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  1. Nephilim

    Mercedes Owners Thread

    Sometimes I can't understand why CnC takes so long for such "customised indent" when a fully-customised PI car (presumably from the same factory) takes only 4 months (including homologation).
  2. It's a swan neck wing that's supposed to produce more efficient downforce especially in high speed corners.
  3. Nephilim

    Scuba diving

    Where would you like to dive sir? Me just back from Yonaguni
  4. Nephilim

    New MX-5 2016

    Just tune and bring the vtec point down a bit can already
  5. Nephilim

    Casey Stoner crashes at Suzuka, breaks leg and shoulder

    Eh don't copy and paste leh: http://www.autoblog.com/2015/07/27/casey-stoner-crash-suzuka-broken-leg-shoulder-video/
  6. Nephilim

    Goodbye Parma FC

    Recognize this Milan player?
  7. Nephilim

    Malaysia traffic fines need to pay?

    Anyone kena-ed? https://www.facebook.com/SingaporeAutomobile/photos/a.520570467956821.128342.511752022171999/1020408987972964/
  8. Your dad is trying to help you save your synchros. Full set of synchros + labour to drop transmission when they are gone is quite high you know?
  9. Nephilim

    Retro Internet

    I spent my days wandering around Sosaria and Britannia.
  10. This one more chill: Last Days of Humanity
  11. Nephilim

    Mindchamps and sgforum saga

    Actually, I'm more intrigued by this
  12. Nephilim

    Audi is the new reckless Ah Beng drivers' car choice.

    In my case, for some reason it's always the BMW SUVs i.e. X1/3/5
  13. Nephilim

    Metal Buddies fall in

    So you are one year my junior ... If you're only interested in the headliners, they usually play last after 8-9 pm. Maybe wait for the confirmed schedule (still not out yet) and aim for a flight that arrives few hours before (taking into account Jakarta's traffic jam). This way, you may not need to take the whole day off (it's a Sunday btw) - so just one night of hotel stay after the concert will be enough. Like last year, I'll probably book my tickets/flights/hotel near the event itself. Coz you'll never know if any artistes will pull out last-minute - think Foo Fighters & Jason Newsted.
  14. Nephilim

    Metal Buddies fall in

    I was from Grange Road - the few of us used the scare the shit out of those who stumbled upon us beside the wooden pole shed behind the Science lab - with sounds of Merciful Fate completing the "devil worship ground" scene I haven't planned this year's yet. Last year, following the cancellation of the CoF gig here, I basically: 1) booked a last-min Lionair flight at around 10am 3) took a cab straight to a hotel I found in Google Earth to be nearest to the area 3) threw my bag in the room and was head banging at the pit by noon So far this year is only one day (vs two last year) and the location is a lot more downtown (at Senayan stadium area) so there should be more hotels in the vicinity - though I haven't started searching yet.
  15. Nephilim

    Metal Buddies fall in

    Based on last year's experience, tix was easily purchased at the door. But you should be able to get the early bird ones from Inokii as well. Last year was heavenly: Cradle of Filth, Obituary, Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus etc. Two of the best days in my life (though I havent been to another festival)! You another "Type R"?