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  1. W210k

    HD & UHD TVs Price & Inventory Cost

    I have a question: With digital HD broadcast to be launched by MediaCorp in SG soon, should we even buy today's LCD TVs with analog receivers - be it FHD, UHD, or OLED Curved? Shouldn't we wait for FHD or UHD TVs with built-in digital receivers instead, when the actual switch to digital broadcasting is made? That is, tahan and hold on to our analog TVs for a few years more and not buy now?
  2. The VW brand already bad name and bashed up in MCF and vagsg.com
  3. Yah, I will also avoid buying any CVT tranny model. If like Nissan or Subaru, nearly all models are CVT, then I go elsewhere. My money, my preference, I decide right?
  4. Many already sold off their VWs and don't bother to go there now lah.What for? True. Once bitten, twice shy. Twice bitten, never try. With this unresolvable 7-dry DSG unreliability problem, I think they really CMI lah.
  5. They can still go to vagsg.com forum - no need account, ID, nor password. They can go read all the pissed-off complaints of past and present VW owners. Man! The degree of built-up angst, displeasure and regret in that forum is xxxx
  6. W210k

    Less than 2 year old X3 with 3 owners

    My X3 year of mfg was 2006, purchased in 2007. The M54 2.5L IL-6 pre-Valvetronic engine was superb - it's only saving grace for me. It was made in Austria then. The new X3 may have been improved, including the x-Drive system. I think current models are made in the USA. Don't know good or bad?
  7. W210k

    Less than 2 year old X3 with 3 owners

    I also sold my X3 (2.5L IL-6) after only 2 years, 1st owner, from brand new. Too many problems.
  8. W210k

    VW jin-buay-song owner

    Chay! Poor DSG reliability, with bad engine design.VW now really CMI hor. Many of their cars made in Mexico, Portugal and Spain - no wonder lah.
  9. W210k

    VW jin-buay-song owner

    Hello, you quite blur ah? When did I say A4 uses ONLY CVT? It was someone else, perhaps. It is not the model that determines the transmission system, but the engine type/capacity that it is paired with. So A4 1.8T had the CVT A4 3.2 NA had the Tiptronic automatic A4 3.0T has the 6-sp S-Tronic (aka wet DSG) Your stats read from where one? Does it have the granularity to breakdown by sub-model, engine and transmission type? If not, no point comparing, nor arguing. Do you know if that came from a country having A4s with the dreaded 7-dry DSG? No wonder it's so unreliable lah! As far as many past owners and the world at large knows it, any VAG model, whether A1, A3, A-what, Golf, Scirocco, Touran, whatever lah - as long as it comes with the 7-dry DSG (typically mated to 1.4T and 1.2T engined models) are the least reliable. In fact, the worst of the lot.
  10. W210k

    VW jin-buay-song owner

    Then the previous A4 3.2 quattro, with Tiptronic automatic transmission even lagi less problematic (more reliable). I would rank them as follows: 1. Tiptronic automatic, most reliable, most costly 2. Multitronic (CVT), less reliable, less costly 3. 7-sp dry DSG, least reliable, least costly (cheapest) I'd leave it to the better informed, to slot in where the 6-sp wet DSG should be in the reliability vs cost-to-manufacture scale. In life, more often than not, good things don't come cheap!
  11. Tried the 'wider angle' side mirror settings - found it very dangerous and didn't like it. Had near misses with motor bikes in-between lanes at my 5 and 7 o'clock. Nearly ran a few riders off the road when switching lanes. Maybe circumvented with a wide-angle rearview mirror clip-on - but which is rendered useless when the rear seat is full with tall adults.
  12. The chart Wt_know had posted is the decision tree at point if turning 55, to determine if your MS is going to be $155K or $77K. However, in my example above, once you've crossed the bridge at 55, and are deemed qualified to leave only $77K in MS ..... And then later, at 56, you sell your house (which you had used say, $500K of your CPF monies), will the full $500K go to you, or still must deduct $77K to MS? I have a feeling it's the latter, not sure, any >55 MCFers who know this for a fact?
  13. But (say) after you have withdrawn all that's allowed at 55, leaving behind the MS and MMS amounts, and then later (say, when you're 56) you sell your house from which you had used $500K of CPF monies) - then the full $500K will go to you right, and not back to your CPF account?
  14. W210k

    Is property mkt that bad???!!!

    Oh just to add - I had also bought a D10 (original condition) semi-D during that same AFC time. Bargained hard till way way less than $2m. Tore down the house and rebuilt from scratch. Now after 16 years, the house is worth $8m+, based on many recent secondary sales. But time-value appreciation for landed (esp semi-Ds) won't be as mercurial as condos - and that's a fact. Condo prices rise much more quickly, but fall just as quickly (only for prime district). OCR, outskirts and especially 99 LH condos in outer areas are rather slow to lack-lusture, as they are not deemed to be as 'attractive' to the foreign investors. These groups usually only seek out D9/10/11 condos mainly.