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Found 18 results

  1. May i know following for 10yr+ 987.2 Boxster Tip: 1. Annual maintenance cost 2. Cost to replace IMS bearings and rear main seal? Thanks in advance!
  2. Some Dutch Engineering Students Built This Mid-Engine Shooting Brake From An Old Boxster Source: https://flatsixes.com/cars/porsche-boxster/some-dutch-engineering-students-built-this-mid-engine-shooting-brake-from-an-old-boxster/?fbclid=IwAR0Uk2nBKdPTcxw9wFFsvkeVBmBIwiG3ROAT-ksdb0_eBXoNBFXqEnLxOzA Four students at the Fontys Minor Motorsport Engineering school in the Netherlands have built the car that Porsche is afraid to because it has too much awesome in one package. Porsche's Boxster and Cayman are already amazing platforms, and are quite easy to live with on a daily basis. I daily drove a Boxster for several years, and it served quite well. But if you have to carry more than a briefcase or a duffel bag, you might be hard pressed to find space for it in Porsche's mid-engine platform. That's why these students built what amounts to a Cayman Shooting Brake, and it is so incredibly great. I wish Porsche would build something like this right now. The students began with a fresh 986 Boxster for the project because it's an inexpensive and reliable platform to modify. It's a well balanced chassis with great handling and a superb flat-six engine. Because the car is already an open-top design, the chassis itself is stiff enough to accept a hard top without issue. The team of engineering students worked with Van Thull Development to develop this car's composite bodywork. Up front, the car is fitted with 997 GT3 carbon bodywork, including a headlight update and new lightweight materials. Out back the car makes use of 991-style tail lights and a custom bumper and fascia. The rear hatch and roof assembly come from a Peugeot! The finished product looks fabulous, especially with the Miami Blau paint and black accent. This car looks like it could be a factory-built special edition for folks who enjoy Grand Touring across Europe with a full bevvy of equipment. The best part is that Van Thull is already working on building this as a kit for your own Boxster hatchback conversion. Pretty cool if you ask me. Maybe I'll order one.
  3. Porsche has been testing for quite some time now the new GT4 version of the 718 Cayman. And it appears that there will be more six-cylinder models coming to the mid-engine Boxster and Cayman range. According to Carscoops, Porsche has been spotted at the 'Ring with a 718 Boxster and Cayman and they sounded different from the four-cylinder turbocharged units present in the current 718 lineup. Other than the upcoming track-focused GT4, Porsche might be installing the same 4.0-liter flat-six unit from the 911 GT3 into “Touring” versions of the Spyder and GT4 models respectively. Porsche has worked hard and managed to make the naturally aspirated flat-six compliant with the latest Euro 6d emission regulations without sacrificing power. Reports have suggested that the Cayman GT4 and Boxster Spyder will put out around 425bhp while the Touring models will get it with around 380bhp.
  4. Here goes Oh please don't move to Complaints section. This section generates more traffic
  5. There's a unique new way for Porsche owners, male and female, to give their car its own special identity. Where the model type normally goes, you can now opt to have the wording of your choice in the same style of lettering. Normally, instead of the model names such as Cayenne, Turbo, Carrera, Cayman or Boxster, the name of any owner, his or her girlfriend or boyfriend, dog, company or anything at all can be put on the car: from Bruce to Michelle, from David to Roxanne to Jade and so on. Furthermore, creative thinking can lead to all sorts of amusing phrases, with endless possibilities. Phrases like: 'My Seventh' or 'Thanks Daddy' 'Not Leased' and 'Follow Me' are just some examples. With its own unique wording, a Porsche becomes just a little more exclusive and that's what this unique new service is all about. The lettering can also be ordered in different colors - black, silver, and even gold - at www.nameyourporsche.com, where you'll also find a range of examples and full information about quality, price, and delivery all over the world.
  6. Joewu

    48k boxster?

    Did I miss something? or is this really 48k? the numbers all seems so wrong! http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=402698&DL=1112
  7. As above, hand getting itchy and am ridding either the CX-7 or the MX-5....changing to either 1. Boxster or 2. Cayman. Anyone with experience on these 2 and what are the differences between the S and non-S? Me not going to the Porsche forum as they are quite a bunch of upstarts nia..... All views welcome. Thanks in advance
  8. According to Bernhard Maier, Porsche's head of sales and marketing, the brand has no plans to sell a car costing less than the Boxster although it has set sights on reaching an annual sales target of 200,000 units by 2018. "To build a Porsche for 30,000 euros currently doesn't fit our brand," Bernhard Maier told the Automotive News Europe Congress in Monaco. The extraordinary purchase experience is not for free and the entry price is currently covered with the Boxster and in the future by the Macan." The Macan is Porsche's second SUV, positioned below the Cayenne. Last year, the company sold 117,000 units, representing an increase of 18% over 2010 sales figures. Surprisingly, the bulky Cayenne SUV is now Porsche's best seller, accounting for half of the firm's sales in the first quarter of 2012. Despite the increase in sales, exclusivity is still achievable, according to Mr Maier. "If the experts are right and the world markets grow to 100 million units in 2018 and Porsche would sell 200,000 units, we would have a world market share of 0.2 percent. I don't believe this would be a drastic change in exclusiveness." he added. Porsche has my respects for not blindly chasing after figures and diluting the brand's image in the process.
  9. FaezClutchless

    2013 Porsche Boxster and Boxster S

    [extract] Usually when an automaker releases a new model, its performance or higher grade version gets released at a later time. But that is not the case with Porsche as the German automaker has released both the new (981) Boxster and Boxster S simultaneously. There
  10. I was called by my friend to watch him race his 159 vs my other's friend boxster and drove all the way down to Jalan Sultan to be safety car, but knn Boxster chickened out and got no race to watch, angry I decided to race with 159 and it is indeed a fast car, no way my Passat could overtake it. However, the boxster's 0 to 100 of 5.8s should be able to whack the 159's 0 to 100 of 8s easily, why does he reject 159's invivation for a frenly race so many times? He claims got hesistation when rev-ing....so don't buy 10 year old boxster? I also sianz...my car lagi slow...which car to buy to that can whack the 159???
  11. Sabbie

    Jap Car vs Boxster

    I got a fren who bought a boxster, now I think that I should envy him, but the funny thing is: everytime I jio him out, he is in the workshop! so I am thinking: what's the point of buying a sports car if half the time in the garage and not always for modifications and enhancements....might as well drive a normal jap car like camry right? btw yesterday he in the workshop due to some sensory fault
  12. Got a shock when I saw the owner/driver of the latest model Boxster pumping Esso 95RON. Owner was pumping himself so cannot be pump attendant pumping wrong grade of fuel. Not sure is it is the 2.9 or 3.6 model. Compression ratio for above models are 11.5 and 12.5 respectively. Suzuki Swift Sports with compression ratio of 11 requires 98RON. Normal 1.6 to 2.0 family saloons have compression ratios of 9.5 to 10 and can accept 95RON. Will 95RON damage the Boxster engine or will engine just retard timing resulting in loss of power?
  13. Porsche. This company is somehow criticized on the design of their cars of late. The reason for this is that their cars look almost the same. You can clearly see the DNA of the 911 in the Cayenne, Boxster, Cayman and the Panamera. Like the 911 gave birth to all of them from its tailpipes. Or like most critics state, lazy designers using the same template for all Porsches until they all look the same. They have the same rounded rear and nearly the same silhouette from the side. Of course you can tell that the Cayenne is an SUV or that the Panamera is a 4 door sedan, but they basically have the same shape. But is it really true that Porsche have lazy designers? Now, after some thought over a cup of home brewed Darjeeling tea I have come up with an answer. You see, Porsche in the 1970s did rock the 911 establishment by coming up with supposed replacement models for the lower end and upper end of the markets. Cars like the 924, 944, 968 and the 928 were brought out from the mid 1970s to the mid 1990s with some success but none could ever usurp the sales of the 911. No matter how good journalists at that point of time said of the 968 or the 928 would change the minds of Porsche 911 loving people who continued buying 911s regardless of the fact that its rear engined design meant that it was tail happy and loved putting itself through hedges and ditches backwards due to its inherent design characteristics (or flaws). This same people actually liked the shape of the 911 as they would have also tried the 928 in the showrooms at that point of time but still bought the flawed car. Somehow, people liked the slightly bulbous shape of the 911 and the sound of the water-cooled flat 6 engine so much so that they refused to change their minds and purchase what even Porsche thought was the better car at the time. Of course, this meant that the 928 and the 968 (which was the final version of the 924/944 series) had to be discontinued. Porsche then launched the Boxster, which was mid engined but looked so much like its big brother and was a sales success. It wasn't as though Porsche didn't try the 'budget Porsche' way as they had done so with the 924 in the 1970s but Porsche fans took to it like a duck to water and it became Porsche's success story. Porsche's car lineup then included the extremely successful Cayenne SUV, which is actually weird looking in some angles but somehow managed to capture the hearts and souls of people who were never even fans of the 911 in the first place. This success story has since continued till today with the Panamera. Some critics say this cars look ugly, or lazily designed but you will notice that the Porsche 911 design is timeless and a design classic. Its design clues are so recognizable that even a person who does not like cars will recognise a Porsche when they see one. You see, Porsche has basically done a Rolex Sports watch. Take for example the Rolex Submariner (photo above). It has remained basically the same since the 1950s, throughout the 1960s, through Connery, Lazenby, Moore and Dalton as James Bond's watch choice and it still is a highly respected diver's watch with the trademark Oyster case to this day. Every few years Rolex will spruce it up a little by rounding off an edge or two or make it slightly chunkier but it still looks the same and is still easily recognizable. Porsche too had decided to evolve slowly and not change anything drastically but just rearrange the design of the car a little year after year. The engine is still in the wrong place after all of these years but the suspension has been improved until the 911 can bend the laws of physics and corner like its on rails, or if it does break away the tail is more progressive and won't kill its owner. It is the same with the Cayenne and Boxster. Both of which are already in its 2nd generation form, and both looks like nothing had actually changed. Rolex, whether or not watch savants loathe the brand is one of the biggest brand names in the world and this fact cannot be denied. So Porsche is the sports car version of Rolex. In not so many words of course. - Sea Dweller DeepSea - Basically a Submariner on steroids and with the new super Oyster case. But at a glance it is still recognizable as a derivative of the Rolex Submariner. The Porsche silhouette is already considered a classic automotive design and it is the same with the Rolex Submariner. Most of humanity (or if you don't agree, both Porsche and Rolex owners/buyers only) have decided that both designs have reached a pinnacle that cannot be altered but merely refined bit by bit in accordance with the taste of the period. And it is this fact I hereby state that while a Porsche will always look good or will never look good, or that it has lazy designers, depending on your point of view; it will keep on selling Porsches looking like what they do as people love them in that shape and they may never buy a Porsche if it looked like a Lamborghini or a Ferrari. Remember, Porsche tried, and failed. So if it ain't broke, why fix or change it? Now Let me give you another example. The BMW Mini. You cannot really tell the difference between the 1st generation and the 2nd generation when it comes to its looks. You can't really change the look of a Mini as that is what customers look for. 80% Cabin , 20% engine, large wrapround glass area and a roof that looks separated from the body. That's a Mini and that's how a 2 door, Traveller/Clubman and how the future 4 door versions will look. Its the same design on different models. And BMW Mini designers are also lazy I presume? - An ancient Porsche 911 - A Boxster 1st Generation - A 2nd Generation Boxster. You'd have to really know your Porsches if you can tell this one from the 1st Gen version if you only took a glance at it. - Mini Clubman, it still looks like a Mini even though its longer
  14. Maybank targets 10,000 new Platinum card customers with Porsche reward programme First in Singapore to offer this unique benefit Maybank is introducing an exclusive reward programme for its Platinum card customers to increase utilisation and recruit new cardmembers. Maybank Platinum card customers who charge a minimum of S$12,000 to their credit cards within 3 months can redeem a day
  15. As above, a light-hearted poll to see who will do what with the car for a day????
  16. www.sgcarmart.com/main/info-2XYQ2Up-1057.html Saw this ad with new 10 year COE. What you guys think?
  17. Soya

    T4 vs Porsche Boxster

    Some guy's story on his adventure on the autobahn. This guy is crazy.... Yesterday evening I was travelling back home from Koln. A little bit hurring on autobahn doing 190 km/h. There was one interception I passed, I was in the left lane. Suddenly, I saw Porsche going out fast from interception to autobahn. He was ahead me about 60 meters and he decided to change to the right lane. His behaviour was aggressive. Speed difference was about 50 km/h. I pressed on brakes and only now he saw me coming nearer very fast to him - he changed to the right. But still I can't floore my T4 - there was a traffic ahead. It was Boxster (not S). I thought - it have to be the Race! Let's do it! He was sitting on my tail about 5 meters, too close on this speed. We were doing 140 km/h. In several seconds the way was free of traffic and I floored. May be he did't expect it from S40 but the distance in first seconds became lager. So he also floored. He tried to overtake me. The speed went upto 230 km/h. He was behind me about 15 meters. But I have to brake because of the traffic. And so on 3 times up to I turned on my junction. Also on Saturday night I had a crazy race with MB E-Class. I think it was 320. It was 3 o'clock in the night. Autobahn 3 lanes free of traffic. The speed went upto 253 km/h. I feel my T4 can do more. But there is a Revs limiter and on that speed it was 5900.