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A time-wasting and selfish Suzuki Swift driver and passenger duo sends a cam car driver on full tilt

A time-wasting and selfish Suzuki Swift driver and passenger duo sends a cam car driver on full tilt



The following incident is quite a handful, featuring an inconsiderate Suzuki swift driver, the Suzuki's 'guai-lan' passenger and a very angry cam car driver.

Watch the it here:

What Happened?

The incident occurred at an open-air carpark. For some reason, the female Suzuki Swift driver decided to drive out of the parking lot to the middle of the road for her passenger (likely her son) to load groceries into the car. 

Just then, the cam car driver that was parked opposite the Suzuki Swift wanted to drive off, only to be blocked by the Suzuki Swift. 

There was nothing the cam car driver could do but watch the male passenger load up the groceries into the Suzuki Swift. 


At this point, the cam car driver started to get annoyed by the pair's inconsiderate and selfish act.

After turning out to the main road of the carpark, the cam car driver meets the male passenger again - this time, on his way to return the trolley.

Upon realising the cam car was trailing closely behind him, the male passenger turned around and started making hand gestures to the cam car. 

Moments later, he suddenly stopped walking, which caused the cam car to gently 'bump' into him (?). 

The male passenger immediately whips out his mobile phone to take pictures of the cam car and film him. 

And even as the male passenger was filming the cam car, the obviously infuriated cam car driver decided to intimidate him by inching forward, nearly hitting the youth once again. 

In retaliation to the cam car's intimidation, the youth gently slides the trolley towards the cam car, which knocks into the cam car's front bumper.

It is uncertain how the incident ended.

Regardless, both parties were definitely in the wrong. 

One party lacked the graciousness and upbringing, while the other decided to take matters into his own hands and attempted to intimidate the youth by inching his car towards him. 


What do you think?

Netizens' Comments


This would be a funny😂


But I think he might have really been knocked into tho. But his reaction still GTG lah🥴


Need to ownself check ownself first.



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Everybody should just ride a bicycle.

SG has to go more green some day right? :grin:

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His father forgot to use rubber.

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Not happy just ram him lah

Cam driver goes to jail

but that guy will be doing it again!

Teach him a lesson he will never forget.


And we would all love to watch the video.

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