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  1. Ok noted, thanks for the advice.
  2. Hi all, need your opinions. My current ride left 10mth before scrap. Humming noise from the front passenger side, suspect is wheel bearing. I got a quote from WS, $160 include labor. Subaru Impreza 2008 model. Is it worth changing coz left with 10mths left? Thank You
  3. Mlimhs

    How is your 2016?

    That is Law of Attraction. Blessing
  4. Yes, i had my car done by them. Prices and workmanship is reasonable and good.
  5. Mlimhs

    Altruistic Liver donor benefits 16 yr old!

    This gentleman deserves our deepest respect. Not only it was a gift for another human being and all good karma will be with him forever.
  6. Haha very nice Anything for SUBARU?
  7. Mlimhs

    Parrot AR Drone

    May not be availabe in Singapore. Alternatively, you may consider Bebop 2, available soon in Singapore. http://parrot.com/usa/products/bebop2
  8. First time in history such accident can happened.
  9. Mlimhs

    Is Car Necessary in Singapore

    I need a car because i'm in sales line. Although i have delivery guy but sometimes i'm require to do delivery myself. Service is priority for my customers.
  10. Mlimhs

    Starter motor faulty

    Yes, the price has not changed. They quoted me $214 w/GST for my Subaru Impreza yesterday. Luckily i did not end up with my regular workshop that quoted $350. Can look for the lady, Ms, Yeo, very friendly and takes 1 to 1 1/2 hr to finish. Thanks for the recommendation.
  11. Mlimhs

    Highly Anticipated Movies of 2015/6

    Die die i must watch
  12. Mlimhs

    Nice English Songs/Video to share

  13. Mlimhs

    Writ of Summons from the bank

    Thanks for the advised.