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  1. Sore grape https://www.football365.com/news/ferdinand-explains-why-van-dijk-didnt-deserve-uefa-gong
  2. Si4dr

    Hdb income ceiling revised 2019

    Don't know should be happy or not......Keep thinking of the famous quote: "Give u drumstick and take back whole chicken later"😓
  3. Si4dr

    EPL- 2019/2020

    Their fire power more than enough to cover their backside......
  4. Actually Pool need to groom some young & potential player NOW to slowly integrate with current front 3. Mane/Firmino/Salah now all about 27-28yo, if not 2-3 yrs later Pool become toothless again...
  5. Basically nearly all cyclist already think themselves is DK(whether AM or not) until PMD emerge.....
  6. Si4dr

    Most Improved Car Brands

    AD cut cost by bring in 2 air bags modal(especially Thai made) so not Toyota,Honda etc to blame......
  7. Not sure how Merc driving aids work but what I noticed my Vezel(Honda sensing) will auto brake only when the speed is slow maybe ~40km/h....(never and will not try at faster speed LOL)
  8. Er......i not hongkee but same I want RMB don't want PRC (except xmm)
  9. No. Just don't know the dental fee is so high now. Any problem with that?
  10. Hmm.......dental fee quite scary nowadays...
  11. Oh I see, didn't visit dental often to get idea of dental fee now..... I think in SG...smelly smelly profit 100-200%
  12. Side track a bit -- $9813.98 medical fee now and est. $8400 for next 10yrs $18000+ for 4 teeth????
  13. RR with nice number
  14. Klopp have unfinished business with Pool so don't think he will go now........maybe after get EPL title he will consider to move