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  1. Hi Everyone! It's been a while since our last promotion and here's a 9.9 Shopee Promo Day. BUY ONE GET ONE FREE Only for today - 9th Sept on Shopee https://shopee.sg/maznitro Cheers!
  2. Dear all, We will be having a 99 cents sachet promotion on Shopee today from 6pm as our new Shopee shop launch! While stocks last! https://shopee.sg/MAZ-Nitro-Fuel-Additive-Gasoline-Petrol-Bundles-i.136244915.2065557840
  3. Hi everyone! We seldom have discounts and when we do, you know its going to be a good one! To celebrate our Nation's 53rd birthday, and also our milestones achieved with Puma Energy, Australia. Here's a 53% discount on all our products and with FREE DELIVERY! Limited time only. Do hurry and stock up now! http://www.maznitro.com/shop/28-53-ndp-sale SaveSave Hi Jamesgoh82, My apologies for missing out your reply. No, MAZ Nitro will not harm any part of your engine. Also, our product will instead protect your engine and prolong the engine parts. FC is based on individual's driving style and traffic patterns. It will be quite difficult for me to tell you if your FC will increase or decrease, as some users and SgCarMart reported a fuel savings of 18%, but some did not have any fuel savings at all. Only smoother and more powerful ride. There is a 53% discount right now, do try out! http://www.maznitro.com/shop/28-53-ndp-sale Thank you for the update, Buadongdong!
  4. Hi Raikko, I've just checked with AA and NRIC will do as they have a record of your membership in their system.
  5. Try not to rev and see if your FC will be better? Usually we rev our engines once every 2 weeks, won't recommend everyday as it will affect your fuel consumption. Cheers, MAZ Nitro
  6. Hi Buadongdong, Thank you for the feedback! Could you please try to rev your engine once a while to get rid of the carbon deposits? Few of our customers told us they will rev their engines during the first few treatments to get rid of the carbon deposits. Best regards, MAZ Nitro
  7. Hi Lmws214, Sure. Please do note that we will provide you the empty bottle but you will have to fill it in yourself. Will advise you to fill in one bottle just before using as the bottle cap is not fully sealed and will cause vaporization of the product. Which is also one of the reasons we decided to change to sachet packaging. Do drop me a PM or email us at admin@maznitro.com on your order details. Thank you Hi again buadongdong, Thank you so much for your support. We really hope it will help your new car! Do kindly keep us updated even though if it doesn’t work out for you. We need all good and bad feedback to further improve on our service and most importantly, our product. Thank you as always.
  8. Hi Solar, Once the 6 treatments are completed, you can just use it as and when you feel the power is back to normal. Here are some of the photos that we took in a high mileage diesel vehicle (Singapore), before and after MAZ Nitro Treatment.
  9. Hi Lmws214, Thank you for your feedback. We offer small bottles for motorcyclist to pour the sachet in, as their fuel tank is small. About 5 to 10L. Do feel free to let us know if you need a bottle and we will pack it together with your order at no charge. We value all our customer feedback and we hope to implement the changes in our future packaging update. Thank you!
  10. Hi Solar, So sorry for the late reply! May I know which fuel were you using for your previous car? Did you go for the 6 consecutive treatments for your 1st time?
  11. Hi Solar, Happy Chinese New Year! MAZ Nitro is a patented Nitro-paraffins based product and multi-functional additive. 1. Promotes combustion, expel unburnt carbon deposits via combustion 2. Reduce black smoke emissions by more than 50% (VICOM report) and other harmful emissions such as CO and PM 3. Coat the engine parts with a unique molecular film for protection 4. Reduce fuel consumption and quieter, smoother engine We are unsure on Techron Concentrate, perhaps you would like to read more about their product here: https://www.caltex.com/sg/motorists/products-and-services/techron-concentrate-plus.html Hope you will be able to give MAZ Nitro a try! Thank you and happy holidays!
  12. Hi Ecneret_eel, Yes, that's right. 1 qty = 1 box = 3 sachets for 3 full tank treatments. Thank you for your support! Do kindly note that our office will close from 15th Feb to 19th Feb. Wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year!
  13. Do kindly note that 1st treatment is usually 6 consecutive tanks. And rev now and then to clear the carbon deposits out, but this will affect your fuel consumption. Hope to hear your updates soon!
  14. Oh dear! So sorry to hear that. Does the stopper have any holes at the sides? Usually they will have some holes to prevent pressure buildup and you can try to pour through the gaps/holes. Or you could purchase funnels specially meant for automobiles from us at $2.50 per piece. http://www.maznitro.com/shop/home/21-slanted-funnel.html Wishing you and all the members here a very happy new year!
  15. Hi Lmws214, Yes, certainly suitable for hybrid vehicles. Will suggest you to use the 70ml for your 1st treatment. Use consecutive 6 treatments of 70ml. Subsequently, you can use anytime when you think the engine is back to normal. For maintenance, you can use 50ml if your car fuel tank is below 50L, and 70ml if your fuel tank is below 70L. Do let us know if there are any enquiries! Thank you.