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Found 23 results

  1. The government's latest Town Council Management Report cardgave its sole “red” grade to Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol East Town Council in the category of collecting service and conservancy charges (S&CC). The three-constituency town council, run by the opposition Workers' Party, was slapped with the red banding because "more than 5 per cent of their households had S&CC arrears overdue for three months or more," read the report. "Also, more than 50 per cent of their monthly S&CC collectible are overdue for three months or more,” it added. It also showed a white "pending" field under corporate governance, a phenomenon that, like the town council's "red" banding, occurred in the Ministry of National Development (MND)'s last report as well. The report, released Thursday at noon, measured the performance of Singapore's 15 town councils in the year ending March 2013 — contrary to four previous versions of the report, which graded the town councils' performance on a half-yearly basis. The town councils were measured for cleanliness, maintenance, lift performance, service and conservancy charge arrears and corporate governance. All the town councils scored "green" bandings for cleanliness and lift performance, but nine were banded "amber" for maintenance. These nine apart from the AHPETC were: Chua Chu Kang, East Coast, Holland-Bukit Panjang, Jurong, Marine Parade, Pasir Ris-Punggol, Tampines and West Coast. Potong Pasir Town Council was also given an "amber" banding for its conservancy charge arrears management. Yahoo Singapore has asked the Workers' Party town council management for their comments on the report's findings and is awaiting the response. http://sg.news.yahoo.com/town-council-run-by-workers--party-gets--red--grade-for-conservancy-arrears-in-govt-report-050611452.html
  2. I found my block and surrounding area quite dirty and messy lately, especially yesterday. Litter all over the common area. MBT punishes us for not give him overwhelming support? Ok.. maybe yesterday is public holiday. No cleaner.
  3. http://youtu.be/OAfyY6AAH1A What is this man?? Picking bones in eggs?? AMK central also got 1. Why nobody complain abt dat??
  4. Conservancy workers at the 15 PAP Town Councils will soon be able to earn more under a progressive wage model salary structure. Under the new salary structure, the salary of cleaners will start from S$1,200 a month, up from an average of S$1,000 currently. PHOTOS VIDEOS A town council conservancy worker (file photo) Enlarge Caption SINGAPORE: Conservancy workers at the 15 PAP Town Councils will soon be able to earn more under a progressive wage model salary structure. Under the new salary structure, the salary of cleaners will start from S$1,200 a month, up from an average of S$1,000 currently. However, residents may have to pay more for service and conservancy charges. Coordinating chairman of the PAP Town Councils, Dr Teo Ho Pin, said: "Definitely, when we improve our services to better serve our residents, the cost of maintenance will increase. So, at some point in time we will need to revise the S&C charges. "But I think our residents understand that quality comes with a price. We want to do this to achieve a few objectives. First, is that we would like to better serve our residents -- so that we can enhance the conservancy standards in all our housing estates, in all the 15 PAP Town Councils. "Secondly, we want to support the government's effort to increase the salary of the low-wage workers and also to protect the employment benefits of the low-wage workers." The PAP Town Councils signed a Memorandum of Understanding with 19 conservancy contractors to pay them according to the recommended salary. As the worker upgrades to be a supervisor, he can earn S$1,600 and above. However, even with the higher salaries, companies said attracting workers is still a challenge. Dennis Tan, general manager of LS 2 Services, said: "To be honest, estate cleaning... it's a harsh environment. It requires block sweeping, outdoor sweeping. So, I think we still face challenges. "But with the implementation of progressive wage, we hope that more workers will join our cleaning industry. With more training and improvement of productivity, I hope this industry can be professionalised." - CNA/ac
  5. http://sg.news.yahoo.com/aim-won%E2%80%99t...-080844932.html
  6. http://www.tremeritus.com/2013/01/22/tcs-d...o-aim-for-140k/ In the last 20 years, he had worked in a number of companies but of particular interest is his job in NCS as Deputy Director, Enterprise Software group from Oct 2001 to Mar 2004 (about 2.5 years). Further enquiry into LinkedIn showed that Mr Tan listed one of his key achievements while doing sales in NCS as: Key Achievement: - S$30 million deal with Singapore Town Council. Software license at S$5 million.
  7. Free DECALS for the following safety message at all SHELL outlets. A very good move by all the organisations involved. I got mine this morn and pasted on my car rear windsreen. I chose FORESIGHT (SIGNAL EARLY) cos many motorists always never signal. If TP UNCLE SPOT YR CAR - U can win FREE PETROL VOUCHERS summore. I find all the messages very meaningful and helpful.
  8. CNA Town council management report is politically motivated, says Chiam By Tan Weizhen, TODAY | Posted: 11 July 2011 0653 hrs SINGAPORE: Former Opposition Member of Parliament Chiam See Tong on Sunday criticised the latest Town Council Management Report (TCMR) - which showed that the town council of his former Potong Pasir ward had improved in three of the six indicators - as being "politically motivated". Despite the improvements, the Potong Pasir town council remained among the worst performing according to the report, which was released last Friday. For example, while most town councils achieved a Level 1 rating for service and conservancy charges arrears management, the town councils of Opposition-held Hougang and Potong Pasir fared worst in this area. Mr Chiam, 76, had helmed the Potong Pasir ward for 27 years until the General Election - which was held in May - when he moved out of the ward to lead a team to contest in Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC. Mr Chiam and his wife Lina, who had contested in Potong Pasir, were both defeated. The Ministry of National Development (MND) had said that the third TCMR - it was introduced in 2009 - covered the period from last October to March this year and was based on pre-General Election town boundaries. Despite the MND's pronouncement that the assessment was carried out before the GE, Mr Chiam said in a media statement yesterday: "The HDB has now decided to award Potong Pasir constituency with a consolation prize after the GE by reporting that (its town council) has made the biggest gains with higher scores recorded for three out of six indicators." Mr Chiam added that he did not believe the report. "At all material times, I have been maintaining the estate well. (The report) is politically motivated," he said. When asked to respond to Mr Chiam's statement, Potong Pasir MP Sitoh Yih Pin reiterated that the "most important thing now is for us to move forward and improve the living conditions of Potong Pasir residents". "We also have to ... improve the overall maintenance of the town council," said Mr Sitoh. He added that a working committee was formed last month to look into "why the families are in arrears". - - TODAY/fa
  9. Wonder if it happens to many est. or if it have become a common sight...... It happens pretty often here in my blk 643 amk ave 5 , contractors leaving behind debris like this. 2 occasion in 3 weeks and even calling TC nothing seems to happen. Are they really so Bzi?? Rubbish can be easily spotted along corridors & stairways Kinda guess nobody bother about the safety of seniors or children who might trip and fall. Just wonder what actually do those who on duty doing. Maybe bzi on the forum posting too i guess......
  10. http://www.temasekreview.com/2011/05/18/po...g-town-council/ Dear Temasek Review I feel compelled to write in after reading your article,
  11. It is a sad day for democracy if this is true... http://www.temasekreview.com/2011/05/10/ns...ise-at-rallies/ A National Solidarity Party (NSP) supporter by the name of Geraldine Soh Shin Lin was sacked from her job at Jurong Town Council without any valid reasons given. According to Ms Soh
  12. http://www.temasekreview.com/2011/05/10/ns...ise-at-rallies/ A National Solidarity Party (NSP) supporter by the name of Geraldine Soh Shin Lin was sacked from her job at Jurong Town Council without any valid reasons given. According to Ms Soh
  13. Relacklabrudder

    When WP take over, town council all char bo

    very sad, the state should be separate from ruling party. we all pay taxes, town council suppose to serve singapoeans!!!!
  14. Alim

    Aljunied Town Council

    Lim Hwee Hua just fired at Worker's Party regarding sinking funds in Hougang Town Council Now, let's go back in 2008 and see what they did in Aljunied. With S$84 million in sinking funds, they increase S&CC. They had S$44 million invested with fund managers, could it be that they loss $$$ in investments which is why they increase S&CC? Lim Hwee Hua, why not you open your accounts and show us how much was loss then? Did they increase S&CC because Aljunied was a slum for being the dirtiest precinct? Aljunied Town Council
  15. http://forums.asiaone.com/showthread.php?t=28198 even garmen buildings are not spared from ah longs
  16. Bt Panjang residents complain new bamboo holders hazardous Tuesday, January 19 Bukit Panjang residentsChannel NewsAsia - recently complained about the Town Council's newly installed bamboo holders for drying laundry. The new holders, being 2.5mm smaller in diameter, meant that the older poles used by the residents no longer fit. I applaud the Town Council's kindness in spending the money for the new pole holders which, according to them, "comply with HDB design requirements". But you do know there is a simpler way to check if the pole holders were the right size, right? It's called Ask the Residents to Lend You Their Pole for a While. SINGAPORE : New bamboo holders for drying laundry have some residents in Bukit Panjang up in arms. Residents at Pending Road said their bamboo poles are too big to fit into the new holders, increasing the risk of falling poles. The new holders are 2.5 mm smaller in diameter than the original holders. Some 2,900 units at Pending Road had their old bamboo holders changed
  17. Every month I pay good money to our town councile Pasir-Punggol Town council, but they have not been doing a good job despite feedback given to them, and I'm sure I'm not the only one Here's some example I have taken from my MCSP - Blk 119 Edgefield Plains Appears to be dried faecal matter that had dried up after sometime, this appeared sometime before the next one Dried vomit that has been there after few weeks. While I can afford the exorbitant SC charges, I really hate it that I have been walking by it everyday to and fro the carpark.
  18. Anyone heard about this? Got below link through e-mail. Not sure true or not. If this is real, then they got to be http://blog.dk.sg/2009/03/17/look-how-disconnected-they-are/
  19. I have just received a copy of a calender 2009 printed and published by the Town Council of Aljunied GRC. I was so elated that for this year, I have yet to receive a calender. When I called my friends in the business circle, I was told that owing to the economic downturn, it is a rarity to find a calender. I am so lucky! When I opened the pages, I realized that it was not only a calender but it also included photographs of all the MPs in the GRC. Every month has its flavour ie. an MP and it is repeated over and over again. How opportune! I was actually thinking of changing my dart board! Really saved my money! My conclusion is that it is can't be just another govt propaganda with the objective of prolonging its rule and to use it in preparation for any sudden snap election. I mean they won by a whooping 56.09%! Wp was crushed like a cockroach! Another question: As the Town councils are losing money in investments that have collapsed, why is the Town Council spending so much money on printing calenders? Going back to the last election, there were about 150.000 households. which means that the same number is printed, or even more.(complements to other fellow comrades) If they are not using the Town Council's money, I am touched all the 5 MPS made their contributions. They must really be filled in their coffers. Why not use it for the needy, the poor etc. especially at a time when the citizens are trying to recoup and even to the extend of begging for food to fill their stomach? Why? It is because our MPs are far sighted! They do not want us to develop a clutch mentality! Yes, its tough working as a cleaner, having to fight with FTs with half the pay, but I guess everyone is happy, because there is no protest outside the Istana/Parliament house! Majulla Singapura! Thank you PAP for more Good Years!
  20. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin.../390407/1/.html 12m is 0.06%!!! looks like our town council is damn rich with our money and yet only few FT cleaning the common areas. with that kind of funds in their kitty bank at least 1 FT per block liao lor!! now, 12M of our money gone!!! looks like our conservancy fee is going up to cover the loss they made with our money!!
  21. Have you ever wonder why are the town council allow to have such huge reserves such that they can invest in these failed bonds? Wouldn't it be prudent to put them in fixed deposit. Now I just hope that there will not be an increase in conservancy and hopefully the relevant town council will stand up and answer to us. The best thing that came out of this financial crisis is that we now know how much money the Town council are holding. Who's next???
  22. Are Town Councils really investing in stocks? Can someone who has a Creative annual report verify this? I hope this is not some cannot-clear-CFA-stage 3 fund mgr wannabe action that went unnoticed by audit inspections. http://www.mrbiao.com/blog/town-councils-i...ock-market.html
  23. Noob question...can an undischarged bankrupt, be eligible for election as a member of a council (of a management corporation of a private condo) if his status (as an undischarged bankrupt) is declared in writing, by himself or another person during nomination? Any idea is this is alrite, legal, etc...Thank u