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  1. Leinad8919

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Thread VII

    More like a Ford Langah
  2. Leinad8919

    2018 Horoscope, what's in for you

    I am not surprise a tiger ready to pounce...
  3. Leinad8919

    Singapore Reckless Driver Part V

    From them video, looks like the dasher’s backpack saved him. Without it, his head would have hit the ground.
  4. Leinad8919

    All to the Divorce and Breakup Guys

    You are right about Money is the root of all evil...
  5. Leinad8919

    Want a stronger marriage? Hug your spouse for 10 seconds

    At the rate it’s going, l’d better hug it for the next 10 years
  6. Leinad8919

    Chryst's Beauty Boudoir - Chit Chat, Ask & Be Asked

    Yes. I like women who are meat eaters
  7. Leinad8919

    NSFW: Jason's TIKO thread.

    Cheap fabrics spotted. Go into water come up become like that
  8. Leinad8919

    AMA I'm an old man

    Do you have a wife? Since this is an old man’s thread...
  9. Leinad8919

    AMA imma a real girl

  10. Leinad8919

    AMA imma a real girl

    Oh. Then this one I sure fail. I always wake up with cold sweat. I scare I oversleep & back home late.
  11. Leinad8919

    AMA I'm an old man

    Yes. Cuddle, doggie on the floor is fun. Only the knees hurts.
  12. Leinad8919

    AMA imma a real girl

    Unless there are nipples on other fat places...?
  13. Leinad8919

    Property Agents' commission

    Pay renewal fees, agents are expected to follow up throughout the lease term. No pay renewal fees, agent job ends when the contract is signed. Is up the parties whether they want the services of their respective agents.
  14. Leinad8919

    How to spend your time as a retiree

    Yes. Who wants to live forever....?