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  1. Chalk

    Outside of front left tyre badly worn

    Will the camber "run off" by itself? Due to loose bolts?
  2. Chalk

    Outside of front left tyre badly worn

    Really? Then that's good to hear cos the botakness is very even. Just hoping its not suspension or the whatever arm problem.
  3. Chalk

    Outside of front left tyre badly worn

    No lowered spring. Complete stock glx.
  4. Chalk

    Outside of front left tyre badly worn

    To add. My steering abit pointing off centre. To the left. It's alright if it's just an alignment problem. Can it also be due to suspension problem? Just trying to think of the possible problems.
  5. Hi Guys. The outside of my front left tyre is badly worn as compared To the rest of the tyres. The inside is ok. Just the outside is really worn. Any ideas on what might be the problem? Thanks!!
  6. Bro, u mean miss the left turn at the stadium and go straight then left to jalan storey? That is for those coming cum tebrau hgwy right? Ie. sentosa, pelangi or tebrau jusco. With this jalan storey route, it will lead to the slip road just before going downslope into custom? Just to confirm cos the normal left turn is really jialat. Even on a non peak day. Thanks.
  7. Chalk

    Private settlement

    Quoted by AD 6k+ the other party say too much. Then I stupid wanna be nice then go his ws lor. Should have just claim INS and let ad do. Nice to ppl but Ma fan myself. Sigh. Experience gained lah. Bo pian.
  8. Chalk

    Private settlement

    The other party ws. Washed after two weeks.
  9. Hi I'm hit from behind by a car and entirely the other party fault. Proceed to do private settlement. But the repair of the boot was lousy and painting was like shyt with Wrinkles and waves. Have been to the workshop again yo get them to retify. Look nice again but after one wash and it's shyt again. Qns. Can I change to a new boot and claim cos I have not sign the private settlement form yet? Or is there any other way except accepting the farked up repair job.
  10. Chalk

    12 yo boy runs 15km in slippers to follow YOG torch

    So touching. [bigcry] Made me cry like the 23yo student chef who got the Starcraft 2 game.
  11. Chalk

    Safety driving

    So fast got "pro"per post oreadi. Ya. I have to agree with u. Having a situation awareness help but dun indulge till u Noe wats behind u than wats ahead of u. Cheers.
  12. Chalk

    Safety driving

    Hi. This is not a guide to teach drivers how to drive safely but just some tips and pointers To share with all mcf forumers on safety driving. These are experiences from my near misses and of cos my defensive driving lesson. 1. When in filter lane and it's not ur turn yet. Look straight. Dun need to check for traffic first cos it's not ur turn yet. Car in front might stop for watever reason and u kissing it's ass. 2. Look straight when driving. Dun look at girls at busstops. Anything can happen in a split second. Esp in bumper to bumper traffic. 3. Dun be distracted by ur wife or gf telling u to look left look right. 4. Be careful when keeping a dist from the car in front. Some farker might and most prob will cut u and jam brake. Not to say dun leave safety dist but anticipate that it might happen. 5. Ignore the tailgaters. Just concentrate on ur front and dun need to see who is tailgating u and see wat car the fellow driving and be angry bout it. If he wanna pass. Let him pass. Control ur anger. I'm not a driver with 30 yrs exp. Just wanna help ppl to drive more safely and protect ourselves from unwanted accident. Remember. Drive safe and anticipate danger. Ps. This guide is not meant for self acclaimed pro and Beng driver. Pro race on tracks not roads. Beng driving is so 90s.
  13. I will let it run for like one minute then drive at low rev till it reaches the usual temp then go normally. Usually after the first traffic light from my mscp it would have reach the optimal temp. Not good for engine to run below it's optimal temp. Actually my prev ride clio I never warm up one juz start and drive low rpm. No problem oso.
  14. Huh. I'm sure lots of us would have noe this ba. It's indicate in the car manual leh. So far all the cars I have driven have that little arrow. Maybe Stevie just sat in the car and lup yu cos he is a reviewer so never bother. Haha
  15. Chalk

    Jam at causeway back to sing

    haha. How big also no use one. They will still squeeze the exit point to one lane with hundreds of humps along the way.