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  1. Bentwy

    AMSOIL rocks!

    Been using amsoil wt30 for 120,000km and past 4 years now. No problems whatsoever. The Engine is hardly the thing that gives problem nowadays. Get good oil (not expensive please!) and change every 10K is more than enough. Save the money and spend on wear and tear items better.
  2. Bentwy

    Icanbook.com.sg <- Anyone experienced with this?

    Eh. Remember this is Singapore. The $300 million is not meant for building facilities for YOU and I. Only the sports elite. You not elite. Please queue and grab at 7am. I play badminton every tuesday night at 9PM. because anything ealier is really tough to get.
  3. Bentwy

    Vui Kong's Family Kneeling in Front of Istana

    You can't just transfer a couple of hundred mils into your account through internet transfer or through a banker dude. These are national soveriegn funds. People are in the know but just don't ask questions. I'm i'm not talking about private banking here. Like I said reported but not denied.
  4. Bentwy

    Vui Kong's Family Kneeling in Front of Istana

    Hmm. you really need to delve deeper into the darker world of international politics bro. I'm no conspiracy theorist. But there are too many reports of drug money in our banks dude. And these reports have never been denied.
  5. Bentwy

    Vui Kong's Family Kneeling in Front of Istana

    im not talking about jurisdiction. I'm talking about principles. Of course we can't stop the druglords! oh God forbid if they are stopped! But do we have to be associated with them and sleeping on the same bed?
  6. Bentwy

    Vui Kong's Family Kneeling in Front of Istana

    my real point is this. Are we hanging the mule because of principles? The Principle that drugs are delibatating and it's illegal use should be eradicated? We are not a principled society. Simply pragmatic. We need the $$ however dirty but will do without the mules because they will cause us indirect $$ cleaning up after drug takers. So our real stand is - please produce drugs if it benefits us economically, but please export it elsewhere. So HANG THEM ALL eh? Sounds fun.
  7. Bentwy

    Vui Kong's Family Kneeling in Front of Istana

    Myanmar is the 2nd largest exporter of heroin. burmese "national" firms have $$ parked with us. They scratch our backs, we scratch their balls. We happy they happy. We hang their mules. But what's a mule in the face of international diplomacy and goodwill to mankind, especially mankind with losts of $$$.
  8. Bentwy

    Vui Kong's Family Kneeling in Front of Istana

    really? we have nothing to do with drug money? Money in our banks So damn brazen. Don't even need a swiss bank cover when we prostitute ourselves like that.
  9. Bentwy

    Vui Kong's Family Kneeling in Front of Istana

    Funny. We hang the mules, but educate for free the children of those whom WE KNOW close a blind eye to trafficking or even have a cut in its export. And here we cry HOLY HOLY are we. HANG THEM ALL! Farking ignorant in my humblest opinion.
  10. thank you for clarifying. It is interesting to read your thoughts. I do believe it's a chicken/egg question. When did the ultra pragmatism seep into Singaporean society? I think it's a combination of cultural disposition (reaad: Chinese) and governance. I do not think our leaders are products of us as much we are products of their policies. Also, if leadership cannot rise above the stereotypically selfish/greedy, then what kind of leaders are those?
  11. Also, you assumed that nothing will change even if the de-facto political party is challenged. That is self-defeatist. The Pol pots and Hitlers of the world would still be in power if the general populace rolled over like you. Of course you would say that PAP is not a Pol Pot, but the idea of change remains the same. What the PAP needs is a challenge. The aloofness comes from a sense of misplaced invincibility. Take away a man's iron rice bowl, give him competition, or the chance of losing his job, he will think creatively on how to keep it. The problem now is we are so bought into this one-party system, that we assume it works the best. That mentality may very well be reason we decline in years to come.
  12. so the government is not to be held responsible for it's policies and the direction it sets society to be? you are right that society is larger than the government, but Singapore is almost a 100% state engineered society. There is not a single aspect of your life that is not determined or at least influenced by the State. There are no bad soldiers, only bad leaders. Have you heard of any war that was lost or won by a courageous soldier? But have you heard of wars lost because of distanced, unrealistic, elitist leaders? Of course, you could easily just say "what can you bentwy do about it"? I would hold leaders responsible through my vote, through the things I say, and how I behave and how I volunteer my time. And I would stop finding excuses for leaders who ought to be truer to their original calling, and to be less self-serving.
  13. seems to me you have the same "act of god" mentality. if there's injustice and problems, just roll over and play dead yes?
  14. Bentwy

    Help Solve this Maths

    honestly, I would just count the number of marbles . If this kind of math trains the mind for exam papers, than exam papers are too far from problems in reality.
  15. Bentwy

    Sad story of the embassy hit n run victim

    straits times/mediacorp + diplomat's vehicle = X X will likely be a highly elusive truth.