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  1. Kiatmobile

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Thread VII

    Rush also reach destination. Slow also reach destination... What's the Cheong...?
  2. Kiatmobile

    Unreliable AD komoco

    Off course not last. But all these wear and tear parts are difficult to judge as it comes anytime. Still considering if it is worth to sign another 2 years service plan with them.
  3. Kiatmobile

    Unreliable AD komoco

    Kosovo has offered me to sign up 2 years service plan with them when my car reach 5 years. The package warranty gear box and engine for the 2 years. Is it worth to sign up?
  4. Kiatmobile

    THINKWARE / INAVI Users, Come In

    Hi, I'm using 770 model. I have the same issues as well and each time the wifi button is pressed, connecting to wifi is difficult. It took quite a long time for the phone to show Thinkware wifi or by the time you try to connect, the hardware wifi disconnected. It's kind of frustrating though. Been back to ZMC to rectify the issues still the same problem. Don't know what else could be improved on this connection for 770 model.
  5. Hi Bro, Don't waste your time appealing. I'm better than you. I have the same situation like your BUT mine was with a TP behind me. He was 2 cars away from me and I filter to the right of the road with my signal on. This B100dy TP accelerate to stay beside me. He turn on his pi-por light asking to move to the side. When i got off my car, i asked what ive done wrong. He told me I caused him to brake abruptly. I told him, my signal is out and the car is half on the next lane. He accelerate to keep up closed to me, is it my fault? Still he took down my particular and 2 weeks later, summon come. Appeal with video to TP, failed. Ending 'LL pay up with demerit points deducted. So Bro, don't waste time appealing. Liao si gan.
  6. Kiatmobile

    Mazda 5 - requesting owners feedback

    I stopped going to this Shop since 3 years ago as I find they have no rectification for their job done well. The lady boss is good at her PR. Well, it's up to individual preference after all.
  7. Kiatmobile

    Sales! Car Camera, Headunits, Speakers, Accessories, Aircon

    Hi, Can PM me the cost for Hyundai i40 wagon, SKB acoustic soundproofing. Thank you.
  8. Kiatmobile

    Unreliable AD komoco

    Hahaha... I do agree with you that we can't see it also if AD checked 28 points. No doubt. It's a gamble. During my previous send in to AD for 50K servicing, the back registration light blow(which I did not inform the Service Adviser), the bulb was changed when I paid up. So, It's still up to individual expectation need.
  9. Kiatmobile

    Unreliable AD komoco

    Hi, It is still up to individual expectation as to what you need. I'd been servicing my car with Hyundai AD since I got a car from them. Just 2 week ago, I was at a accessories at First Centre to install some voltage stabilizer. Saw Liqui Moly oil selling in this shop and asked if they do oil change and service. Told me yes and cost $130(including Japan oil filter(which I'd never heard of the brand). What I noticed was that they just change Liquid Moly oil and Japan filter I purchased. No other checks. Besides, the service guy kept plastering me to do Aircon flush which cost $125. With the oil change service, I'm entitled to a discount rate at $85 which I did not took it up. But if the service is done in Hyundai AD, they will have 32 points checked. From this experience, i told myself that this is not what I want and will never come back here again. (It's just not what I expected) So, it all depends to what we expect and the amount spent is it worth the while where safety is a concern. Just sharing my experience.
  10. Kiatmobile

    Where to get MCF dash mat?

    Hello Blade, Can i have one too? PM me what information and how to get one. Thank you. Pat
  11. Kiatmobile

    IRoad In-Car Camera Recorder Users

    Ya man, TLW is very famous for their cut throat price. Iroad V9 cannot be $330. Not possible.
  12. Kiatmobile

    YF Sonata (i45)

    Hi Bro, Can anyone tell me if you have encounter the same experience for i45 Alarm Systems. When the car is in alarm mode, you press boot release, does the alarm sound immediately? Also, when the car is in alarm mode, boot is not closed, does the alarm goes off after sometime? Thanks.
  13. Kiatmobile

    YF Sonata (i45)

    Wow...Nice exhaust pipes. Bravo.
  14. Kiatmobile

    YF Sonata (i45)

    Hi, I'm driving the same grey color for exactly 1 year... Just renewed my RT and Insurance...
  15. Kiatmobile

    Hyundai i45

    Said shipment was delayed. It was supposingly to arrive Singapore dock end Oct 2010 but was delayed for 2 weeks. Yes, saw KMC advertise yesterday for $100,999. Damn...i booked at $109,999 But how could it be where COE has been increasing....