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Found 21 results

  1. Unlike our previous blog post, this is neither weird nor uncommon. Unfortunately. Shot earlier today from an unknown camera vehicle, a red light-beating mini lorry which was carrying an unspecified number of passengers at the back, flipped when a taxi smashed into it. The accident happened at the junction of Tanjong Katong South and Mountbatten road with the driver of the Transcab taxi appearing fazed but unhurt. The video, which was post by SG Road Vigilante, did not mention what injuries there were and how many were hurt but we could see at least two passengers emerging from rear of the lorry after it was on its side. Obviously, this was the fault of the lorry driver and the netizens wasted no time slamming him online. One of them even put up a good point on why are people still allowed to sit on the rear of lorries where there are no seat belts. We wish everyone who was hurt in the accident a speedy recovery.
  2. chitchatboy

    Lorry flips over no thanks to careless taxi!

    Another day and another careless driver. Today, we have for you guys an accident that happened at the junction of Orchard Road and Buyong Road. As seen from the photo, a SMRT cab has collided with a Nissan truck which in turn has flipped over. We hope those involved in the accident are alright as of press time, though there is currently no news on whether there are any injuries or not. 8e96337c-f950-4b82-a6ef-90577e45cdbc.MP4 From the video, we can understand a bit better what caused the truck to flip over. That said, we have no idea why the taxi slowly crept forward into the junction although the lights did not turn green. We did note that his brake lights weren't on all when he came into frame, suggesting to us that he could have fallen asleep at the wheel, letting the car roll forward into traffic.
  3. A Nissan qashqai was caught on video going out of control last friday in Bishan. As seen in the low-resolution video, the white SUV crashed through the fence and onto the wrong direction of Bishan Road while doing a flip and more. Thankfully, the lost of control of the car did not cost any lives. According to SG Road Vigilante, The 80-year-old driver and his 74-year-old female passenger were conscious when they were taken to Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Obviously, there is going to be some negativity once the driver's age has been revealed... Thankfully there are some nice people out there that are more understanding...
  4. Previous thread http://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2706528-singapore-reckless-driver-part-v/page-421 New Thread here. Let's move on positively here with constructive discussions. The previous thread was too big
  5. Just a quick check-in with your guys. I went to one of the shops listed on this thread today. The guy quoted me $80 to change my key to a flip key type. He said no need to cut new key, he can transfer the old key over. IS This possible ? Also, he said I needed to bring all my car keys (total I have 2 keys) and re-program all the keys at the same time. Does this make any sense ?
  6. BoneStock

    Flip Key

    hi folks, anyone duplicated your stock remote to a flip key type? Sample picture can be found here http://www.tradekey.com/selloffer_view/id/2449248.htm I hope the flip key is durable as I am planning to keep my ride for another few years. One of my 2 stock remotes is dead and the other is intermittent. So thinking of duplicating it before it dies completely. Heard it can be troublesome to duplicate the remote if it is not working already. Anyway, below are some of the shops offering flip keys. 1) Soxxi - http://www.autokey.sg/index.php 2) Velocikey - http://www.velocikey.webs.com/ 3) Sglocksmith - www.sglocksmith.com/ 4) Newton - www.newtonautokeys.com/ those with experience please advise me which one you prefer to get the flip key done. thanks!
  7. Hungryforcar

    Auto flip side mirror repair

    Hi, Anyone know where to repair auto flip side mirror, one side of the mirror not working. Workshop told me to replace both side mirror with respray at $400 plus. Not sure if repair option is available in the market?
  8. Thaiyotakamli

    Spiderman Does Exist

    Crash in style
  9. Donut

    Remote Flip key

    I'm wondering if i were to do new flip key remote in JB, will it be better than SG pricing? now my key is the normal remote (no transponder) and normal key. v troublesome as the whole thing is dangling Local SG stores will be like Newton, Soxxi, etc. are there any cheaper SG shops? any recommendation in JB shops?
  10. Keen appetite for roast meat joint 22 March 2012 Straits Times THE asking price for the famed recipe and premises of Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint is a cool $3.5 million, but one day after this was reported, inquiries came streaming in. More than 40 parties - 39 from Singapore - have expressed interest, with the two highest bids at $2.5 million and $2.8 million. Senior property consultant Raymond Lo of Knight Frank, the real estate broker for Kay Lee's owners, said: 'Most of the callers are businessmen or restaurant operators, and most are interested in hiring people to work for them. It's an investment of sorts.' Mr Lo, who is confident he will close a deal by the year end, obviously thinks the eventual buyer will have a clear winner on his hands. He said: 'It's profitable. As long as you take over, you make money.' But the owners of the 30-year-old eatery, Madam Betty Kong, 66, and her husband Ha Wai Kay, 62, are anxious as they want the Guangzhou-style recipe for Kay Lee's signature pork ribs, char siew and duck, for example, to stay true to tradition after the change in ownership. Madam Kong, the spokesman for the business, told The Straits Times that the 50-year-old recipe, which she and her husband have priced at $2 million, was 'not just a piece of paper'. The buyer will be taught how to roast the signature Kay Lee duck 'until they perfected the recipe', said the chatty woman. 'The price includes the brand name. We will teach them till they pass,' she quipped. The hothousing in Kay Lee's art of roasting meats is expected to take two to three months. With the recipe at $2 million, the remaining sum is for the freehold shop space in Upper Paya Lebar Road, a 1,313 sq ft space valued at $1.25 million, said Mr Lo. In testimony to Kay Lee's popularity - or because of the news of its impending sale - a line of customers was waiting to be served yesterday when The Straits Times dropped by. Some people ate there, but others were buying takeaways. So is the asking price too high? Madam Kong, who lives with her husband in a four-room bungalow in Hougang and drives a grey Mercedes-Benz, said she was aware that many parties think the asking price is a tad stiff. 'We are considering the offers,' she said, volunteering the information that the shop makes a net profit of at least $2,000 a day. The president of the Restaurant Association of Singapore, Mr Ang Kiam Meng, said that, going by gut feel, the price seems high, and urged buyers to crunch the numbers. 'Without proper analysis, it's difficult to tell whether the price is really too high. It depends on how the investor looks at it,' he said. Mr Ang, who runs the Jumbo chain of restaurants, suggested that Madam Kong and her husband act as consultants post-sale. 'A business is usually way more than just a recipe and a brand name. It's about management; there are many things that can go wrong when there is a takeover,' he said. Madam Kong and her husband have put up the business for sale because neither of their two children want to run it. Potential buyers who were contacted said they are doing the maths. A 35-year-old IT manager who asked to be known only as Ben said he hopes to clinch the sale and run the place with three friends. 'We think we can make the business work, as long as we have a good team behind us. It's not rocket science,' he said. Another prospective buyer identified himself as the one behind the $2.5 million bid, but declined to elaborate. And then there is Mr Jackie Goh, 48, who runs a roast duck business in Phillip Street in Chinatown. He said he spoke to Kay Lee's owners three weeks ago, but decided against making an offer. 'We think we'll not be able to break even so quickly. The price is quite high,' he said, adding that he could offer no more than $1.8 million. He said he bought his current roast duck stall and recipe for $200,000 just five months ago. He added, chuckling: 'I didn't dare make an offer. They may chase me out.' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What other hawkers say PRICELESS RECIPE 'Our recipe is priceless, we cannot put a value to it and we will never sell it. It is a family heirloom and we will pass it on to our children.' Mr Lim Swee Seng, 42, who runs Toa Payoh Rojak at Old Airport Road Food Centre. The stall has been around since 1971 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- REASONABLE PRICE 'The $2 million price seems like a reasonable price to pay for a secret recipe. The brand has been built up over the years. If I sell my recipe, I will also price it at around $2 million.' Mr Chia Kar Wing, 49, owner of Union Farm Eating House which closed last month. It is famous for its paper-wrapped chicken dish and its owner plans to start business again soon -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TOO EXPENSIVE 'Buy a roast duck recipe for $2 million? That's too expensive. Even if we sell our recipe for $30,000, we doubt people will want to buy it. It's very tough to make these traditional dishes, we spend a lot of effort getting everything right. If we ever sell our recipes, we would want to train the person for at least one year and teach him exactly how to cook the food and maintain the same quality we had.' Mr Richard Ng, 58, who is co-owner of China Street Fritters at Maxwell Food Centre. The stall is famous for its traditional ngoh hiang (pork rolled in bean curd skin) dish going back 70 years -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DISH ISN'T RARE ENOUGH 'To pay $2 million is too much, especially for roasted meats. You can find that anywhere in Singapore. The price should depend on how rare the food is in Singapore. For example, oyster cakes are hard to find now. It's a traditional Fuzhou dish and our own oyster cake recipe was passed down from mother to daughter for generations.' Madam P. Hoon, 54, who helps her mother run the famous Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake stall at Maxwell Food Centre. She said she would be happy to sell her oyster cake recipe for $50,000
  11. Hi all Finally going to upgarde from 3GS to 4S after 2 yr and 2 mth. I have been using this VIVA Madrid Flip Leather Case and would like to ask any bro or sis have good lobang to buy this brand. Thank you thank you Regards, Rustyz
  12. Cerano

    TCB Flip Prata

    Source: http://www.facebook.com/notes/alps-tan/as-...155903631158054
  13. Hi Bros, Anyone came across a one-way alarm system that comes with flip key? Similar to this -> http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/FLIP-KEY-RE...sQ5fAccessories So far only found one-way alarm but have to duplicate the flip key separately. Thanks
  14. Ironstarz

    Flip Key question

    Have anyone with 2 way alarm convert to flip keys ? Can it be done ? My current key's remote is useless now, there is a additiona 2 way remote beside my key which make it kinda bulky to carry around , so i'm wondering can i combine them to make it become a flip key .
  15. Sports cars like Subaru are made to withstand heavy impact like this? This article was from The New Paper - IT WAS, reportedly, the worst crash of the day on the North-South Highway. The car, with four men onboard, flipped as it crashed into a ravine and caught fire. But it was also a miracle of sorts. All four men in the vehicle escaped with nary a scratch. Two construction workers, who were by the side of the road, also very narrowly missed being run over by the car. The driver, Singaporean Brian Yeoh, told The New Paper about what he described as a 'life-changing experience'. Mr Yeoh, 33, a business analyst, said the accident took place on Saturday afternoon while he and the others were driving from Malacca to Kuala Lumpur for lunch. Mr Yeoh was travelling with three friends, including another Singaporean and two Indonesians. The group of four left Malacca at 1.45pm and had been driving for about an hour when it started to rain near Seremban. Mr Yeoh, who was travelling on the innermost lane, slowed down because of the rain, but a white sedan car overtook him and slowed down in front of his car. Stepped on brakes Mr Yeoh, who said that he was driving at about 100km per hour at the time, stepped on the brakes. This sudden move to avoid hitting the other vehicle made his car spin and crash into the railings on the left side of the road, before going down a ravine. The vehicle flipped after hitting the railings and hit the ground upside down. The momentum caused the car to flip a second time and the car landed right side up. It continued to move and rolled over a fallen tree before coming to a halt. Then, the bonnet of the car started to smoulder, and the four quickly scrambled out. But surprisingly, all of them survived the horrific crash relatively unscathed. Mr Yeoh suffered a whiplash injury to his neck, another friend had a slight bump on his head and one was completely unhurt. One of the passengers in the back seat did not even have his seatbelt on, but he was able to brace himself against the front passenger seat, suffering only a minor cut to his left foot. As his car plunged into the ravine, Mr Yeoh had two thoughts. 'I've seen this before in a Youtube video, and we're all going to die,' he thought. 'I saw the roof cave in about 15cm in front of my head. When the car came to a stop, we were quite stunned that we were all still alive. The guys in the back started shouting, 'Are you ok? Are you ok?'.' They also narrowly missed hitting two construction workers who were doing maintenance work about 5m from where they crashed into the railings. Said Mr Yeoh: 'We drove about 30m off the road, 5m down and didn't hit anything on the way, not even a tree, a lamp post or a signboard.' Coincidentally, Mr Yeoh had bought a $40 fire extinguisher to put in his car about two weeks ago, as he was worried that car would overheat while he was driving. The fire extinguisher came in handy and he was able to put out the fire within 10 to 15 minutes of the crash. He was told by the police officers who arrived at the scene that it was 'the worst crash' of the 25 they had seen that day. Mr Yeoh said that he has been driving up to Kuala Lumpur about once a month for the last one-and-a-half years and has never had an accident on the North-South Highway. The car he was driving is only two years' old and it was last serviced a month ago. Mr Yeoh, a car buff, said that he takes very good care of his Subaru car and had checked things like tyre pressure and the radiator that very morning before they left Singapore. He estimates that repairs to the car will cost him between $50,000 and $60,000. He added that the money lost is nothing compared to the lives that could have been lost. He said: 'It feels good to be alive. Everything else is a small problem. 'It's one of those moments when you think: Now, I'm living on extra time.' What could account for his narrow escape? He said: 'It boils down to two things - we weren't going very fast, and the sturdy car saved our lives.' When contacted, Sergeant Beasir of the traffic police department at Seremban confirmed that a police report of the accident was made. Day of crashes A TOTAL of 31 deaths were recorded in road accidents on Monday in Malaysia, reported Malaysian Insider. The three categories which registered the most fatalities were motorcycle users, followed by car users and pedestrians. The number of accidents yesterday totalled 1,013, and summons were issued to 4,766 offenders, police said. Municipal roads registered the highest number of accidents with 340 cases, followed by federal roads with 277, state roads with 225, other roads with 118 and highways with 71, reported Bernama. The Malaysian authorities are again conducting an exercise, OpsSikap, which started on 13Sep and will go on until 27Sep, to reduce accidents during the Hari Raya festive season. In addition, the Kuala Lumpur Fire and Rescue Services Department will during the festive season patrol highways and main roads identified as accident-prone areas to provide speedy assistance.
  16. Home > Latest News > Singapore May 19, 2008 Cops in car upset A POLICE car on patrol turned turtle in an accident in Changi early on Sunday, injuring the two policemen in it. A police spokesman said the car was on Changi Coast Road, headed for Nicoll Drive at about 3am when the accident happened. The cause of the accident is still being investigated. Neither the 21-year-old driver of the car nor his colleague, aged 26, were seriously injured, the spokesman said. The officers, who are from Bedok Police Division, were taken to Changi General Hospital after the crash and treated as outpatients. http://www.straitstimes.com/Latest%2BNews/...13.html?vgnmr=1
  17. Adeline


    Hi guys, Can anyone advise me where can I make flip keys for my rush? Thanks in advance.
  18. Godfinger

    Wheels Flip Key Remote Controller

    Hi All Got my new Remote Filp key on Friday. Yummy.. Now my car keys are just like those on Lancer. Press a button and the Key flips out. Cool Man. Anybody intrested can contact Mr Lim At jalan Besar Plaza at $50 for the remote, and $2.50 for the Duplicate key. 3 Weeks leadtime is needed for the conversion
  19. Zacer

    Wheels flip Key

    Guys, lobang on the Wheels Flip key, 1)buy @ remote carbeauty or any car accessories that is suitable usually wheels 2)goes to Tanjong katong complex to do key at #01-17 I spend $40 on remote, $15 on the key. The Uncle at the complex will have the key. other place hard to find as our makes rare on the road. Most important on the Spot can Take, No waiting time. note price depends on ur bargain. will post pic later. Cheers
  20. Hello guys. My car does not have a mud guard(plastic) or mud flip(rubber flip) behind the wheels and often sand and dirt get spinned up and small stones stratch my car paint. Anyone know where i can get them? are they a general size or specific for car model? if so, where can i get mine customised? Please post any lobangs available.
  21. Lightspeed

    Fancy a FLIP Boot Lid???

    Saw this on Ebay... Unique I must say! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=1780591426