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Found 18 results

  1. Would you avoid visiting the Dentist during this COVID-19 pandemic? After all there is the possible risk of aerosol transmission between consecutive patients at the dental clinics, unless we are talking negative pressure dental rooms with strict infection control protocols. Wondering how is the general public viewing the importance of non-essential dental treatment during this pandemic. https://mothership.sg/2020/04/covid-dental-care/
  2. Keithchue


    hi Guys, i'm terrified f dental appointment, but i need to extract wisdom tooth, all 3 of them, is there a place in singapore or JB where i can go for general anaesthesia for extraction.
  3. Routine dental work 'I was shocked when I was billed $94 nett.' MS NGIAM SENG MIN: 'I was shocked when I was billed $94 nett recently at NTUC Denticare for a routine check, scaling, polishing and fluoride application, all of which lasted only 12 minutes. And this was at membership rates too. How many people can afford this? NTUC Denticare's charges are as pricey as neighbourhood clinics.' would it be cheaper to go to neighbour friendly dental clinic or NTUC denticare? I am covered by insurance therefore not sure if Ms Ngiam issue is reflective of rising cost of dental care.
  4. Header

    Dental implant

    Anyone did dental/ tooth implant before? My parents want to do it. But it is not cheap at $5k per tooth. Know of anywhere that is cheaper but reliable too?
  5. Header


    is all dental clinics in spore providing itemised billing??
  6. Decode the Secret Slang and Lingo that Singapore Dentists use to talk about their Jobs, Patients, and Each Other! Very Entertaining! http://accdenteach.blogspot.sg/2017/05/secret-dental-slang-in-sg-that-dentists.html My personal fave is pumpkin positive lol.
  7. Thug

    Dental to recommend...

    Any bro have good and not-boring dental to recommend? Looking for re-do crowning and whitening....prefer west area.... Thanks in Advance...
  8. YEN96

    Dental in SAF

    Guys, anyone tried visiting SAF army dental during reservist time ?? any charges ? Will dentist entertain ?? ..i think my camp has dental facilities
  9. YEN96

    Difference of Polyclinics?

    Dear all...I would like to ask the difference between sing health polyclinics and national health care group polyclinics ?? I notice their clinics are different...
  10. Hi all, I've been visiting my NTUC denticare (parkway) dentist twice yearly for many years. my most recent visit, the cost went up from 50 to 70. that's a 40% increase! any dental clinic to recommend where the cost for simple cleaning is at 50+? Preferably east?
  11. Spring

    Dental implants

    Anyone ever done this before? Very costly I understand but just heard that there is another kind called mini dental implants which is cheaper n supposedly just as good. Feedback n comments pls! Thank you in advance n much appreciated!
  12. Smile Makers Dental Clinic Pte Ltd Smile Makers Dental Novena Clinic is a dental practice for the whole family. Smile Makers Dental Novena Clinic is in Novena Medical Center, centrally located just above the Novena MRT station. Our dentists provide a wide range of services for all members of the family. The goal of our dentists is to educate you on your dental health so that you can achieve a beautiful smile and keep your smile through life. Why Choose Us? EXPERIENCE: Our dentist, Dr. Asha K. Karan has more than 25 years’ experience. Multiple generations within families have placed their trust in our services. Choose from popular services such as braces for teeth (Orthodontics) / Invisalign, teeth whitening and dental implants. CONVENIENCE: Benefit from our wide range of services from smile maintenance to smile makeovers. We are generally open 6 days a week. Click here for our opening hours EASY APPOINTMENTS: We work by appointments so that YOU don’t need to waste your time waiting.You get the time to have your treatment done well. Click to request an appointment. CHAS: Singaporeans who have the CHAS card or the Pioneer Generation Card can enjoy subsidies on specified dental procedures at our clinic. Our Services Smile Makers provide a range of dental services for all members of the family. Such as: Straightening of teeth with Orthodontics (Braces) or Invisalign. Tooth-coloured fillings to make decayed teeth look whole and natural again. Metal-free crowns and veneers to improve shape and colour of teeth. Replacement of lost teeth with bridges, Dental Implants and dentures Wisdom teeth removal. Scaling and polishing to prevent Gum Disease. In short, from Smile Makeovers to Smile Maintenance. If you are curious about cosmetic procedures or ways to improve your smile, read our page on the Cosmetic Dentistry: Five Ways to Improve Your Smile. Our work does not end when you achieve a beautiful smile; we work to help you maintain that smile for life. We are proud of the patient education provided by all members of our team. Click “Keeping Your Smile” to learn what can be done. To know what is best for your condition, make an appointment with us for an examination of your condition. After that we will discuss with you the treatment options available and the fees for each option. You can then decide on the treatment most suited for You. How To Go To Smile Makers Dental Clinic Address: Smile Makers Dental Clinic #09-26 Novena Medical Center 10 Sinaran Drive Singapore 307506 Telephone: 6397 2739 Email: info@smilemakers.com.sg MRT Station: Novena Buses: In front of Velocity: 21, 56, 57, 131, 166, 851, 980 In front of Novena Church: 5, 54, 128, 143, 162 At Moulmein Road: 21, 124 Parking: 5th – 7th floors of Square 2 (entrance at Irrawaddy Rd) Mon-Sat : 7am- 6pm $1.60 for 1st hour; $0.80 for each subsequent half hour Consultation Hours: Monday-Wednesday: 8:30am to 6pm Thursday: 8.30am to 4.30pm Friday: 11am to 7pm Saturday: 9am to 5pm Sunday & Public Holiday: Closed
  13. Smile Inc Dental Surgeons Pte Ltd With an established chain of dental practices in Singapore, DENTAL SURGEONS has garnered yet another feather in its cap with its opening of Asia’s leading premium boutique dental practice of its kind at the Mandarin Gallery, Orchard Road, Singapore, in 2010. This beautiful set up offers the latest technologies in a modern-luxe meets timeless chic setting, and offers patients the coolest retreat to seek the most up to date smile makeovers. Boasting the latest technologies - such as the Cone Beam CT scanner for radiographs and dental scans – to state of the art décor, coupled with the skilled expertise of its range of specialists headed by DR. ERNEST REX TAN, DENTAL SURGEONS at Mandarin Gallery offers rewarding patient experiences, and has been hailed by both patients and foreign visitors as “the future of dentistry”. “Taking Dentistry in Singapore to Yet Another Platform” is what its patients say about DENTAL SURGEONS at Mandarin Gallery. Dental Surgeons was started in 1997 with the vision of making Singapore the Dental Hub of the region. The name, itself at that time was already an indication of a distinct and modern dental facility, and one that provided high quality dental care and services, and utilizing the latest techniques and state-of the art technology and facilities. This, amid a patient-friendly setup which will allay any fears of visiting the dentist at value for money charges. Its main practice began operations at Suntec City Mall in 1997. The business model and the philosophy of providing value-added dental care was so well received that within a year, Smile Inc.â Dental Surgeons was invited to start a second practice at Forum Mall in 1998.* The setup at One Raffles Quay in 2007 was in response to its patients’ requests as their offices had moved to the new downtown, while the latest dental boutique concept was set up at Mandarin Gallery in 2010. *Our practice at Forum Mall has since been relocated to Mandarin Gallery in 2010. has developed many breakthrough systems and concepts that have caught the eye of the public and these have been featured in numerous publications. Founder & Director Dr. Ernest Rex Tan Specialist in Prosthodontics B.D.S. ( Singapore ) M.Sc. Restorative Dentistry ( London , U.K. ) Dr. Ernest Rex Tan , Co-Founder and Director of Smile inc. Dental Surgeons , embarked in dental career after graduating from the National University of Singapore in 1991 , and the renowned postgraduate Masters program in Restorative Dentistry from the Eastman Dental Institute in London , UK , in 1994 . This training provided Dr. Tan a firm foundation in managing the many complex reconstructive and cosmetic challenges that his patients present. This together with years of transforming and beautifying smiles , has resulted in his acquiring the expertise , experience and artistic creativity required to perform predictable , consistent and successful Smile Makeovers with exceptional cosmetic outcomes. Dr. Ernest Rex Tan is today a key Prosthodontist in Singapore . He started Smile inc. Dental Surgeons , a household name in the dental industry , and is the first and only dental surgeon in Singapore to perform ( and popularise ) the revolutionary Britesmile Laser Teeth Whitening procedure since 1997. Dr Ernest Rex Tan is also an authority in the field of cosmetic dental work , having branded the hallmark of his procedures , Smile inc Makeover since 2004 . Dr Tan and his practice have been featured in many publications in the media for their innovations and advance in cosmetic dentistry. Contact Us Marina Bay – the Sail 2 Marina Boulevard #01-02 Tel : 6222 2900 Website : www.smileinc.com.sg Mandarin Gallery 2 333A Orchard Road #04-18 Tel : 6733 0660 Website : www.smileinc.com.sg One Raffles Place 1 Raffles Place #01-61 Tower 2 Tel : 6636 1366 Website : www.smileinc.com.sg
  14. I was told time off is under mgr's discretion. I need to visit dentist 3 times to complete a crowning procedure. My mgr keeps asking me to take MC but i told HER no MC is given for crowning. I just need to take time off to see the dentist as my dentist only work during office hrs. I have a time chit to show also. I think maybe she petty or stingy, came and told me time off is mgr discretion and wont be fair if i have to take 3 times. 3 times = 1 day already. those who r bosses/mgrs here, are you ok if ur employee needs to take time off to complete a procedure? its not like i take time off to bring my kid to see a doc. i also told her im ok to take MC but some docs dont give u MC but time chit because they dont see the need to. Whats wrong w her? I also said that time chit allows me to return work and my colleagues do not need to backup me for entire day.
  15. Despite all the bad publicity about FT and so on we do have some horrible locals too Woman visits dentist, ends up swallowing 3cm long needle Monday, Feb 13, 2012 YourHealth, AsiaOne Suffering from a toothache, a 23-year-old hotel employee went to a dentist, only to narrowly escape death from accidentally swallowing a 3cm long needle which almost punctured her small intestine. Ms Yang told Chinese daily Wanbao that she visited a dentist for a toothache in her left jaw. As the dentist said the decayed tooth could not be extracted immediately, the dentist used a 3cm long needle to clean the roots of her teeth. According to her, the dentist, who was not named, kept spraying medicated water into her mouth, which caused her to choke. She then sat up coughing, not realising the needle was still in her mouth. As a result, she swallowed the needle. Ms Yang said she strangely did not feel any pain at that time or any sensation of the needle stabbing her throat. She claims that the dentist did not take action to remedy the situation immediately, and only told her what had happened after a five minute discussion with his assistant. Shocked, she questioned whether there would be any danger to her life. The dentist then assured her that if the needle is naturally excreted, there would be no problem. However, he later advised her to get an X-ray. That night, she said she started to experience a sharp pain in her abdomen. Feeling uneasy, she went to the clinic the next day to complain. Accompanied by the clinic assistants, she went to a hospital for an X-ray, where they confirmed the presence of the needle in her small intestine. The hospital staff added that if the needle were to be allowed to be naturally excreted, it would pose the danger of puncturing the small intestine. Forever traumatised She was immediately sent for an emergency operation. She was hospitalised for three days and later took two weeks of medical leave. She spent a total of $4,000 in medical bills, borne by the clinic. Ms Yang from China claims the events left her traumatised and suffering from depression. "I only dared to tell my parents what had happened after the operation. Every time I think that I am still young, and uncertain whether there will be future side effects, my emotions will become unstable and I will become depressed," she said. She said she has been dealt such a blow that she keeps crying. Having loss her appetite, she also has lost 4kg and now only weighs 44kg. The surgery has also left her with three scars, with the largest being 7cm long. She has asked for $10,000 in compensation from the clinic. However, as the clinic is only willing to pay $8,000, the two sides are still negotiating. Ms Yang said she earns a basic salary of $600, and has to work overtime to hit a thousand dollars, the majority of which she sends home. Although she did not have to pay for her medical expenses, she wants compensation for the time taken for her recovery, as she could not earn overtime pay. She said she has asked for $10,000 as compensation for both her economic loss and mental trauma. The clinic at first offered to compensate $5,000, but later upped the amount to $8,000.
  16. Finally, i'm able to start my thread. My apologies for all those folks out there, whom i've been camping in their threads for advices/help, etc *giggle* Anyway, my cousin, who is a vainpot heehee, is looking for orthodontists or dental specialists who provides invisiliner treatments. Any kind souls could recommend please? I'm going for lunch now.... any replies will be appreciated and i'll be back shortly
  17. Has our medical professionism gone down? How mani times had your doctors laugh at your plight bef?
  18. as per topic... those i patronise.. only accept cash or nets...