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  1. Banks or FI will only disbursed the loan when the vehicle is transferred. So no issues if the vehicle is not transferred, no liability for the new owner if its on full loan.
  2. Don't top up. Prices probably are coming down next rd.
  3. Dilemma

    VES 2018

    I'm replying to the post saying if u are offered a 10k ves rebate. Your eyes got problem.
  4. Dilemma

    VES 2018

    Your parf value will minus $10k which end of the 10 year u lose $5k compared to a non rebate car.
  5. Thanks going down later. Can i confirm if this is the branch address 100 Punggol Central?
  6. Altis was just an example. I can use the example on a sienta as well. what i'm trying to say is popular cars have better resale value compared to rare make/models.
  7. Lets say both a skoda and a toyota altis were bought in 2015 at $120k. and both have the same paper value at $30k as of Oct 2019. I'm sure the quote for the car will be as follows: Toyota - $40k Skoda - Paper + 2k = $32k.
  8. Some dealers have ready buyer for altis/ vios as theres demand for PHV usage hence dealer might be able to take in at a better value compared to a Skoda of the same age. Recently i have a friend who is trying to sell his SEAT car but dealers are not willing to take in even at paper value. Scrap yards are offering $0 for the body too.
  9. 98988 is not the effective price, it is the list price. Usually they have promo at a much lower price.
  10. Both COE same amount ?
  11. It just means that their profit margin is very high. Toyota didn't have the margin coz their cars were priced competitively.
  12. Dilemma

    Car Insurance Scam??

    Bro u ok anot? the claim is from the BMW .
  13. Dilemma

    2018 Nissan Serena e-POWER

    Standard i think. Nv really nego. I think its about 30k. Should be around Dec as i'm not in a rush.
  14. Dilemma

    2018 Nissan Serena e-POWER

    Give back 8k. So the price i got was 130.8k. Pretty decent as i got the coe even with the 4k increase. 138800.