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  1. Dear All I have a parking lot at URA west wing for rent... it is a sheltered multi-storey carpark ... carpark is opposite to Maxwell Hawker Centre... walking distance to raffles place working areas and is a full day parking (24 hrs) ... If interested, please PM me.
  2. Any review of this car black box?
  3. Speddevil

    To the dangerous Red Honda Fit/Jazz SFA9704*

    Mod please help me delete this post.. post wrong vehicle no... My apology to the bro/sis of SFA9704*..
  4. If any forum bros /sis known him, please convey to him that he is endangering people's lives with his abrupt cutting of lane along CTE towards city this morning at ard 740am+... nearly clipped my car and frightened my wife who is pregnant... He does not have the common courtesy to apologised even at fault and continue to drive and act as if nothing happen despite me horning him... To this driver of red honda fit/jazz, if you are man enough, msg me
  5. Speddevil

    Led strips and lightings

    you can look for Huat Lightings - 81899969 (SMS or whatsapp only!)..... friendly humble services.... i am not related to him just to share good things...
  6. But the video clip also show altis did not slow down and speed up to negotiate the bend..... abit tricky to fight such cases and depending on the impact of the damage... Its not as if the trajet encroach onto the lane of the altis... curious to know the outcome for such cases...
  7. opined that for such accident cases, its a 50% -50%.... though trajet may be in the wrong lane...tend to agree such accident cases can be avoided if both give way... all this had an impact on our motor insurance...
  8. Speddevil

    Malaysian Car Parked Illegally

    really inconsiderate... wrong still challege people
  9. Speddevil

    Sixth Element

    It's more psychological thingy... Agreed that this god ball do such wonder no need to mod car
  10. Speddevil

    Sixth Element

    ok thought you have used it before....
  11. Speddevil

    Sixth Element

    you serious? it can do wonder?
  12. Speddevil

    Sixth Element

    it seems unbelievable... using quantum technology?