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Found 5 results

  1. Dear all seniors, I need advice on the below. Involved in accident , own fault. Car was badly damaged. Authorised workshop mentioned total loss. My car is 5 years old and fully paid. COE & PARF value is about $36k. 2nd hand price in the market is about $75k with similar model and age. Allianz Motor Protect comprehensive insurance will pay for market value if declared total loss. Allianz not covers the COE & PARF value. Will I receive 2 separate settlements from Allianz & LTA? Allianz pays the agreed market value of the car, example $75k. LTA refunds the COE & PARF value $36k. How make the claim? How long it normally takes? So total I will get a refund of $111k? Sound like too good to be true. 😅 Many thanks.
  2. From Facebook https://www.msn.com/en-sg/news/singapore/friends-like-these-man-at-a-loss-after-pal-refuses-to-pay-sdollar176k-damages-following-car-accident/ar-AAHA7P6?ocid=spartandhp&fbclid=IwAR0bJtAeizlUU4T47eypa1jM89VAXbI3Pm0euCnf5emaTlEpOThVByZcXZ0 Hi all, this is going to be a long read but please take the time to read thru. So the story is that on the 25th June my dear friend Szeto St wants to borrow my car from me to use it on the 27th. As I was overseas at the point of time I agreed to lend it to him, it was not the first time I have lend it to him so I entrusted him with my car. On the 28th morning 8am he gave me a missed call, so when I call him back he told me that he got into an accident with my car then he said that the one driving was his friend. I entrusted my car to him and yet he asked his friend (Dominic) whom I don't even know who he is to drive my car back on that day, I was still very nice at that point of time I said wait till I reach sg then we settle. So I came back on the 29th I meet them on the 30th, they didn't have a solution for me. So we briefly spoke how we should settle it as the car was total loss, so dom suggest to give him more time. And so on the 2th July, we both agreed that he will pay me $17600 as my losses under the condition that I scrap my car. And he requested to give him a month for him to find the money, so me being nice I agreed to it. Once we sign the agreement I proceed to tow my car to the scrap yard and handle all the paperworks and send him documents from lta that I have scraped my car once I received it which was on the 8th July. And so I continue to wait for the 2nd aug to come, on the 30th July I texted Dom to ask on the 2nd aug what time should I meet him and he asked me to wait. So I texted szeto about this he told me not to worry why I scared, and I obliged and waited. So on the 2nd aug the worst nightmare happens, I texted him in the afternoon and Dom said he will let me know by 7pm. 7pm I called him and he simply told me this "我没有钱,你要我怎样。你去small claim 我咯" one simple reply and he expect to get away with the shit he create? Long story short, two days later he say he will only pay me 11k but thru installment of $500 every month. Which I believe nobody will accept. So now I'm stuck, both szeto and dom is not going to pay me any money. I believe that at the end of the day, the responsibility's szeto. Out of goodwill I lent him my car and he choose to ask his friend to drive. 好心被雷劈 Please help me to share this post and make the two of them famous, much appreciated.
  3. Dear MCF members, hope everyone is doing well. would like to seek your expertise pertaining to my 3 car chain collision which occurred recently. I was rear ended and have F/R footage to demonstrate it was the car behind me 100% at fault which push me to collide with the front car. The 1st car also agreed and had same consensus to claim the last car. TP arrived as there was injured passenger in the 3rd car and ambulance arrived to ferry driver & passenger to hospital. I suffered minor injuries but did not require immediate attention. As of today, I had made police report online and awarded 5 day MC. Hence will claim injuries against the 3rd car by lawyer firm and already signed warrant to act on my behalf. The stressful part now is regarding my car which based on my gut feeling is beyond repair as there was damages to rear and front of my car. My car was towed to a workshop which is a reporting centre but is not listed in my car insurance workshop and my car insurance never cover any workshop options. This workshop was introduced by my friend as I was unable to get thru my insurance company hotline during the accident as I was complete shocked. The car damages will claim 3rd party and the surveyors from the 3rd. add has came to the workshop to take photo and assess the damage. The boss updated me today and mentioned he will try to repair the car using simple parts. My car left 1yr 2mths, the current paper value is about 13.5K and I checked Sgcarmart same make n model is about 21.0k. I am wondering if the total repair cost is 30K, it should not be economical to repair and 3rd party can just declared total loss and compensate market value. One key thing here is the boss mentioned he would like to buy my car at about 14.5K and help me claim loss of use for about 21-28 days. The rest of the repair cost he will ownself settle the repair, etc. I saw the GIA report from 3rd car which show that he is trying to deny any fault. In addition, when I call my own car insurance company, they say they can’t find any accident reported for my car. Not sure if the CSO is trying to smoke me. please provide your positive response for my situation and if this workshop trustable? I am comfortable to scrap the car and take back market value and buy another car.
  4. Don't park your car too close to the trees! Though, that might not have helped much considering the sheer size of this fallen tree. According to SG Road Vigilante, this '10-storey high tree' fell on 13 December and damaged 11 vehicles in the carpark at Toa Payoh. Luckily, there doesn't seem to be any pedestrians injured by the tree, I can't imagine how severe it would be, to be crushed by a tree of this size. I would faint on the spot if this was my car, looks like it's a total wreck! Bikes were also among the 11 casualties of this incident. While there seems to be a general idea that damages from fallen trees aren't covered by your vehicle insurance, it seems to be inaccurate. According to this Straits Times article, several insurers do provide coverage in such events. More importantly, it's raining heavily now, I'd better move my car to a safer spot!
  5. My car skidded and I went to make a claim. My car insurance company gave me 2 choices: 1) Claim total loss - $45k 2) Claim repair cost - Car Repair Cost $16k+/- after reducing the market value of my car, insurance company is only willing to pay $9k( they called it Economic Repair Limit) so I got to fork out $8k out of my own pocket. Which option would you guys take? Is there a third option?
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