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  1. Looks like MCF interest and crowded showrooms is very accurate ..
  2. Why would car rental firms bid so high when demand for PHV is super low currently.
  3. U lag is it? already above last bid.
  4. 1 bid only can bid once.
  5. Yah my car is 1.5 years old i also kpo abit this round.
  6. Very difficult to say leh. Went to a few showrooms last weekend, it was indeed crowded.
  7. Gut feeling is that the COE might drop this round due to the current situations ( Virus, Economy .. ). But base on the number of post in this thread, seems like so much interest in this round.
  8. SARS times wad what colour? I'm only in primary sch at that time , can't remember much.
  9. Dilemma

    COE bidding - 1st round of February 2020

    If you are single then can YOLO. I dont want to leave all the liabilities for my wife and children to bear in case anything happened to me.
  10. Dilemma

    COE bidding - 1st round of February 2020

    I really doubt people will chiong in this kind of situation. For me i will hold on till there's a cure or the situation is better before committing to buy a new car.
  11. Dilemma

    COE bidding - 1st round of February 2020

    Usually follow the depre of new cars.
  12. Lawyer and Judge will say " Thank you for your contribution towards nation building".
  13. The usual is 23% at BT . So its only 1% more..
  14. Any more SPC going Reno and giving vouchers?
  15. Dilemma

    First Time Car Buyer Insurance

    Black shop alert. Is it PI or AD?