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Found 15 results

  1. 92 children in China burned by TCM treatment gone wrong https://www.asiaone.com/china/92-children-china-burned-tcm-treatment-gone-wrong A hospital in Jiangxi, China, has recently suspended a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) therapy after 92 children suffered from burns after receiving the treatment. Known as sanfutie (三伏贴), the treatment usually involves applying medicated patches on various acupuncture points on the patient's back to treat illnesses. According to Chinese media, 881 children received the treatment from July 12 to 13. With Jiangxi Provincial Hospital's reputation as a trustworthy and top-tier medical facility, the therapy was highly anticipated by parents, said a mother, Wu Meng (pseudonym), whose daughter and son received the treatment. 10 minutes after application of sanfutie, however, her daughter "could not bear it any longer and ripped off the medicinal patch," she said. Meanwhile, her son bore the brunt of the effects of the treatment which lasted for two hours. By night time, his skin started to turn red. The boy cried constantly, was unable to eat and maintained a high fever for 20 hours, Wu told Red Star News. According to investigations, the reason behind the children's adverse skin reactions to the TCM treatment was a change in the formula of the herbal paste that was used. Young ginger was replaced with old ginger and the alcohol concentration of the paste was increased from 56° to 62°. Hospital staff had believed that the new formula would be more effective. Instead, the 'improved' formula saw children suffering adverse skin reactions, ranging from redness and swelling of the skin, blisters, broken skin, to burns. Parents have appealed to the hospital to conduct an examination to prove that the treatment has no toxic side effects, and publish the components of the herbal paste, so as to reveal whether it contained any harmful ingredients. They also asked that the hospital allow affected children to stay at the hospital for treatment, as well as provide appropriate compensation. Meanwhile, the Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Provincial Health Commission has instructed the hospital to dismiss the staff responsible for the incident and also provide sufficient follow-up treatment for the affected children. Such an incident is not the first of its kind. Red Star News reporters have discovered that many hospitals in Guangdong, Shandong, Henan, and other places have promoted sanfutie treatment. Patients who underwent the treatment at said hospitals also suffered from burns. wongxuemin@asiaone.com
  2. Mediacorp version of “安心偷情”? They say the conversation was done in jest. Ian Fang and Carrie Wong have been sliding into each other’s DMs. Screengrabs of a private Instagram conversation between the two stars have been leaked and its contents, which contain coarse language and sexual innuendos, are eye-opening, to say the least. (Scroll down to read the DMs.) It is not known who leaked the messages but both stars have confirmed the veracity of the conversation, which we hear happened in February. What makes this news shocking is that Carrie just went public with her relationship with her Taiwanese beau Boris Lin on Valentine’s Day in February while Ian has long been rumoured to be dating Rebecca Lim. Carrie and Ian, who say they are not in a relationship with each other, have each released statements in which they clarify that what transpired between the two of them was written in jest and so should not be taken seriously. Ian wrote: “With regards to a private conversation between me and my good friend Carrie Wong that’s been circulating online, I’m very shocked. For this, I want to apologise to everyone for my inappropriate behaviour. Carrie and I are such good friends that there is nothing we can’t say to each other. I admit that the language we used was vulgar and inappropriate and I apologise for that. I also feel bad for those who have read the messages. As a public figure, I will pay more attention to my actions in the future." In her statement, Carrie said: “Ian and I have been good friends for many years, and we don’t put too much thought into what we say to each other. The indecent language we used in our private conversation has caused a lot of unnecessary worry and hurt to everyone, and I’m deeply regretful for causing that. I’ve been reflecting a lot on my actions after the incident and I take responsibility for my inappropriate language. I am also grateful to my boyfriend for his trust and I want to offer my deepest apologies to everyone.” Ivy Low, head of Mediacorp’s The Celebrity Agency, has also a released a statement: “The conversation, as we understand it, was a private exchange conducted in jest. However, it was distasteful and inappropriate. The parties involved are deeply embarrassed and have no doubt, taken away many lessons from this unfortunate incident. We expect our artistes, being public figures, to conduct themselves professionally and appropriately at all times.” Scroll down to read some of the DMs which 8days.sg has translated into English. DM 1/4 Carrie: “Hahaha” Carrie: “I’ll miss it.” Carrie: “Are you going to give it?” Ian: “If I didn’t want anything I wouldn’t disturb you.” Ian: “Silly or not?” Ian: “It’s so comfortable sleeping with you.” Ian: “Can doze off so easily.” Ian: “Hahahahahaha” Carrie: “Really…” Carrie: “Falling asleep fast…” Carrie: “Doesn’t take more than one… (the message is blocked)” Ian: “I’m looking forward to the next time.” Carrie: “You can at least… (the message is blocked)” Ian: “Oh” DM 2/4 Carrie: “You gave me such a cute teeheee.” Carrie: “I can only smile to myself.” Ian: “Damn.” Ian: “What are you doing now?” Carrie: “I’ve got a meeting tomorrow, and a lot of other stuff.” Carrie: “I still haven’t received [the scripts] to 10 episodes.” Ian: “So busy.” Ian: “What time will you reach the office tomorrow?” Ian: “If there’s fate, let’s ****.” Ian: “I mean let’s kiss.” Ian: “Hahahahahahahah.” Carrie: “10am meeting, I’ll probably reach at 9am.” DM 3/4 Carrie: “In what way do you mean?” Ian: “Spiritually, physically.” Carrie: “I can spiritually haha. Carrie: “I’ve had to bear with it for so many years.” Ian: “What about physically?” Carrie: “Please don’t leave a bruise.” Ian: “Haha, you little idiot.” Ian: “I’ll try.” Ian: “I plant more strawberries.” (‘Strawberries’ is Taiwanese slang for ‘lovebites’.) Carrie: “If you cause me pain again, I will really bite you back.” DM 4/4 Ian: “Of course you have much better qualities than she does, the last time I was talking to her, I was thinking to myself, how much I missed you. So… that’s four years ago.” Carrie: “You have so many times. I don’t know which time” Carrie: “Oh god.” Carrie: “Before I could read the full message, I only saw, “Of course you have much better qualities than she does, she and I have….” Ian: “Hahahahahahahahaha” Ian: “Stupid or what.” Carrie: “I’m only stupid when I’m with you.” Ian: “My god. Then it means I’m causing you harm. Such an outstanding, pretty girl.” Carrie: “The most outstanding and the prettiest.” Carrie: “Hahahahahaha” Carrie: “Good that you know that.”
  3. rarely see a founder quit and sell all the shares.
  4. as we all know, they can no longer be the queens of mediacorp. its a matter of time of when they will be relegated to the B list. if you are the big shot in mediacorp, who will you groom to be their successor?
  5. Saw this on MCF FaceBook. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152190776063501&set=a.10150637514323501.414234.772253500&type=1&relevant_count=1 Josiah Wong While driving a truck along SLE today a Traffic Police car cut into my lane suddenly and step on the brake multiple times. The car then drove away and a few minutes later, appear in front of me again. Turned on its siren and direct me to stop at the side of the expressway. Policemen: where's your driving license and ic Me: *passed him the license and ic Policemen: why are you speeding? Me: I'm not speeding. Policemen: what's your speed just now? I'm sure you're speeding Me: I'm driving at 70km/h the most and I did not speed. Policemen: yes, you did! Me: I did not, show me the evidence then. Policemen: never mind, why did you over take from the left after Yio Chu Kang exit? Me: I did not. I was just keeping to my lane. Policemen: yes, you did. I saw it with my eyes. Me: I did not, you can charge me if you have evidence of it. Policemen: it's ok, I will give you a chance. I will issue you a ticket for not keeping to the left lane and why didn't you put a P plate? Me: hello, open your eyes and look at the date. Policemen: ok, I will still issue you a ticket. So this is how traffic police work? Purposely finding fault and pushing the blame? When they have nothing else to catch, they give this kind of stupid reason to fault you. Look people, this is how Traffic Police in Singapore work.
  6. Picanto

    Mi Xue and Fann Wong

    as we all know, both actresses are past their prime. but Mi Xue still looks so stunning despite her age. She is already 54 this year. as for fann, she still looks good although she is close to 40. is fann wong the next "HK" Mi Xue?
  7. Piyopico

    Wong Can't Sing

    SINGAPORE: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has appointed Mr Wong Kan Seng as special advisor for economic co-operation. A statement from the Prime Minister's Office said Mr Wong will advise the prime minister on Singapore's economic co-operation programmes with China and other Asian countries. Mr Wong has also been appointed chairman of Singbridge International Singapore Private Limited. This was announced by Singbridge, a company wholly owned by Temasek Holdings which invests in and manages integrated projects in cities such as Guangzhou, Tianjin, Suzhou and Bangalore. Singbridge projects include the Guangzhou Knowledge City project, the Suzhou Industrial Park, Tianjin Eco-City and Bangalore International IT Park. Mr Wong takes over as chairman from Mr Lim Chee Onn, who was chairman of Singbridge since it was started in 2009. From October 1, Mr Lim will be senior international advisor to Singbridge. - CNA/cc Heh heh heh............. Give up!
  8. This fumbling minister not shy. Still dare to talk big. Singapore Home > Breaking News > Singapore > Story Mar 24, 2011 DPM Wong Kan Seng fires salvo at the opposition DEPUTY Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng fired a salvo at opposition parties on Wednesday. He argued that the opposition was wanting to capture a GRC for the wrong reasons. 'Some say they are doing it for party renewal, some want to be the first ones to do so, but what is the election about? Is it about the ambitions of a political party or individuals to make history?' said Mr Wong, who is also Coordinating Minister for National Security, and an MP in Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC. He was referring to comments made by opposition leaders Low Thia Khiang of the Workers' Party and Chiam See Tong of the Singapore People's Party in recent weeks on their plans to possibly contest in a GRC. He urged voters to back the stronger team that can serve them better, and not simply for the sake of having more opposition, especially at a time of global uncertainty when Singapore must keep pace or risk being left behind. He noted that Parliament will have at least nine opposition MPs after the next election under the Non-Constituency MP scheme even if they are not elected. Mr Wong was speaking at a media conference held on Wednesday to introduce three new candidates for the People's Action Party at the party's headquarters in Bedok. They are Ms Foo Mee Har, 45, Standard Chartered's global head of premium banking, Mr Steve Tan Peng Hoe, 38, executive secretary of Young NTUC, and Mr Desmond Lee Ti-Seng, 35, associate director in the legal and regulations department of Temasek Holdings, the government's investment arm.
  9. Genie47

    Elizabeth Wong

    For those who don't know, she is the Malaysian opposition PKR member who got slimed. Anwar is talking about a smear campaign launched by BN. I just received the said pictures that were circulating around. All I can say after seeing them is.......SHE'S DAMN HOT! SCORCHING!
  10. SINGAPORE: Officers from Singapore's Home Team are reminded that mistakes must be addressed and not swept under the carpet. Speaking at his Ministry's National Day observance ceremony on Thursday, Deputy Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng said officers must take ownership and account for their mistakes. His call came in the wake of incidents involving the Home Affairs Ministry which have brought about public scrutiny. These include the escape of Jemaah Islamiyah leader, Mas Selamat Kastari, from Whitley Road Detention Centre earlier this year. Mr Wong said: "Some of you may be concerned that you would be penalised harshly if you make a mistake, so much so that your focus is on avoiding mistakes, rather than in making positive arrests and detections. I do appreciate and understand your concerns. Let me assure all Home Team officers that we will always observe the need for pragmatic balance in all that we do. "But I also assure you that how the officers responsible will be taken to task will always be fair and just. Commanders will ultimately be liable and assessed on the quality of their leadership as reflected in the performance of their officers, as well as the manner in which they address problems and adversity." On a separate note, several public-spirited citizens were commended on Thursday for their role in preventing crime. Mr Wong said there was a marginal one per cent increase in crime cases for the first half of the year. Housebreaking and related crimes dipped by 22 per cent this year, compared to the same period in 2007. "While fire calls have increased fractionally, the number of fires within residential premises fell. Fires involving household contents and unattended cooking fell by 23 per cent and 3 per cent respectively. "Civil Defence Force's preventive education efforts, together with the National Fire and Emergency Preparedness Council and its community partners, seem to have paid off. Equally encouraging is the 11 per cent fall in fires involving non-residential buildings, including commercial and industrial premises," he said. The drug abuse situation in Singapore has also seen an improvement. But Mr Wong said the Central Narcotics Bureau needs to keep an eye on inhalant abuse, especially among the youths in school
  11. Friendstar

    Because Wong Can't Sing says so

    There are several simple reasons why many Singaporean employers are reluctant to give their maids a day off. You see, if the maid runs away, the government will fine the employer $5,000. If the maid commits a crime such as shoplifting, the government will fine the employer $5,000. If the maid is caught having sex with someone, the government will fine the employer $5,000. If the maid gets pregnant, the government will also fine the employer $5,000. If you didn't know any of the above, then either you do not employ a maid, or you didn't read the small print of the Manpower Ministry's work permit conditions. Many employers are afraid that if their maid has a day off and gets into trouble, the employer will not only have to solve the trouble, but also have to fork out $5,000 as a free gift to the government. Intuitively, this smacks of gross unfairness. The employer gets punished not for something he did, but for something that somebody else (the maid) did. Furthermore, once the maid leaves the employer's residence, the employer has no way of monitoring where the maid goes and what she does there. We may draw a curious parallel with Mas Selamat's escape, and PM Lee's determined, if muddled, defence of Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng in Parliament. Mas Selamat ran away. But PM Lee said that Wong Kan Seng was not at fault and should not be punished in any way. The reason being that Wong Kan Seng personally did not do anything which allowed Mas Selamat to escape. Strangely, if your maid runs away, it IS your fault and you SHOULD be punished. Even if you did not personally do anything to let her run away (apart from giving her a day off). Similarly, if your maid becomes pregnant, it IS your fault and you SHOULD be punished. Even if you did not personally do anything to make her pregnant. Oh well. What can I say? Maids are not terrorists. But then you are not Wong Kan Seng. So the rules remain stacked against you. Wong Kan Seng gets off lightly, but you won't. Even if his lapse has far greater, and graver, implications than yours. Your runaway maid wouldn't blow up Changi Airport, would she?
  12. All fellow citizen, let do a poll...How many of us think the tax money that we paid should go to another person...instead of someone that now keep saying ''it a honest mistake''....Let vote
  13. All my chevy kakis and associate members, Clubbing this week at madam wongs ! Interested ? Namelist so far 1) Genew 2) Bela 3) AJ 4) Aveo05 5) 6) 7) 8)
  14. Yohz brudders and sisters, the above is the confirmed date ! The previous date was pushed specially for aveo05 who has work on sat..... Eron, you buying drinks rite ? Kakis So far 1 ) Genew 2 ) Bela 3 ) AJ 4 ) N030405 5 ) Aveo05 6 ) Bleu 7 ) Looney 8 ) Nismo ?? 9 ) Kenneth 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) Any other takers ? Please PM me your contact number with your nick and name, if you want to link up ! Cheerz[bounce2]