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PMD rider and ComfortDelGro taxi driver plays mother and father in a heated argument 

PMD rider and ComfortDelGro taxi driver plays mother and father in a heated argument 



TL;DR - PMD rider and ComfortDelGro taxi driver making a big fuss over road blocking, argument ended up being a battle of cussing at each other's parents. 

‘Guai-lan’ or childish? Or both? 

Watch this 88-second video of these two idiots disputing over something trivial. 

What happened?

A PMD rider and a ComfortDelGro taxi driver get into a heated argument over road blocking. 

In the video, the taxi driver lashed out at the PMD rider for road hogging while the PMD rider claimed that he did not see the taxi behind, thus blocking the road unintentionally. 

This misunderstanding blew up which led to the whole scene of them ‘kpkb’ at each other. In the midst of this intense squabble, both parties were crying father and mother; basically revolving the entire feud cursing each other’s parents. 

Two grown-up men engaging in such childish behaviors, not cool man, not cool. 

Is this the new way to get to know each other? Damn, feels like I’m watching some Hong Kong drama.

Online Chatter


Feels like a catfight but this time with two men whose ages probably add up to >100 years old… 

From this we can clearly tell age does not define maturity. 


Are you #TeamTaxiDriver or #TeamPMDRider? 

Moral of the Story

It is important to keep in mind that courtesy is a two-way street. Extend courtesy before it’s reciprocated! 


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