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Found 21 results

  1. SINGAPORE: The HIV-positive status of 14,200 people – and confidential information such as their identification numbers and contact details – has been leaked online, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said on Monday (Jan 28). The records were those of 5,400 Singaporeans diagnosed with HIV up to January 2013 and 8,800 foreigners, including work and visit pass applicants and holders, diagnosed with HIV up to December 2011. The leaked information included their names, identification numbers, phone numbers, addresses, HIV test results and medical information. The details of another 2,400 of their contacts – identified through contact tracing – up to May 2007 were also leaked, MOH said in a press release. The HIV Registry contains information on individuals diagnosed with HIV, a notifiable disease under the Infectious Diseases Act. The ministry said it uses the registry to monitor the HIV infection situation, conduct contact tracing and assess disease prevention and management measures. The information is in the possession of an “unauthorised person” – Mikhy K Farrera Brochez, a US citizen in Singapore. Brochez was deported from Singapore in April 2018, after he was convicted of fraud and drug-related offences and sentenced to 28 months’ jail. “While access to the confidential information has been disabled, it is still in the possession of the unauthorised person, and could still be publicly disclosed in the future,” MOH said. “We are working with relevant parties to scan the Internet for signs of further disclosure of the information. “We are sorry for the anxiety and distress caused by this incident. Our priority is the well-being of the affected individuals,” the ministry added. “We appeal to members of the public to notify MOH immediately should they come across information related to this incident, and not further share it.” Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/hiv-positive-records-leaked-online-singapore-mikhy-brochez-11175718
  2. Who can list down or rank the status of most of the cars in singapore. We all do know for example a 7 series is better Mercs C Class, but i referring to a brand as a whole.. For example: Rolls-RoyceLamborghini Maserati Porsche etc etc etc etc Geely Chery Lets have a discussion abt this. For the fun of it. Cheers!
  3. Dear Sir/Mdm I see no thread regarding in this and to know MCF members better, I created a poll and please vote accurately and confidentially, do not shout here what you have chosen. The point of this thread to understand the current situation of MCF economic and employment rate. Thank You Regards Kamli Bro
  4. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/artic...jectid=10832735 The father of a Kiwi facing up to 10 years in Singapore's notorious Changi Prison and a caning travelled with him last week when he finally turned himself in. Robert Stephen Dahlberg, a stock broker and former junior Tall Black basketballer, appeared in a Singapore court last week charged with causing grievous bodily harm - relating to an alleged booze-fuelled altercation in April 2010 in which two locals were injured. Dad Bill Dahlberg, a trustee of the Canterbury Community Trust, said despite his son having skipped the country in July last year, he had always been keen to honour his obligations, though he would defend the charges. "Robert did the right thing by going to the police in the days after the incident and voluntarily giving a statement. He continued to be concerned about the welfare of Mr Liew [one of the injured] and made repeated offers to pay for medical expenses and arrange for him to see a specialist. "Robert stayed in Singapore, gaining permanent residency status, for 14 months after the incident. It was a shock to us all when charges were laid." Last July, he paid a $23,000 bond to travel for business while on bail. He promised to return to Singapore, but skipped to New Zealand. Dahlberg returned to Singapore and was arrested upon arrival and appeared in court. His next court date is in two weeks.
  5. Sorry guys gt something that is bothering me right now n hope someone who noe the system can help mi. Does excuse heavy load = excuse full battle order? meaning during mod manning, i dun have to carry my FBO back to camp? I asked my camp MO n he say yes, ask my current company manager who was a ex csm, he also say yes. but my reservist camp CO say no. he say as my pes status is C9L2, i still deployable outfield which means i need to carry FBO. I am downgraded to C9L2 due to slipped disc. tks for reading n hope someone out there can help mi.
  6. http://forum.singaporeexpats.com/ftopic65149.html NBz.. Enjoy for 19yrs.. siam 2yrs of liability, now you want to enjoy again..
  7. Gabriel

    PR status

    anyone here has any idea... let's say 2 malaysians get married.. then the hubby applies PR for the wife... but years later... if she divorces him...will she still keep her PR status? and what if the next guy is local..? asking on behalf
  8. Deathism

    Pes Status

    hello fellas.. remember me askin abt stuff for my medical check-up and all (x-ray,health booklet) here's wad happened went for the medical checkup on the 22nd September. Got Pes D (pending) for 1 month. after 1 month still didnt get any updates. so i emailed them and they told me that the pending status was until 22nd december. not wanting to wait that long..i asked them if they could expedite the process so that i can enlist asap. a few days later, they informed me thru email that my PES status is now E1L9. during the medical screening, i got A for everything except hearing test, due to my total hearing loss at age 3.. they told me that after they've reviewed my medical report, they gave me that status *aczema prolly plays a part too* wad i wanna know now is, any of you bros have this status? if you do, wads in store for me, like say BMT and how life will generally be like?
  9. Fernando Alonso underlined his status as Singapore's Prince of Darkness, by winning the night-time grand prix for the second time in three years and edging closer to leader Mark Webber in the F1 championship. - 0 Related Links * Alonso wins in Singapore * Korean GP could be cancelled The Spaniard steered his Ferrari to victory in punishing conditions on the twisty street circuit to edge out the snarling Red Bulls of Sebastian Vettel and Webber. The win allowed Alonso to leapfrog last year's winner Lewis Hamilton - who failed to finish the race after a collision with Webber - into second place in the drivers' championship, 11 points behind Australian Webber. Within seconds of taking the chequered flag he was cranking up the psychological warfare with just four races remaining in the 2010 season. "We are in a sport where you cannot be 100 percent fit and focused for all the races, all the months - so we go up and down," the Spaniard said. "We can say that now, at this point, I am at a peak, 100 percent motivated. It is good to be at this point now. "This year it feels for me the championship has just started so I am very happy. "It seems we can be competitive on any track. So let's see in the remaining races. And 'Forza Ferrari'." Prior to the race Alonso had rated his chances of winning the championship as '50-50'. "I can win, or I can not win," he smiled enigmatically, before revisiting the theme with yet more statistics. "We are five drivers," he said, referring to the two he shared Sunday's podium with plus McLaren pair Hamilton and Jenson Button. "Around 20 percent chance all of us. Maybe Mark a little bit in front, because he is leading. "It remains very tight. Mark is still first with some margin, so... for the others we need to keep catching. For sure we will do our best -- we don't know if it will be enough. We hope so but people can be sure we (Ferrari) will fight 100 percent to the end." Alonso's confident demeanour betrayed the twice champion's diplomacy and with a glint he added: "Anything can happen in these four races. Any of us can win two or three consecutive races. "Or you have two or three retirements and you are off the championship. It will depend all on these four races. Hopefully with no mistakes, high concentration, we keep momentum in Japan." The circuit moves to Suzuka next followed by South Korea, Brazil and the finale in Abu Dhabi in November. Source http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/260920...so-m-peak.html
  10. I have been organising singles meetup for my Facebook friends for few months already and generally, I do not allow 'married' people into my singles event. But recently, a guy messaged me, saying he is 'separated' and ask whether he can turn up for my singles events. I just want to check with the folks here on the legal status of 'separated'. Does 'separated' means: (1) one is still married but just waiting for divorce, or (2) one is not considered married but not divorced also, i.e. like an intermediate stage
  11. Hello people You know I used to drive an budget ride but after these past few years of hardwork, I upgraded myself. I've been promoted to Senior Engineer now! Yay! I changed my image, I'm hardworking, smart and humble. And you know what I changed my ride to a continental Ford Focus! Finally a new image and a new status! It's a much more comfortable and zippy ride now! I'm a good hit amongst the girls and the guys all envy my ride. After all, it costs me $90k! But it really shows my power, still managing to buy a conti at such high COE prices! Congratulations!
  12. Seems better odds of getting a PR approved than striking toto, 4D leh... 1 in 2 processed applications gets approved, machiam go casino play da siao (大小)also can win some how... tikum tikum may kena yes? Did not really know it is so easy to get a PR here. On a serious note, how stringent was/will be the control then and now? We are not against real talents e.g. Jim Rogers that bring great value to our nation as a PR per se. Or a tycoon becoming a PR and setting up companies to employ local folks. Instead what we see on the ground are supposingly talents (OMG, a PRC bus driver?) competing DIRECTLY with us for the same jobs but at a lower asking pay. Will we see a day they bring in Obama, Hillary as PRs then citizens to be in the cabinet? That will be the day.... Ok enough of ranting. Your views? http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1081613/1/.html Fewer foreigners granted PR status this year By Hetty Musfirah Abdul Khamid | Posted: 16 September 2010 1603 hrs SINGAPORE : With the tightening of immigration criteria since end of last year, Singapore will have fewer permanent residents this year compared to 2009, said Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng in Parliament on Thursday. He added that the country will manage the numbers to ensure quality of immigrants. Some 132,200 people applied to be permanent residents here last year. Of these, about 115,900 applications were processed, and 59,500 or 51 per cent were successful. Mr Wong told the House that of those granted PR status, the majority of them qualified under the Professional, Technical and Skilled Workers Scheme where they are contributing to the Singapore economy. Others who were granted permanent residency are dependants of Singapore Citizens or are dependants of these economic PRs. Mr Wong said the country will continue to be stringent in its requirements for PRs, welcoming those who can contribute to the economy and integrate well into society. "Singapore will have fewer PRs compared to the last five years. With the new criteria, and that means in future, the rate of increase will decline," said Mr Wong. Even so, Mr Wong said Singapore cannot afford to close its doors to immigrants. Mr Wong also told the House that an inflow of immigrants helps to improve the old-age support ratio by increasing the number of economically active residents. In 1970, when the country's total fertility rate (TFR) was above the replacement rate of 2.1, each elderly person was supported by 17 working adults. Currently, Singapore has about 8.2 working adults in the resident population supporting 1 elderly person. Mr Wong said that if there were no PRs, Singapore would have slightly fewer adults - with 7.2 working adults supporting 1 elderly person. He said: "We will still need immigration to make up for the short fall of babies and help ease the pressure of an ageing population, but we will carefully manage the numbers to ensure the quality of immigrants. "At the same time, we are careful not to allow the inflow of immigrants to upset the current mix of races in our population." Mr Wong assured that Singapore does not go overseas and target specific ethnic groups to come to Singapore. Unlike other countries, Singapore also does not have immigration consultants that advertise and help people migrate to Singapore unlike other countries. However, Mr Wong said that Singapore does offer scholarships to attract talent. Mr Wong said: "We have the ASEAN scholarships for example. And we also have companies who are out recruiting people and they are also interested in a heterogeneous and multinational workforce and because they have operations in other countries. They are also recruiting people by offering scholarships. "So we hope more of our companies can do that, and hopefully if they come here to work for awhile, they like (it here) and they may want to settle down." As for the new Population and Talent Division, Mr Wong said the government will look into areas like integration. It will start work at the beginning of next year. - CNA /ls
  13. Felipe Massa insists he is not worried that Fernando Alonso is set to arrive at Ferrari and assume a Michael Schumacher-style 'number 1' role. He told Brazil's Jovem Pan FM radio that while he considers fellow 28-year-old Alonso a "great driver" and "one of the best in formula one", he is not worried about having to play second fiddle. "Whoever comes to Ferrari is always going to be a very strong driver, because they (Ferrari) always have the best ones," said Massa, who next March will return from a more than seven month grand prix absence due to injuries sustained in Hungary this year. Since becoming a race driver at the famous Maranello based team in 2006, he has been teammate to the highly rated Michael Schumacher and Kimi Raikkonen. "(In 2010) I will do as I always have done: try to win," said Felipe Massa. "The work within a team is always collective. Schumacher carried a great influence at Ferrari because he earned it. He arrived, worked and created a competitive team. To have that position you have to work hard and achieve results," Felipe Massa added. source http://www.auto123.com/en/racing-news/form...ri?artid=113169
  14. I noticed quite a number of people in my Facebook friend list are updating their Facebook status soooooooo frequently. They seem to like telling the world every damn thing happening in their life. Some of the updates are really bo liao... copy and paste some for you guys to see: "dropped my ruler twice today." "had brown rice for lunch." "it's Monday." Don't you think they are super bo liao? Who wants to know all these? How about you? How regularly do you update your facebook status message?
  15. hi all, does anyone know of the link to the LTA site where i can check the status of a particular number plate, or car? i need to check the status of my old car, but couldnt find the link in LTA site. Thanks all.
  16. Is it true that richmen or top management people all have big belly? the bigger the belly, the richer they are? Any truth and rationale to this? TGIF! Regards,
  17. Dynaway

    Army PES status

    ok...i think many are interested in this..... a lot different from the older classification.... PES(Physical Employment Status) Grading The details are given below: Pes A Fit for all operational vocations (Full BMT) Pes B Fit for most operational vocations (Full BMT) Pes BP Fit for 4 months full BMT (applicable only to obese recruits) Pes C Fit for some operational vocations (Modified BMT) Further subdivided into: PES C1 Required to take IPPT but can be excused up to 2 static stations in IPPT PES C2 Do not have to take IPPT except Regulars who are required to take Alternative Aerobic Fitness Test (AAFT) PES C9 Servicemen not required to take IPPT PES C grading will be followed by the L-Code (Land Deployability Code) as follows: L1 Fit for field duties including front-line duty L2 Fit for field duties but only in Unit HQ or rear areas L3 Fit for operational duties at Bases only. Not fit for field duties / exercises Pes D Temporary unfit for grading and pending further review Pes E Fit for administrative duties only Further subdivided into: PES E1 Able to participate in simple observance parades and LIFE activities PES E9 Unfit for any form of physical activities PES E grading will be followed by the L-Code (Land Deployability Code) as follows: L3 Fit for operational duties at Bases only. Not fit for field duties/exercises L9 Suitable for peacetime sedentary duties at Bases. Not fit for operational duties even in Bases Pes F Medically unfit for any form of service
  18. Lamy

    Status of CA Workshop?

    With the VW workshop now in Limbo, and VW cars unable to get any service there. What is the status our CA workshop? Anyone went there today? Lamy
  19. Saabretooth

    ODR & F#1 Status

    Any one here on Pioneer ODR or F#1 Status HUs and Processors? Would like to find out the amps and speakers, subs that you have used to complement them. 1) Speakers and either 2 or 3 way 2) Amps 3) Subs 4 Cables...etc? 5) and if possible, what car was it fitted into? Love the sound?
  20. Hi all, Sorry if I have posted it under the wrong category but I really cannot figure out where to place this post. My current ride has an indicator light on the dashboard to indicate "lean burn" mode. I have tried "very" hard to ease my throttle so that the ECO light is on "as long as possible" (except moving off). My question is: for cars without this, is there any meter/gauge to help drivers like me? Vacuum gauge? Thanks in advance.
  21. Skywalker

    Status Upgrade

    Just curious to know how to get "promoted" from newbie to clutch, 2nd gear, supercharger, ......? how many thread we need to post or sustain?