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  1. Yan66

    MCF Xmas HangOut with Citroen

    thank u and all the best to u bro
  2. Yan66

    MCF Xmas HangOut with Citroen

    thks..yes recovering..going to work soon...thks all
  3. Yan66

    MCF Xmas HangOut with Citroen

    hi bro..happy new yr to u...me admitted to hospital..now recovering.
  4. Yan66

    "Vultures" At MRT Station

    usually i would pretend im on the phone talking pretend to talk to someone... usually they would not bother me but some did...so i just walk off and act blurr......
  5. Yan66

    Where to get MCF dash mat?

    hii...so sorry me also want...overlooked the last date...
  6. Yan66

    IRoad In-Car Camera Recorder Users

    ok sure keep me update..thks
  7. Yan66

    IRoad In-Car Camera Recorder Users

    how much u letting go...i might be intrested
  8. Liqui moly 4100 has always been my favourite engine oil till now.. recomended by this guy i met in a workshop who says i shd try cause it will improved my car performance...
  9. Yan66

    7-Seater MPV

    Hopefully the next mpv wont be so boxy as u can see in todays mpv i still prefer the old oddy..7 seater but yet look sporty...
  10. Yan66

    [Error] Mazda & Vezel Thread

    nice lah....but its look more of an suv than an mpv... hope its a 7 seater..
  11. Yan66

    [Error] Mazda & Vezel Thread

    MPV mazda 8... so far every model is skyactive except for this model....
  12. Yan66

    [Error] Mazda & Vezel Thread

    hi guys..just wondering if there is a new mazda 8 with skyactive tech coming in... heard that mazda 8 has been recalled back,,,
  13. appreciated for the caltex giveaway,, well done.