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Found 13 results

  1. Recently saw many new bmw 7 series breakdown and require towing service. It is unlikely that it will breakdown but wonder why it always happens?? due to burst tire, failed engine, dead battery, failure in mechanism/electronic of the car or any other reason? Anyone can share the point?
  2. Rexxxer

    Part time maid require

    Hi anyone can help in recommending a part time maid? kindly state the fee? job scope? I staying in Punggol.. Best is cheapest if possible send me the contact tks
  3. Hi, I would like to know does my Indonesia maid require to fill in any white at the Malaysia custom. I know currently Singaporean no need. Please advise. Thanks!
  4. Swifter78

    Get this ride! No COE require!

    I saw someone riding this in Tampines yesterday. Cool toy! YikeBike
  5. Hi. Was careless. Hit the keen at mscp. Right side body-kit came out. Half dragging the floor. My usual workshop not opened tmr. Any bro got reliable / cheap workshop to recommended? Only need to screw back but need to jack the car up (cos no angle to use screw driver. ) Thanks for the help.
  6. Just change my brake rotor and wondering whether need to redo the alignment?
  7. Hi all, suppose to be a gift for my wife's bday. dunwan spend 2-3K on a channel bag. thus mus crack brain to think of something not so ex, yet special. decided to register a domain for her. however, there seemed to be quite a number of website able to provide this service. which is the more reputable ones ar? Also, from my minimal research, either i have a server, on 24hrs a day at home (consumes electricity) or i can engage a web host at a fee. am i correct with the understanding so far? please advice, if you know more about this trade. have roughly 10 days to complete the project b4 her bday hahahha. Thanks. SK
  8. was at MSCP turning out. then judgement no good, angle not good enuf, kena the wall on the left side haiz............ very sad..... then CO niam niam niam niam niam niam niam...................... (adds on to the heart pain) so there are a bit scratches, both on front door and back door, around 10-20cm not deep but some paint came out liao a bit dent on the back door. around how much damage am i expecting ar? any recommended workshop? haiz.... wasn't dreaming or wat... was driving normally and slowing, trying to exit a bit shocked too spare me the suan-ning ok? already quite sianz 1/2 liao...
  9. This should only be of interest to our bro's and sis's here that drive JDM cars. I really wasn't concerned about the octane rating till recently as i got a grocery getter JDM car, and I thought it was odd that I would need to run 98ron fuel here in sg, so i checked (previously I drove the 180sx in Melb so it was automatically 98ron. Same thing with my Sera). Anyway the manual should state if the car uses regular, super/premium, or super plus/super premium. At the pumps in Japan, regular = 89RON, super/premium = 96RON and super plus/super premium = 100RON I spoke to my former exporter in Japan, and he told me that all cars can run super/premium, but for the hi-po cars (that require super plus/super premium), their ignition timing would be retarded by the ECU (he knows this as these cars are his work). This pretty much means that all the JDM CTR's, GTR's etc would probably not be making their rated power on our 98RON fuel. Does anyone know if the stated fuel in the manuals for JDM cars that regular and super/premium are the min RON rating, or is it the recommended RON rating. I'm asking because if its the recommended RON rating, there wouldn't be an performance gains if we used a higher octane fuel as the ECU will not advance the timing any further, but on the other hand, if it was the min RON, then there will be a gain in a higher octane fuel is used, but the engine will not retard the timing if a lower octane fuel is used thus increasing the risk of early detonation on high loads (taking our local octane ratings into consideration).
  10. Deadsoulz

    VISA require for China?

    Hi all, I'll b gg to CHINA , Guangzhou end of the month. Just to check if VISA application is still require after the Olympics ?
  11. As above, any bank that offer cards for minimum requirement of annual income > $100K ? thanks
  12. is this true? just wanna confirm before i go in later.
  13. can i get season parking for such lot? how much will it cost me? i cant be tearing 9am-6pm 1/2 parking coupons hor... tear till i blur leh so many