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Found 17 results

  1. Hi all, some of you might know that i used to drive a Lexus Gs450h , bought 2nd hand 7yrs old with 117K km. Although i did choose lexus for reliability , it gave me 2 big big issues one being the hybrid battery and another being the engine blew up, hence have decided to scrap the car. with the lexus , i have learnt a few things : - 3.5 road tax can die - horsepower not worth in SG, although car is silky smooth - dont buy a old hybrid car hence, I've been looking around for the next car that will not give me so much problems ( at least not so expensive ones) and have come across a friend that drives a W204 facelift model. so far since day 1 of owning the car, the car had no major problems other than a few cheap wear and tears that were very minor. anyone can share any opinion regarding the reliability of the w204 model, buying 2nd hand , and also, after the expiry of COE, will it be worthwhile to renew COE on this model? i have yet to test drive the car, but overall looks and interior quality are pretty nice IMO any opinions regarding is appreciated, or even other car suggestions are welcome too. looking at c180 or c200 model
  2. Looking at pre-loved 6yo C200 CGI. What are some of the things to look out for in pre-owned C200 ? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
  3. Polkadots

    C200 Kompressor (W204)

    Hi Guys, I am new to Conti rides. Have stucked with Jap rides for years. Recently the market situation forced me to liquidate my investments and fortunately I am not too late to pull out and made a little profits. Now, I have loved the look of the new C-class the first time I saw it and shopped around before deciding to get a 2nd-hand 2+ years old C200 Kompressor Avantgarde. It looked to be in great condition, well-maintained and has low mileage ( < 15k km/year) but i can never know what type of thrashing it has taken over the last 2+ years. So I decided to send it in for STA inspection. Should be receiving the results soon. Meanwhile, I have some questions below I hope someone will be able to help: 1) Exactly how exhaustive are these STA inspections? Do they look into all aspect of the car's health eg. encoutered accident before, swam in the flooded basement parking of Orchard road, badly thrashed? Any hints? 2) I was considering getting a new C180 with the 1.6ltr engine but felt that the 1.6ltr will be stressed more than the 1.8ltr engine. Hence, I settled for the C200 (it is also cheaper). I have already committed to the C200 in a hurry, I must say, due to the rising COE. Have i made a stupid decision? Be frank, but also be mindful that the price diff between the new C180 and the C200 is like $50K - $55k. Thanks guys.
  4. What is your average fuel consumption of your C200 W204 (Kompressor)?? Mine is 10.1-10.5L/100km, but can achieve 7.8L/100km on a highway. Is 10.5L/100km consider high??
  5. Steptronic

    Jaguar XF Vs C200 Vs BMW 523i

    Hello friends, it is time for me to change as there is uncertainity around Mazda and COE here. Car is getting 2 years now. Since there is no obvious Japanese car for me this time (driven CRV, Cefiro earlier), thinking of exploring Conti for a change (my wife is holding me back from those contis). But, sort of convincing her. My choice is in the order they are appearing in the Poll. Thanks for taking the poll.
  6. Pss2

    Used C200 vs E200

    Does anyone knows why in general an used C200 is same or higher price than a E200 based on similar registration date? C200 has much lower OMV too.
  7. Carfreakz

    A 1.4M Merc C200!!!

    2nd hand car dealer are getting more and more crazy! hahahahahah........something to lighten up a boring wed afternoon! http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...756&DL=1358
  8. M3ZZ

    Merc C180Cgi/C200 or F30?

    Need some advice guys...am currently driving a 4.5yrs old 320 black line and thinking of changing to a C180CGI/C200. C&C is willing to absorb my BM for a higher $ than market value as long as I trade in before the launch of the F30. But am also very keen on the F30 which will be launching. So am torn between a C or the new 3 here. What you guys think? Pls no bashing comments pls. Be neutral can?
  9. Acrophobia

    C200 W204 - is it nice?

    hey guys! I m wondering if having the hood painted black while having a white body is nice for W204.. cant find a pic online so kinda asking for opinions! :) many thanks!
  10. Damienic

    B200 free upgrade to C200??!

    Hi, anyone check out the recent C&C buy B200 and get free upgrade to a C200 promotion? Is it logical? The list price of B200 is 167,800 and the C200 is 203,800. If the promo is true, then it is akin to buying a C200 at 167,800. If this is so, then which C class buyers would still want to buy the C180 of which the list price is 163,800 which is just 4K cheaper and what's more, C180 is under CAT A and the C200 is under CAT B? Then wouldn't they cannabalise their own sales of C180 which makes up quite a big bulk of Mercs sales in SG? Interesting to see if anyone had gone down to check out this promo..
  11. Giving me headache.. Spoilt for choice. Following factors to consider: (1) Exterior (2) Interior (3) Pricing (4) Horsepower (5) PML package vs C&C package (6) High Overtrade? Frankly speaking, I prefer BMW. But in terms of the above criteria, I felt that MB has the slight edge above BMW. Another BIG headache..... Buy from AD or buy from PI????? Bros/sis, please kindly advise..
  12. http://motoring.asiaone.com/Motoring/Test%...102-177449.html
  13. Wanna noe the diff between these two. same engine but diff power ... diff ecu ?? pls help.... THANKS!!! "difference" sorry
  14. Furrynadz

    *FY 88 ** P c200 ah sia kia driver

    this little P plate ah sia kid damn tok kong in kallang leisure carpark (underground) also want to tuah 70+ nearly kiss 2 car, then tuah up exit ramp, small road also tuah 100+, tuah till miss right turn, then do illegal u turn and tuah back dun tuah ur lao peh car until like that leh, or ur lao peh so nice give u a nice car to murder ppl with Vehicle No.: S** ** 22 Vehicle Type: P10 - Passenger Motor Car Vehicle Attachment 1: With Sun Roof Vehicle Scheme: Normal Vehicle Make: MERCEDES BENZ Vehicle Model: C200 KOMPRESSOR Chassis No.: WDD2040412A093193 Engine No.: 27195030996963 Engine Capacity: 1796 cc Maximum Laden Weight: 1975 kg Unladen Weight: 1490 kg Year Of Manufacture: 2007 Original Registration Date: 02 Jan 2008
  15. Puffer_fish

    2004 merc c200 for sale

    hello, everyone it time to sell my c200 to make way for my new ride. pm me for detail. the car is 2004 jan , milage 60k travel between orchard area to shenton way daily. confirm no accident very safe buy.
  16. http://www.kleemann.dk/site/Main/tuningpro...performancekits KLEEMANN Engine Performance Kits Low cost - effective tuning KLEEMANN has developed an array of power enhancing Engine Performance Kits for Mercedes-Benz cars fitted with a standard OE Kompressor including AMG models. The simple yet effective design ensures years of reliable performance. Specific to each Mercedes-Benz model, the KLEEMANN Engine Performance Kit contains a custom-made pulley set, high airflow filters and a K-Box. The pulley is CNC machined and the diameter is increased and precision balanced to ensure a long service life and full vibration dampening. A new belt idler and serpentine belt is also fitted to maintain OE specifications for belt tension and high-flow air filters reduce pressure drops inside the air box to maximize airflow. The result is greatly improved power and torque throughout the entire engine operating range with crisp throttle response and perfect drivability. Power gains are as much as 20 percent both in horsepower and torque. The KLEEMANN engine performance kit is available for the following engines: 1.8 (M271), 2.0 (M111K), 2.3 (M111K), 3.2 (M112K) and 5.5 (M113K). ------------------------------------------------- I've got a question... The kleeman's kits should be giving the c180K the same performance as a kleemen's kitted c230K.. but this is not the case... does anyone know why?