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Found 7 results

  1. Coronavirus cleanliness could be damaging your steering wheel Alcohol-based hand sanitisers can be very hard on leather. 2020 isn’t an easy year for anyone. COVID-19 has changed virtually every aspect of life for people around the world. As we try to mitigate the spread of coronavirus, keeping our hands clean has become a key activity we engage in daily. But the hand sanitisers we use could also have a detrimental effect on the trim in the vehicles we love, specifically with regards to steering wheels. That point is explained in this video from Craft Customs, a Texas company that specialises in custom steering wheels and other interior components. Many factory-original steering wheels are wrapped in leather, and while they generally feature automotive grade leather with a special top coat for protection, alcohol and petroleum-based products can break down that protective coat very quickly. Pretty much every kind of hand sanitiser is based on alcohol, and with hand sanitizer being used feverishly these days, well, you get the idea. The video includes a short demonstration of how alcohol and petroleum-based products can affect leather. A piece of automotive-grade leather is hit with hand sanitiser, rubbing alcohol, and since the vast majority of motorists still have cars with internal combustion engines, petrol is also thrown into the mix. For this presentation, straight rubbing alcohol does the quickest damage and though it’s hard to see on camera, a softening of the leather and loss of the protective coat occurs within seconds. It starts with the leather getting sticky, and once the coating compromised, the leather is easily damaged. We can see the leather flaking off as the video host runs his fingernail over the compromised section. Since other products are mixed in with hand sanitiser, the damage is a bit slower but it still happens in a very short amount of time. If you’re grabbing your steering wheel with hands still damp from the sanitiser, you could well be causing harm. Suffice it to say, you probably shouldn’t be slathering the wheel with it. The video recommends thoroughly cleaning the interior just a couple of times a year, but since it was posted pre-coronavirus, that might not be the best advice today. The video does recommend a simple mix of soap and water to keep the leather clean without causing damage, and it also recommends leather conditioners that don’t have a silicone or petroleum base. https://shopee.sg/MEGUIAR'S-RICH-LEATHER-SPRAY-G10916-AND-EDGELESS-MICROFIBER-i.92935577.1582174839 https://shopee.sg/Lexol-Spray-Leather-Conditioner-500ml-(genuine-Leather-Chair-Special-Care)-i.191408058.3605073162
  2. DonChang79

    Carbon Steering

    Recently saw my friend car install this sterling.. Look nice.. Still considering want to change it or not.. What your comment?
  3. Please look at the pictures, it's for Merc. AMG logo trim, how much is it?
  4. I have tried to search for similar issue in this forum, but couldn't find any. So I decide to start a new thread, hope someone can advice me. The issue with my 2009 Kia Cerato Forte steering wheel is when travelling at highway speed (eg. 100km/h), whenever i need to make a slight adjustment to the steering wheel (eg. 5 degrees to the right), the steering wheel seems to stuck, and I need to use a bit of strengthen to turn it. This has nothing to do with the steering wheel getting heavier at higher speed. I don't encounter the same issue when travelling at low speed. I think my car's steering wheel is electric powered, as when I open the bonnet, I don't see steering fluid reservoir. Anyone has any idea what's wrong with the steering wheel on my car?
  5. Lycanthrope

    Changing of steering wheel

    Hi guys ... Is it possible to swap a non multi function steering wheel to one with multi function type.. from this type of steering wheel : http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=735685&DL=1000 to use this type of steering wheel https://www.ebay.com/itm/232115494956?ul_noapp=true
  6. My Kia cerato is giving a humming sound whenever the steering wheel turns, sound like hmmmm. Changed power steering fluid but the noise persists, no leakage no CEL. The power steering is hydraulic, no problem with turning, and can hear the fluid flowing sounds too. What could be the issue?
  7. SYF77

    Lost Cruze control

    [extract] Following an incident on 1 March 2011, when a 2011 Chevrolet Cruze