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Found 7 results

  1. StreetFight3r

    Do you believe in the Supernatural?

    EX-RWS staff talks about the hauntings. I would like to believe that the universe is a big big place and we are not alone out there. When my dad passed away many years back, I still remember I slept on the sofa in the living room on the 1st night he left. But was woken up with a tight slap on my butt and no one else around. Too real to be a dream. But I notafraid because i know my dad will not harm me. until this day i know what i felt though many wil say its just a dream. Jane Ng was a producer at Resorts World Sentosa and the pioneer team who worked on Halloween Horror Nights. She gives us an inside look at the horrors that went on behind the scenes.
  2. Ender

    Sleep Paralysis

    I use to have this frequently as a young man. Initially scare the shit out of me. Some times can hear heavy breathing beside me. https://www.healthxchange.sg/wellness/sleeping-disorders/sleep-paralysis-causes
  3. Interesting talk show. Anybody has real-life Singapore stories. Click Here
  4. Hi all, Since no specific discussion on this, I would like to start one here. By the way, please try not to "blow cow" here ok, for the benefit of other travellers . The strangest ecounter I had, was when I travelled to Ipoh. There are only 3 "can make it" hotels in Ipoh town. Due to last minute arrangement, the better ones are fully booked, I ended up with one whose lobby had strong tabacco smell . The given room was really old-style in furnishing and some sort of mouldy smell from the air-con too. Too exhausted and we were soon deep in sleep. Into the wee hours, I suddently realized my young son (probably 2~3 years old then) who was sleeping beside me had disappeared. I woke up and found him talking to the wall right at the corner. I shouted at him from the bed asked him to come back to bed. He stood there for a moment and seem to bid farewell (waving hands) to someone. He finally returned to the bed and I hugged him and fall asleep. I told my wife about the incident the next day morning. She told me she saw something "dirty" that night but she insisted she won't tell me what it is. Till today, it remains a mystery to me. Regards,
  5. There is an urban legend making the rounds currently about this old Malay woman who goes from door to door selling keropok. If you refuse to buy from her, she will unlease her pet Ms P on you. Another version is that she will ask to rest in your house and if you let her in, she will do something terrifying. In my opinion, this is a load of cow droppings but it is entertaining nonetheless. Here is a link The only makcik I fear is the one who can issue out summons
  6. Was asked for a favour recently: to do a quick job on a wedding car before a photoshoot. The proud owner takes extremely good car of his car (wash everyday, wax once a week) and is a huge Collinite 915 fan. For this occasion, he wanted something different (one-off) for his car and wanted to try a beauty wax for a week (before going back to Collinite). I suggested trying out supernatural v2 for his colour as it is a very glossy wax and i think it complements light metallics very well. A quick pre-inspection using spot tungsten lamps and brinkmann dual xenons showed extremely light swirling.. this guy really takes care of his car! Rushed for time and didn't have any in-process photos, but he took some photos with a simple point and shoot camera 2 days later on the wedding day itself and emailed 2 of them to me. process: 1. Rims cleaned Autoglym custom wheel cleaner using swissvax wheel brush. 2. Wheelwells cleaned using degreaser. 3. megs NXT car wash using sheepskin mitt/2BM. 4. 70% IPA wipedown. 5. Menz 106FF using flat green (Gen2) pad (this cleared up what little defects there were). 6. 70% IPA wipedown. 7. Swissvax Cleaner Fluid using megs MF applicator. LSP: Supernatural version 2 using megs foam applicator. The owner was extremely pleased with the outcome. He counted 20 peeps doing a finger swipe test on his car cos it looked so oily/glossy (of course he was fuming inside when peeps touched his car lol!). (tire shine was owner's product.. think it was amourall). cheers for reading.
  7. Firespitter

    Supernatural experiences

    Recently, I have set up a blog to share some of my personal supernatural experiences. If you have a worthy true experience to share, kindly send me an email to zumsin@yahoo.com My blog is located at http://firespitter38.blogspot.com Thanks for your attention and I look forward to your contributions soon. Best Regards