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Found 89 results

  1. Shocked to learn that he had passed away. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-48345660 Three-time Formula 1 world champion Niki Lauda has died at the age of 70. The legendary Austrian, one of the best-known figures in motor racing, took the title for Ferrari in 1975 and 1977 and McLaren in 1984. For many, he will be remembered for his remarkable recovery and return to racing after being badly burned in a crash in the 1976 German Grand Prix. Lauda, who underwent a lung transplant in August, "passed away peacefully" on Monday, his family said. After his career as a racing driver, he became an airline entrepreneur and, most recently, a non-executive chairman for the Formula 1 Mercedes team, instrumental in bringing in British driver Lewis Hamilton, who has won five world championships. "His unique achievements as an athlete and entrepreneur are and will remain unforgettable, his tireless zest for action, his straightforwardness and his courage remain a role model and a benchmark for all of us," his family's statement said. 'A remarkable life lived in Technicolor' On 1 August 1976, one year after winning his first title, he suffered third-degree burns to his head and face and inhaled toxic gases that damaged his lungs after his vehicle burst into flames at Nurburgring. He was given the last rites in hospital but made an almost miraculous recovery and returned to racing, still bandaged, just 40 days later. British former F1 champion Jenson Button has called him a "legend" while McLaren said Lauda would be "enshrined in our history". Lauda's rivalry with British driver James Hunt, the 1976 world champion, was portrayed in the acclaimed film Rush in 2013. He underwent two kidney transplants, the second kidney donated in 2005 by his then-girlfriend Birgit Wetzinger, a former flight attendant for his airline whom he married in 2008. Besides their twins, a boy and a girl born in 2009, Lauda also had three sons from previous relationships. In January, Lauda spent some 10 days in hospital while suffering from influenza.
  2. Adrianli

    Formula One 2019

    Season start liao. After 2 practice sessions, looks like same old same old. Mercedes leading the pack while the rest catch up. Lots of drivers switch seats. Very sad to hear the passing of Charlie Whitling, just 1 day before practice 1.
  3. -- 25 Sep -- Last preparation day before Singapore GP is officially opened to the public on 26th !!! Marshals are gathering at 530pm to get to know the exact area on the track assigned to~ There will also be final FIA checks for approval, simulated runs, etc so here it goes: The unsung heroes !!! Marshals signing in + Collection of Specialised Items Assigned Items Overalls + GLoves + Waist Pouch + Ear Plugs + Shades Cars from the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia My sector team assembling point before moving off
  4. Wt_know

    Formula 1 (2018)

    no more AMDL grid girls ... you took away the orgasmistic V8 sound and now the girls too ... what-the-fish ... pretty sure will flip prata later let's call a spade a spade big neh neh + long legs + sports car = perfect formula it's not a disrespect to girl ... it's a RESPECT ... guys knee went soft ... lol
  5. http://www.todayonline.com/sports/motor-racing/singapore-wants-drop-f1-race-says-ecclestone News on F1 http://www.tnp.sg/sports/all-other-sports/formula-e-could-debut-singapore-next-year News on formula E
  6. Wt_know

    Formula 1 (2017)

    let's kick start F1 2017 with this great news this old fart must go .... hopefully we will have an exciting season and not always Merc 1-2 finish
  7. Cypher

    Dunlop FORMULA D05

    Anyone tried this tyre ? Need some feedback
  8. Thaiyotakamli

    Formula 1 (2016)

    This season going to be exciting. An indonesian driver is part of Manor Team with car number 88. His name Rio Haryanto. Wonder how long he can last in F1 lol
  9. Eyke

    Formula E @ Paris on okto

    free Formula E Paris
  10. http://www.formula1.com/news/headlines/2012/10/13863.html
  11. Can someone here who does insurance provide insights in how to calulate a insurance policy for car renewal ? Year to year with the age of the car, if I scrap my car or total my car, its market value . Why is it that I am paying more each year intead of less? Somehow I get the feeling I am paying to the insurance company and it all depends on the insurance company to decide how much they want to increase their revenue. I have yet to hear of insurance company that went bankrupt because that year there were so many car accident that the comapny cannot sustain...
  12. Adrianli

    Formula E 2014-2015

    Formula E starting tomorrow at Beijing China. Will be shown on Fox3. More details here : http://www.fiaformulae.com/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FIA_Formula_E_Championship This race series got some interesting stuff!!! FanBoostFans can give their favourite driver an extra speed boost by voting for them prior to the race. The three drivers with the most votes will each receive a 5-second ‘power boost’ per car per driver, temporarily increasing their car’s power from 150kw to 180kw. Just click here to cast your vote. You can change your mind as many times as you want until voting closes a short time before the start of the race. Pit stops/Car changesDuring races, drivers must make one mandatory pit stop in order to change cars. This must take place in their box and be observed by an FIA steward to ensure all safety equipment is correctly applied. A minimum time period (determined on the day) will also be enforced. Tyre changes, unless a puncture, are not permitted during this pit stop.
  13. http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/formula1/30336569 And they will use the 7-speed DSG in the F1 cars, just to prove that there is nothing wrong with the GB and what a marketing campaign it will be! Once and for all wipe out the myth about the reliability issues of the DSG. I'm so proud to be driving a VW !!
  14. Vega

    Formula 1 2014

    3 weeks to go before the first race starts. lets relive some of the greatest moments in F1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VhZ7lIOEGk Going to miss the sound of the V8 as the V6 sounds like sh1t to me.....
  15. zhehao

    OZ Racing Formula HLT 5H

    Hi guys, Found this rim on OZ Racing's website. They looks quite good in my opinion! Anyone got this rim can share your opinion or know where and how much i can get these in singapore? http://www.ozracing.com/car_wheels_var/OZ%20Racing/25182/I%20-%20TECH/FORMULA%20HLT%205H/563462.aspx
  16. Vtim

    Dunlop FORMULA D01

    Anyone tried this tyre ? need some feedback
  17. Kyrios

    Formula 1 Style Brake Lights

    Hi bros anyone knows where I can install those triangular Formula 1 style brake lights.. saw some kits advertised on ebay or amazon but bad reviews often accompany the products..for not being waterproof etc Any workshops here can do the sales and installation properly? Regards
  18. Anyone knows if there is going to be one this yr? Can't find anything about it online and its strange as its been held for past 5 yrs without fail.
  19. Anybody heard of Pegasus Racing Asia ? Apparently it's a new company in Singapore,offering an event on 28th Dec where you can drive a Formula Renault Race Car.Looks like a Formula 1 Car,drives like a Formula 1 Car but has less horsepower. The event is on the F1 track in Sepang and participants can drive around 50 laps in several sessions.Great way to get the experience of how it feels to be a Formula Race Driver and how it is to drive such a car by yourself. I think a normal road driving license is enough and no race experience required. Want to book a place,but don't know where I can do this.Their website is not yet up and running.Booking for the event closes mid November and for sure there are limited seats available. Please help !!!! I don't want to loose this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
  20. the chinese whack baby formula like no tomorrow around the world supermarkets around the world particularly HK has to ration the purchase of baby formula ... in this instance ... UK (so far?) i'm very surprised why the chinese did not whack baby formula in singapore supermarkets huh ... how come? isn't it cheaper and faster to buy in spore and send to china? http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/baby-form...-095636365.html
  21. Hello to all, I've got a question which I've been thinking.. Assuming I wish to convert my car on 14 Jan 2013. LTA will pro-rate me and require me to top up e.g. $7000. And from today 3 Dec 2012 to 14 Jan 2013, there are 4 days which I can drive without using the $20 coupon namely Xmas eve, Xmas day, New Year eve, and New Year day (I'm under the New Revision scheme). My question is does this $7000 take into consideration already of the 4 days which I can drive say to say, free on the roads for LTA's formula to derive this $7000 to charge me? In other words, if I convert e.g. tomorrow, then I "loo-gi" these 4 days of free usage since LTA is going to charge me from today and they are not going to consider the upcoming 4 days of free usage which I can enjoy? Err, am I making any sense to the bros here? Bottomline is this: Should I be converting my OPC to normal plate before or after public holidays? Thanks in advance for the advice!!
  22. MadDog70

    Is there a formula?

    How does dealer decide on the used car price? Is there a formula?
  23. Antisocial

    Formula 1 Race Officals

    http://raceofficials.singaporegp.sg/ anyone keen?
  24. Phluvcat

    Formula One

    Hi all have some queries. I want to watch F1. Checked mioTv need to subscribe to sports package for an additional 34 bucks with 18 month contract. Any other way of watching F1, say internet streaming, dun mind paying if quality is good, but I know got a lot of bogus sites. thanks in advance.
  25. Formula One chief executive Bernie Ecclestone has said the US Grand Prix is on the brink of being axed from next year's calendar. In a remarkable twist to the ongoing story, it was believed Tavo Hellmund's Full Throttle Productions owned the rights to host the race, scheduled for November 18 in Austin, Texas, next year. However, Ecclestone has revealed the contract with Hellmund was recently cancelled after he was found to be in breach. This has left Ecclestone negotiating with track developers, Circuit of The Americas (COTA), who yesterday halted work on construction. COTA claimed in a statement issued that "the contract between Formula One and Circuit of The Americas has not been conveyed to Circuit of The Americas per a previously agreed upon timetable". That has angered Ecclestone who claims the reason why no contract has been issued is because he has yet to receive a guarantee or a letter of credit that he will be paid. "We've done everything we bloody well can do to make this race happen," Ecclestone said. Asked if the USGP was in danger of being dropped ahead of the final World Motor Sport Council meeting in New Delhi on December 7 when the 2012 calendar is officially ratified, Ecclestone said: "Yes, it will be, for sure, 100 per cent." COTA now has three weeks to resolve the crisis with Ecclestone, otherwise there will be no return next year to the United States after what has already been a four-year absence in a vital market for F1. Explaining how the situation has spiralled, Ecclestone said: "We had an agreement with Full Throttle Productions. "Everything was signed and sealed, but we kept putting things off like the dates, various letters of credit and things that should have been sent, but nothing ever happened. "Then these other people (COTA) came on the scene, saying that they wanted to do things, but that they had problems with Tavo. "They said they had the circuit, and that they wanted an agreement with me. I told them they had to sort out the contract with Tavo, which they said they would. "But that has gone away now because we've cancelled Tavo's contract as he was in breach. "We've waited six months for him to remedy the breach. He knows full well why we've cancelled. He's happy. "But these other people haven't got a contract. All we've asked them to do is get us a letter of credit. "We are looking for security for money they are going to have to pay us. That is via a letter of credit, normally from a bank. "If people don't have the money they find it difficult to get the letter of credit, and so we don't issue a contract." With the clock ticking on the future of the USGP, Ecclestone is now simply looking for "a guarantor", to assure him if COTA fail to pay then there is a reserve. "It's probably an old-fashioned way of going about things, needing payment, but that's business," Ecclestone said. "It's like buying a house. Before you buy that house, and before you get all the paperwork, you make sure you've got the money." When contacted, representatives for the Circuit of The Americas declined to comment. Last month's announcement of a street race in New Jersey, featuring Manhattan as a backdrop, which will take place in 2013 has further complicated matters for all concerned with the GP in Austin. That much was made clear yesterday by Texas state comptroller Susan Combs who said New Jersey had the potential to affect the economic impact of their race, adding that the annual $25m of public funding, which would effectively cover the sanctioning fee collected by Ecclestone and which is deemed crucial to the race