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Found 25 results

  1. Keith976

    Lenso Rims Distributor

    Does anyone know where is the location of the Lenso Rims Distributor or any shops selling Lenso Rims? Thanks!
  2. The Motor Traders Association could soon be the Minor Traders Association if the number of members keeps falling. The Motor Traders Association of Singapore (MTA) is a grouping of new car distributors and some commercial vehicle dealers. Its membership has been sliding over the years and the latest to leave its fold is Borneo Motors Singapore (BMS) - the distributor of Toyota, Lexus and Hino - leaving it with 26 members. With BMS's exit at the end of this month, Singapore's top three brands - Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Toyota, in that order - will not be part of the MTA. Critics now question how MTA can continue to be relevant. "MTA is supposed to be the voice of new car sellers. What is the point if it does not represent the majority of the industry," asked the director of a brand who left MTA a few years ago. Based on last year's total vehicle sales of 34,090 units, MTA members accounted for 46 per cent of total market share (this number is made up of 22,472 new cars, 8,128 commercial vehicles and 3,490 taxis). If BMS sales are excluded, this proportion drops to 32 per cent, or barely a third of the market. Volkswagen will then be the biggest brand left in MTA. Last year, VW was Singapore's No 4 make. BMS declined to comment when contacted. But there is speculation that its departure is largely symbolic, one that signals its displeasure with the association. "The annual membership fee is only $1,500, so it's definitely not about the money," said the head of a luxury dealership. "It is probably to make it clear that they do not see the value of MTA membership." In recent months, some complaints about the MTA included how it appears to champion the causes of only its committee members, and the inability to present members' views and appeals to the government, especially after the recent radical changes to the motor trade, such as the loan curbs and certificate of entitlement tweaks. The luxury dealership head recalled that when the vehicle financing restrictions were introduced last year in February, the Singapore Vehicles Traders Association, or SVTA, whose members are mainly used car dealers, immediately met to craft an appeal to the government. The result was the lifting of loan curbs for 60 days to allow members to clear their stocks of second-hand vehicles. But, according to the luxury dealership head, the MTA was reluctant to intercede when approached by some members for help to lobby the government to soften the impact of the loan curbs. Senior MTA committee members could not be contacted for their views. But one industry veteran defended the MTA. "To be fair, it does not have an easy time," he said, explaining that this is because MTA members have conflicting interests. "It is difficult to function as a cohesive organisation because not every brand is impacted by the same issues, such as engine output or emissions," he added. "So there is no unified voice, unlike used car dealers who do not have brand loyalty and can talk about common problems such as policy and financing as a group." Source: http://www.businesstimes.com.sg/premium/top-stories/toyota-distributor-borneo-quits-motor-traders-body-20140319
  3. PM Lee and PM Najib open Agrobazaar outlet in Singapore SINGAPORE: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong says the friendship between Singapore and Malaysia needs to be continually nurtured and tended to. Speaking at the opening of the Agrobazaar Malaysia outlet on Wednesday (Aug 27), Mr Lee said this will ensure that success will blossom along the way. The outlet, located in Sultan Gate off Beach Road, is an agricultural-based business that promotes Malaysian fruit and products to the overseas market. Mr Lee said the Agrobazaar is one example of what cooperation between Singapore and Malaysia can deliver, as both countries move their ties forward. He also said the Agrobazaar is "something more than food" and reflects the close economic ties between the two countries, as well as their shared culture and long friendship. Mr Lee also said he looks forward to deeper interactions between the people of Singapore and Malaysia in the coming years. The building of the Rapid Transit System (RTS) link between Johor Bahru and Singapore, as well as the high-speed rail between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, are expected to improve the flow of goods and people across borders. However, Mr Lee said that with such close interactions between the two countries, issues can be expected to arise from time to time. "But I believe if we keep the lines of communication open, not just between the leaders, but also between ministers and senior officials and their counterparts, then we can manage anything which comes along, and this is the way to maintain and enhance mutual understanding, trust and respect, and continue to make progress on existing as well as new areas of cooperation," Mr Lee said. Prime Minister Najib Razak also said the the Agrobazaar is a testament to the strong and enduring relationship between Singapore and Malaysia. He explained that the Agrobazaar is a launch pad for Malaysian producers to access new international markets. "Yes, we have historic cities; yes, we have idyllic beaches and of course, we have the twin towers, but our rambutan and mangosteen, and above all - durian, really pull in the crowds," he said. Mr Najib also presented Prime Minister Lee with a basket of musang king durians and an oil painting of them enjoying the fruit during Mr Lee's recent visit to Malaysia. A fifth of Malaysia's agrofood products, worth more than US$1 billion, is exported to Singapore annually. Mr Najib is confident that the numbers will grow, based on the good cooperation at the Agrobazaar. During Mr Najib's visit in Singapore, he also took the opportunity to see the Singapore Sports Hub - one of the country's newest developments. Mr Najib posted a photo on Facebook, saying "Malaysia and Singapore have always enjoyed a healthy competitive spirit when it comes to football and we just couldn't resist kicking a ball around".
  4. anyone knows? This CMI korean battery fails in 1/2 a year and I kind of forgot where i change it due to bz schedule and also lost the receipt.... Dunno if bring it back to main distributor will help or not.... Can anyone provide more details on the main distributor? Thanks!
  5. Local distributor Nature's Farm recalls health supplement for men SINGAPORE - The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) on Monday issued a health advisory, alerting members of the public against consumption of male performance enhancement drug "VIA.X For Men". Nature’s Farm Pte Ltd, the local distributor of the product, has recalled the product from the market. HSA said in a press statement that it had found "undeclared potent ingredients in the product" and is advising all consumers who may have the product to stop consuming it immediately. "VIA.X For Men" claims to contain only natural ingredients, including Red Algae Peptide Hydrolysate, Pycnogenol, L-Arginine and Zinc Gluconate. However, samples of the product were tested and found to be adulterated, containing undeclared potent ingredients of sildenafil and propoxyphenyl sildenafil. "Sildenafil is used to treat erectile dysfunction and should only be used when prescribed by a doctor. Its usage without proper medical advice and close supervision can cause serious adverse reactions such as decreased or loss of vision and hearing, low blood pressure and other cardiovascular events such as stroke and myocardial infarction," HSA said in the statement. "In addition, sildenafil is not suitable for patients with some medical conditions including certain heart problems or patients who are taking heart medications such as nitrates." Propoxyphenyl sildenafil is a chemically related compound of sildenafil. It is not approved for use as a medicinal ingredient and could cause adverse effects which are similar to those of sildenafil. HSA said that they have not received any reports of adverse reactions associated with the product. Consumers who have taken the product should seek medical attention if they are feeling unwell or concerned about their health. Members of the public can contact Nature's Farm at 6744 1865 if they have any questions regarding the voluntary recall. - See more at: http://yourhealth.asiaone.com/content/local-distributor-natures-farm-recalls-health-supplement-men#sthash.AcyO9pEk.dpuf Source: Asiaone.
  6. Sp33dst3r

    Amsoil oil distributor

    HAs anyone bought Amsoil products from Cruxoil? Their price still $15/quart. http://www.cruxoil.com/PRODUCTS.html
  7. Jetabout777

    BBS distributor

    Hi all, I was just wondering if any bros know shops that distribute BBS rims at reasonable prices? In addition, any bro out there who have cars with 5 x 108 PCD that can recommend other alternatives for rims? Thanks very much. Appreciate the help in advance.
  8. Looking for Phoenix gold distributor in Singapore or any lobang that can repair my 2 channel amp
  9. Dear all, need your advice on the pro and con of installing this in our EP80.......or is this just a waste of $$
  10. Congrats to Komoco for landing the new distributorship for Ferrari. It will be very exciting to see how Komoco distributes this "everyone's dream" car. Will it mass market it at a lower premium or continue it as a niche marque? Well done
  11. Hi all Just want to share with u guys what I've encountered and hope u won't repeat the same mistake as me. At almost 5yrs' milege, my car suddenly experience engine startup difficulties. I then go change the battery (anyway its time to change) but problem don't go away. My second option was to service the throttle body. Just as i was abt to do so, engine check light turns on and off during my drive and eventually, my boost meter shows Zero bar. Immediately i suspect there is a leak. However I couldn't spot any loose hose and have no choice but to drive to the Distributor Workshop. I drive back to them because 6mths ago, they did my timming belt change. Here comes the main part of story. SA told me my throttle body may need to change and my ECU need to change. Total damage over 5k. I was shock. He mentioned, after replace with their new ECU, everything becomes okay, and later put back my ECU, engine check light turn on. I told him ECU seldom spoil, the most burnt out cannot work only mah. I then ask him how many ECU he replace b4, he said mine is the first case. I'm definately not convinced. I drove my car out to my other workshop and seek for expert's help. Then a vacuum hose was spoted hanging after a full throttle at neutral gear. The sudden high rev actually forced my semi breaking hose to totally break off and come loose. The hose was refitted and everything goes back to normal. So much for our local Distributor Workshop.
  12. Other than Leong Seng at Ubi and KBS at Sin Ming, may I know who else import or distributes VOLKS rims? Is there an agent here in SG.
  13. anyone knows where minitoons got their supplies from?
  14. Hey guys , do u know whether is there any distributor in Singapore. I damaged one of my rims badly. Its beyond repaired. So thought of changing just one rims to save cost. Thanks. Kindly provide the information.
  15. when you buy a car in singapore, do you really know how much you're paying the actual car manufacturer/distributor and how much goes to the government, even without COE? http://www.onemotoring.com.sg/publish/onem...Cost_Update.pdf look at the 1st item, the Alfa Romeo 159. on the road price is $133.38K. only $36K goes to the distributor. the other $97K goes to nice items such as the Custom duty and Additional Registration Fee ($40K!!!!).
  16. I am seeing some minor oil leakage from my presea's distributor. Doesn't really affect the engine oil level that much (yet). Any cheap/good ways to have it fixed? Must I change a distributor completely? My mechanic told me a new distributor is expensive and a re-con one would easily be more than $100 plus. Don't really trust my mechanic now after spending so much money on changing parts which didn't solved my problem completely.
  17. Tomlankf

    HRS Rims distributor

    Can someone tell me who is the distributor for HRS rims
  18. My friend's 1990 German made continental car could not start yesterday morning. When he got it towed to the authorised distributor's workshop, he was told that he had to leave his car there and wait at least 2 weeks for the spare parts to arrive from Germany What is the point of paying a premium to purchase from an authorised distributor then?
  19. I was told that NTUC has this Comprehensive policy that allows drivers to go back to Distributor workshop for repairs. Unlike in the past, drivers are limited to their authorised workshop for repairs. Anyone has any experiences with this policy?
  20. Hi Bros, Can anyone tell me who is the distributor for Alpine systems in SG?
  21. Koolaba

    Distributor for OWS Engine Oil

    Hi all, Sharing some information on a possible source which we can get OWS Engine Oil at a cheaper price. OWS Singapore 50 Tangore Lane #01-04, Markono Distr. Centre Singapore 787492 Tel: (65) 6452 3209 Fax: (65) 6452 0586 Mobile: 9738 3457 http://www.ows-germany.com/contact.html Other than CAG, Riverview in AMK sells the oil too. Read more about the pricing and reviews of the OWS oil. http://www.toyotaclubsg.com/nuke/modules.p...5&highlight=ows
  22. Very crazy over rims from this brand. Anyone knows if there is a distributor for Work in Singapore or if there is a shop that carries a lot of rims from this company ? Think I will change for this brand ... for my FD 2.0si.
  23. Msrossi46

    New found Alfa Romeo Distributor

    Hey all, I went down to look at Alfa Romeo at Jalan Kelulut. Its an authorized dealer for AR cars. place look so cool and cozy. The guy around was real nice and friendly. Like not walking into a showroom. More like walking into a boutique of your favourite fashion brand. feel like home kind of thing. you guys should check it out. It's Pretazi'One Automobile. can find the add in any euroautomobile ad. Tell me if you have more info on this while i go for more 'adventure'. cherios!
  24. Check this out. I am really surprised at the outcome. A WOMAN who took BMW distributor Performance Motors to court over a manufacturing defect that made her BMW 728iA overheat won her case in the High Court yesterday. Madam Florence Wee, 44, wanted to return the car to the distributor and get a full refund; or alternatively, damages. The court said she should get damages but ruled that she was not entitled to a full refund. It is rare for such cases to get this far, said her lawyer, Mr Leslie Phua, as such cases are usually settled out of court. Madam Wee, the general manager of an advertising agency, had bought the car for $289,000 in November 1997. She said its cooling system was already defective when she bought it. She sued the company last year. By June 1999, the engine was losing coolant very quickly and every so often the 'check coolant level' indicator would come on. In August 2001, the car overheated while she was driving. She said she had driven it for only three months that year and it was in the workshop the rest of the time. She said she repeatedly asked for the car to be fixed. But even changing the entire engine block did not solve the problem. So she has kept it parked at home since last February. Yesterday, Justice Woo Bih Li ruled that Performance Motors will have to pay damages to Madam Wee. The amount will be assessed later. But he also said it was 'not right' for Madam Wee to return the car and get a full refund when the car had been used for 1 1/2 years before the problem surfaced and had been in two accidents. The judge said he was not convinced by Performance Motors' expert witness, who said the defects resulted from a power surge when the car got into its second accident in May 1999. 'In my view, the car was not of satisfactory quality,' he said. Afterwards, a beaming Madam Wee said she was relieved the case was over. 'I've not encountered such a problem since I started driving at age 18,' she said. She now drives her Subaru Forrester or Nissan Cefiro. 'I will probably scrap the BMW, because it's not safe to drive such an unroadworthy car on the road,' she said, adding she knew of two other BMW 7-series owners who had experienced similar problems with the car. But Performance Motors' Michael Goode, the general manager in charge of after-sales service, said: 'We've never had a problem quite like this one. 'When customers ask us to look at overheating problems, we've been able to resolve them quickly.' In a statement, the company said it was 'pleased to note' that the court decided that Madam Wee was not entitled to reject the car and get a full refund. It had tried to resolve the matter amicably, it said, but unfortunately the parties could not agree. Performance Motors said it had not decided if it would appeal the decision.
  25. will they or they wont?