definite auntie and uncle tendencies and are happy to embrace them. You can easily level up with little effort - see some A answers for some useful tips. 35 to 75 points You have your auntie and uncle moments but have, perhaps deliberately, kept some of your impulses in check. If your response is just a shrug, then maybe that just isn't your scene. 0 to 30 points You are an un-tie or non-cle. You could possibly be a laidback tai-tai or towkay, but that can be confirmed with another quiz. (Meaning to say, high SES or not).
  7. Just sharing some of the food that I cook in me and my family's home-cooking journey... To kick things off, thought I would go with my family & friend famous roast pork meant for special occasions and upon special requests only.. Takes me about 18 hours to finish, including the waiting & cooking times... I like the fresh pork belly from the butcher's because frozen pork tends to have a slight acrid aftertaste after you keep it overnight. Cost is higher, but the taste is much better in my opinion. Hey, only the best for my loved ones right? We start with cleaning the roast pork followed by a quick brine it.. this is how it looks like after the brine... Then we go through a second process of marinating it overnight with the spices and seasonings... this is how it looks like after the overnight marination process... We proceed to pierce holes using either an ice-pick or the "skin-poker" tool - depending on the thickness of the skin - and then do the salt-bake process... This is before we pop it into the oven for the salt bake... ... this is what it looks like after the salt bake... and after we scrape off the salt before returning it into the oven for a second bake... We return the pork into the oven for a final bake, rotating it every 45 minutes and wiping off excess fat that oozes from the top... Hope you enjoyed this first post... With love, Uncle Terry
  8. Terrylmt

    Uncle Terry's Movie Reviews

    Just wanted to share my personal film reviews of shows that I have watched either on TV, Netflix or in the theatre. Hope these will help some of decide on what to watch during those wet, boring nights. Film title: Independence Day: Resurgence Film genre(s): Sci-fi, Action, Drama Rating: 2.5 out of 5 popcorns For those of you who can't get enough of Thor's real-life younger brother, Liam Hemsworth, from the Hunger Games, this is a great film with a lot more screen time of him. The story is a sequel to the 1996 blockbuster, starring Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum, and Bill Pullman. Whilst most of the original cast have returned to this sequel, except Will Smith, most of them returned only to be killed off at some point in the movie. This story picks up 20 years after the first, as they approach the 20th year of Independence Day. Earth has grown united, and evolved the alien technology harvested from the first attack to build defenses that would ward off any future inter-stellar attacks. Only it doesn't. There are no clear protaganists, but the antagonists remain the same feisty armoured aliens that want to drill the Earth to drain her core. This begs to question: there are at least five other planets before you reach Earth - why are we the only ones getting targeted? The introduction of the new "alien technology" that can kill them once and for all begs yet another question - if you have the technology to kill them, and already have saved people in a refugee planet to build those planets, why are you not mounting an attack or bringing some of those weapons with you to defend yourself? The whole storyline is flimsily stitched together in a haphazard manner that one can simply say that they made it for the sake of making it without giving much thought as to how to further develop the franchise. While not totally unwatchable, one can conclude that this was made just to fleece off the popularity of the first film to earn more money for the filmmakers. Agree? Disagree? Let's talk about.
  9. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/get-inspired/heroic-strangers-try-rushing-pregnant-woman-to-sgh-but-end-up-helping-her-deliver-baby#xtor=CS1-2 No Taxi! Baby coming out! Uncle Syed helps out . . . . . Stomper Sufian shared how his uncle Syed and aunt had an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience when they helped a woman deliver a baby in their car today (Jul 22). Syed had recounted the incident -- which occurred at around 9.40am -- on Facebook, which Sufian alerted Stomp to. In a phone interview with Stomp, Syed said that he had been seeing a doctor at Bukit Panjang and was about to leave, when he and his wife noticed the pregnant woman lying by the side of the road. She was experiencing labour pains. The woman's husband then told Syed that they were waiting for a cab to get them to the hospital. However, they were either ignored or turned down by taxi drivers despite having waited for an hour. Syed then offered to drive the couple to Singapore General Hospital (SGH). In his Facebook post, he described how he tried rushing them to the hospital. Due to the morning traffic, they were unable to reach their destination on time, and the woman ended up giving birth to a girl in Syed's car. "A new life was born inside MY car," wrote Syed in his Facebook post. He also praised his wife for pushing aside her fear of blood and dislike of "slimy substances" to help the woman deliver her baby. Syed told Stomp, "We were so happy and thankful when the baby started to cry," adding that they had been worried for the baby's condition. "The husband didn't know what to say other than thank you, and I told him it's okay as long as both mother and baby were safe." Syed, his wife and the couple reached SGH about 15 minutes later, where both mother and daughter received medical attention. Sufian told Stomp:
  10. https://sg.sports.yahoo.com/video/talent-fou-basketball-darcade-185731989.html insane beyond belief. he picks up the basketballs with wat kind of finger strength?!?
  11. Sibeh fierce...probably a small knock (not known) and lost her mind...intimidating the old uncle. Driving Peugeot nia ma...not as if the uncle say not compensating her...demanded RM2k on the spot... Now kena CSI on internet already... http://tw.gigacircle.com/927162-1
  12. And he proudly shares it on facebook... https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=555315377912494&id=266048183505883
  13. MP Indranee Rajah speaks up about man mocked by Miss Universe Singapore finalist 398 37 0 mar2214_indraneerajah.jpg AsiaOne Saturday, Mar 22, 2014 SINGAPORE - Member of Parliament for Tanjong Pagar GRC and Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Law and Ministry of Education Ms Indranee Rajah has spoken up for the man in the centre of a social media controversy. RELATED STORIES Beauty queen sorry for mocking man online What you say online can affect you: Indranee Earlier this week, a post by Miss Universe Singapore 2013 finalist Jesslyn Tan mocking a man's attire went viral. She has since apologised. In her Facebook post, Ms Indranee, who has known the man for many years, said: "A few days ago, the Internet was abuzz with the story of Miss S'pore finalist, Ms Jesslyn Tan, who found the sight of a man with a hole in his T-shirt napping on the MRT so amusing that she snapped a photo of him and put it on her FB with the caption "Holey moley. Sibei trendy worzxxz". "The post caused a minor Internet storm. Many were critical of it, and Ms Tan has since removed the post and apologised online for being insensitive. "What's it to me? Well, you see, the man in that pic is my resident, Mr Koh Hee Huat, and I have known him for many years. I want to share a little more about this man who has been unwittingly caught up in this mini furore. "Mr Koh is a helper at the Ye Shanghai Teochew Muay stall at Bukit Merah View (BMV). The stall opens at night till the early hours of the morning. Those familiar with the area - and certainly all the taxi drivers on the midnight shift - will know this stall and Mr Koh. He's the man who takes the orders from the customers in the queue and dishes out their selections into small plates for the other helper to bring to the tables. He's on his feet from evening until 3.00 am in the morning when the stall closes. "Every time I've been to the stall after my Friday night MPS ( and that's many times over the years ) he's been there - in good or bad weather, quiet and unassuming, but always hard at work, and responsive to all customers, no matter who they are. "He makes an honest living to support his mother and his family. His wife works at the same stall. He has a daughter waiting to enter poly. "In the midst of all the buzz and noise on the topic, I would like to address this from his perspective, so people can understand the impact the episode has had on him. "First, he's genuinely bewildered why he has been singled out like this out of the blue, and on such an issue. His T-shirts have holes because he wears them for work. The stall has metal fixtures which snag on the T-shirts, causing them to tear. It's just part and parcel of his work environment, in the same way that people who wear overalls may get grease stains, or outdoor workers get dust on their uniforms. "But more importantly, the episode caused him to feel a deep loss of face and hurt. When I visited him at the stall last night, he said many customers asked him about the incident, and it was very embarrassing for him because so many people know him. Despite that, though, he still turned up for work over the past few days, stoically carrying on with his job. Many may not realise this, but it takes courage to do this - to turn up and carry on when suddenly, through no doing of your own, you are the subject of national discussion, and every eye is on you. "Mr Koh initially thought of quitting in the wake of this, but his boss encouraged him to stay. His boss told me that he has known Mr Koh since he was boy and he is a very good worker. When Mr Koh's father passed away, he asked the boss to take care of Mr Koh, which the boss promised to do. The boss is determined to keep that promise. "My grassroots leaders and I encouraged Mr Koh to stay too. We told him that this will pass. He doesn't surf the net and he wasn't aware that many have people expressed support for him. "So if you are in the area and have a yen for teochew muay, do go and give Mr Koh a word of encouragement or a thumbs up. He's very much part of our Bukit Merah family, and just like whenever a family member feels down, it helps when others rally round to give a morale booster. And if anyone merits a boost it is this quiet, hardworking, unassuming man. He may not be sibei trendy, but he is definitely "sibei ho". "As for Ms Tan, I am glad that she has apologised, albeit online and not to Mr Koh directly. She says she has learnt from this and would be very mindful of social media in the future. "I do hope so. "We still do not sufficiently appreciate the impact that what we do or say can have on others, especially via social media. The consequences are often unintended, but by then it is too late. The old adage "the pen is mightier than the sword" still holds true in the Internet age, even though the keyboard has replaced the pen. A sword cuts deep, but words can cut deeper. We need to have a care in what we say about others." The part tht caught my eye is the penis mightier than the sword! sorry, spacing spoil... anyway go read the press on this issue. STOMP has it Uncle shamed by Miss Singapore finalist wants to quit job at store after over 28 years Posted on 21 March 2014 | 72,237 views | 135 comments More Sharing Services Following Miss Universe Singapore 2013 finalist Jesslyn Tan's facebook post poking fun at an uncle wearing a T-shirt with holes, and her facebook apology, the uncle wants to quit after working at a porridge stall for more than 28 years. According to Shin Min Daily News, a netizen revealed that the uncle is working at the famous Ye Shang Hai Teochew Porridge (夜上海潮洲粥) in Bukit Merah view. The uncle's boss, Mr Wu, revealed that after the photo of the uncle was publicised, he feels embarrassed, and that he has also embarrassed his relatives and friends. Mr Wu asked him to stay, and told him to let him think about how to solve the issue. Mr Wu said that perhaps it was while working when the uncle's shirt accidentally got hooked, causing a hole. Mr Wu feels indignant for the uncle, and said that insulting his staff is akin to insulting him. He added that the uncle leads a down-to-earth life, and it was unnecessary of Jesslyn Tan to post his photo online. He said: "Is being poor a crime? What's wrong with him using his own abilities to earn money and support his family?" It is known that the uncle's wife also works at the porridge stall, and has held the job for about 20 years. Related articles: Miss Universe S'pore finalist pokes fun at man with holes in his shirt: His daughter hits back My comment was never meant to hurt anyone: Miss S'pore finalist apologises after making fun of man with holes in shirt why do i think of Batman when i see her ah?
  14. Picture is self explanatory. Not bad huh? I think Singaporeans still got hope after all. By the way, does anyone know where this hawker is at? I will wear No. 4 go look for him
  15. Dun remember if the part 2 is posted here as I remembered seeing part 1 in mycarforum.
  16. Picnic06-Biante15

    Uncle New Job ............

    The massage uncle got new job ............ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XaUB4vP4Qk...player_embedded pai sey, don't know how to copy the video... any forunner can assist, kum siah ...
  17. Will this happen here? Well if our falling birth rate persists, no one can be certain about this. But to serve in Spec Ops units will be a long shot no matter how you look at it. Women in combat: Good to go if they meet standards By LOLITA C. BALDOR | Associated Press
  18. any tiko from mcf in the photo? [laugh]
  19. Hamburger

    Uncle gangam style

    you have to give in to korean pop, even uncle can do it....really good and catchy.
  20. Gdspd08

    Two Uncle Fighting On Bus

    Again??????/ http://sg.news.yahoo.com/blogs/what-is-buz...-030520714.html
  21. http://temasektimes.wordpress.com/2012/05/...ard-last-night/ maybe the taxi uncle really buay song PRC nowadays... but really need to resort until like that? he risked his taxi kena damaged :wacko:
  22. Happy Birthday! Hope you are not turning green.
  23. Specially for you..if u r happen to b a member.
  24. Respect his guts!! If no time, watch the first 5 min will do.
  25. I parked my car at my MSCP this afternoon and noticed that a SMRT taxi with the engine running without the driver inside. I think the driver had gone home to take his lunch or pang sai. Is diesel free? Taxi companies say that they need to increase taxi fares becos of high operating costs and high diesel prices but I notice many taxi uncles like to leave their engine running.