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  1. Koolaba

    Skoda's new Superb estate is faster than a Honda NSX

    Check with this importer. https://www.facebook.com/ezyautozone
  2. Please send me a PM on the full details of SC?82? with your asking price. Thanks.
  3. Koolaba

    Renault Fluence 1.5 dci

    Yes, I have tried the Euro 5 diesel at Smart Energy and also Union (Toh Guan CNG station). The latter is retailing diesel at 70 ct/l. All stations by Smart Energy and Union are licensed by NEA. The fuel is stored in underground tanks. I have been refuelling from either stations for the last 30k km. No issues. Make sure you change the diesel fuel filter regularly, say at 30,000km mark.
  4. Koolaba

    Which Car would you buy and why?

    If you are open the option of self-importing your own diesel car from the UK, there are more viable options than the Renaults, Citroen, Peugeot we have here. Anyway, my diesel is not from the French stable.
  5. Koolaba

    Which Car would you buy and why?

    As you have correctly mentioned, all our kiosks are currently selling Euro 5 diesel. Recently, CNG stations, C-nergy (Union Gas) & Smart Energy, have also started selling Euro 5 diesel at around $0.77/l. This is a $1/l price differential compared to RON95 petrol. Assuming the ownership of a 1.5l turbodiesel Renault, your annual mileage of 35,000 km, savings at every refuel visit will result in net savings after factoring in the diesel annual tax (which makes it $600 dearer per year in road tax compared to an equivalent 1.5l petrol). I will not address allegations on the DPF issues surrounding Euro 5 diesel engines openly, as I have not encountered any of these issues in my ownership experience. I would like to take reference from local taxi operators: 1. Consider this, if Renault diesels are that problematic, why would Union Gas be investing so much in Renault Latitude to replace their ageing fleet? On the reliability of Renault 1.5l turbodiesel engines, apart from the existing pool of Renault diesel car owners, you may also want to check out owners of Nissan NV200, whose vans are powered by the same Renault 1.5l turbodiesel engine. (For that matter, the Nissan Qashqai 1.2t is supplied by Renault too. Check the "Renault" markings on the ignition cable if you happen to pop open the bonnet of a 1.2t Qashqai). 2. The Toyota petrol hybrids are dearer to purchase than the Renault diesels in the first place. Taking reference from ComfortDelgro which evaluated 2 units of Toyota Camry hybrid and Toyota Prius (Gen 3), why is the current fleet constituted by Hyundai i40 turbodiesels if Euro 5 diesel technology cannot afford the reliability and economies of operation? Good luck in the car hunt.
  6. Koolaba

    Which Car would you buy and why?

    As a current conti Euro 5 diesel car owner for the last 5 yrs averaging 43,000km/yr with a consistent fuel consumption of 19-20km/l, I would say some comments offered in this discussion thread are not qualified. If you would like an objective sharing of my personal experience, feel free to drop me a PM.
  7. Koolaba

    Help on Workshop Needed

    Yes, Bee Leong @ Kaki Bukit
  8. Koolaba

    Help on Workshop Needed

    I have not experienced this problem on our Superb (which has been consigned to scrap recently). Contact: Bee LEong Motorworks Clarity Motor Workshop
  9. Koolaba

    Will u buy Diesel or Petrol Cars in SG

    The current max. allowable sulphur content in Singapore and Malaysia petrol is 500ppm (Euro 2 standard). The use of Euro 2 petrol on petrol engines meeting Euro 4 and Euro 5 standards is sub-optimal. 1Inspect the tail pipes of such cars featuring direct ignition technology (e.g. Mercedes' CGI, VW's TSI), it is not difficult to spot black soot accumulated at the periphery of the tail pipe. The culprit: the by-product arising from the combustion of fuels with sulphur content above 50ppm (Euro 4 standard).
  10. Koolaba

    Dekitting my car - Skoda Superb

    Nope, residing at the north now.
  11. Koolaba

    Dekitting my car - Skoda Superb

    Why can't any Euro V diesel car travel in Malaysia? 1. Top up your tank full before crossing the border. 2. Top up another 20L worth of SG diesel & load it in the trunk. Most petrol kiosks stock 20L fuel container & funnel with incorporated strainer. 20L of diesel should be good for at least another 300km, based on an assumed FC of 15km/l.
  12. Koolaba

    Dekitting my car - Skoda Superb

    Still reading the posts, although I am a lot less active in this forum now. Wow, you changed to another car since we last met. My TDI is still serving me like a workhorse. Probably the Superb II which has raked the highest mileage, currently at 98,000km.
  13. The Q7 TDI is Euro 6. Adblue has been available here since the adoption of Euro 4 diesel standards. Some large cc Euro 4 commercial vehicles require Adblue.
  14. You will require AdBlue if it is a Euro 6 diesel model. Not all Euro 4, Euro 5 models require AdBlue. In any case, SMRT already operates a fleet of Mercedes Benz OC500LE Euro 5 buses which require AdBlue top-ups. Availability is not an issue. Local fuel suppliers are already supplying AdBlue. http://www.mecpec.com.sg/products.php