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Found 9 results

  1. https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/pictures/bad-car-design-trends-2018/ my top 3: - Fake vents & air scoops - Fake exhaust tips, in which u can clearly see the actual ugly+cheap ones - Coupeovers
  2. Swingarm

    Trends aircon service.... Sux

    Been holding this issue for quite sometime.... I bought a trends portable aircon last may from carrefour.... Going towards the end of warranty, the aircon start to have problem.... The problem is that every nite, the aircon will shutdown itself due to water retention full... I need to drain the water before it can start working. So i called the customer service and they 'fixed a date' for them to come and 'service'. They need like 10 days for them to come. But on the 'servicing' day, i was not at home, so i called the technician not to come and i will called cso to arrange another day. She said that, u have cancelled the date and the next available date is 10-14 days later. I said its ok, i want the service. Meanwhile, every nite need to drain the water... When the day came, the 'technician' came and take look and said that they need to bring back to office to check... I was like "what the hack" u just come here to bring back my aircon and u need 10-14 days to do that? I kept my cool.... Then he continue, this one, need to pay cos it is servicing and servicing is not covered in warranty.... And i look at him and i told him that every 2-4weeks i wash the filter and if water full, i will drain it. Why need servicing? And the sales advise me to do the above... He told me that, aircon need to send for service 2x a yr... And again i was like what!!!!!? But still i agree and ask him how long will this take? He said 8 days... And then he went off... Cut story short... On the 8 th day, i called and ask about my aircon, the f**king cso so rude answer me like a beng, and he said that my aircon need to queue and told me that once ready will give me a call. I shouted at him and ask him to talk nicely to me... He was taken a back and apologised.. I told him, i will call again next week..... I called them again and they said that my aircon have been repaired/service and is on trial run.... Again i ask, how long will this take... He said that once done, he will call me again.... 3 days later i called and they gave a date which is 7 days later for them to send the aircon. I still accept it. When they send the aircon, i was very happy cos i've been sleeping and pespiring at the same time for the past 3 weeks plus. So i decide to on the air con and enjoy it... Few hours later, my room was flooded.... I am very angry.... I tot of going to the press So i
  3. I know this thread title sounds funny and grabs your attention! These days it is popular for motorcycles to have a pair of big saddle bags or boxes on the sides on top of the traditional box at the back. Honestly, it looks like a pair of LPC That is more common among the motorcyclists riding cruisers. I used to ride kups last time and I never notice that trend. It's new trend. I thought that enhances motorcyclist's safety if they were to fall and the side boxes can prevent the legs from being pinned by the bike. But on the other hand, I am having shivers when they lane split beside me. It looks as if they might just scratch our vehicles due to the protruding side bags...
  4. Rigval

    Some advice on driving shoes

    What are driving shoes? Some of us may think that driving shoes are those Puma Speedcats that one can purchase at those shopping mall sports stores. However, driving shoes in actual footwear terms mainly refer to soft moccasins that have little buttons of rubber or pebbled nubs on the soles and heel of the shoe instead of a single flat piece sole that we get on our shoes. These are exactly like the Tod's Driving Shoes pictured above. Now Tod's, the shoe manufacturing company is the company that has singlehandedly made this type of shoe a worldwide trend, and to his benefit one might add. However, there is a drawback to this type of shoe and I'd like to share this little detail to you readers out there. You see, the Driving shoe that we motoring enthusiasts love is as stated a very soft, flexible moccasin with nubs on the heel and the sole that are intended to help the driver work his pedals allowing him or her to heel and toe or feel every nuance of the accelerator, brake and clutch pedal due to its softness, thin soles and flexibility. It also helps the driver ensure that the finish on the heels of his work/dress shoes do not prematurely wear out from all that heel movement. However, the driving shoe does have a very weak point. It will wear out as soon as you start walking on any hard, rough surface like tarmac, concrete and even our sidewalks. Those nubs will be worn out after a long hard walk. This is especially so if you're a chubby boy like me. It is because of this shoe manufacturers LOVE selling driving shoes. Buy one and it wears out within a year or so, making the user buy a replacement soon after that. Its short lifespan is why shoe manufacturers love it so much
  5. PM Lee worried about 2 disturbing trends in Singapore By Li Xueying PM Lee worried about 2 disturbing trends in Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Wednesday identified two societal trends that worries him: A 'self-centred' Not-In-My-Backyard syndrome that has been increasingly seen among some vocal Singaporeans, and what appears to be a growing gap between Singaporeans and new immigrants. In an interview at the end of the 20th Asean Summit in Phnom Penh, he raised his concerns about these two trends, and cited the example of angry reactions to Chinese student Sun Xu who has apologised for derogatory comments about Singaporeans. While he acknowledged that the student's remarks were uncalled for, he urged Singaporeans to maintain 'a certain balance and not get worked up every time someone misspeaks'. Said Mr Lee: 'He shouldn't have made that blog post. He did. He has been chastised, he has been disciplined, he has expressed his contrition, he's sorry about it. We should have been able to move on from that and deal with it as one person who misspoke. We should not, because of one incident, make that into an issue, (to say) all immigrants are like that.' Almost one year after the watershed general election of May 7, PM Lee said a 'certain stability' in Singaporeans' mood and expectations has been restored, following changes the government has made in both its policies and the way it engages. But, he added, it would take more time, as the country worked on achieving a balance between speaking out and working together.
  6. Ahtong

    Extinct car trends

    Last time people like to paste big big stickers on their cars that said SOHC or DOHC. There was a time when many cars would have a tiger tail dangling out the boot. White used to be the colour for private Mercedes. This died almost overnight when the taxis came along.
  7. Inspired by the other thread. Let's have your predictions. My predictions would be: 1) Tear-out parking coupons. To be replaced by cashcard systems or SMS-based systems or some other new thing. 2) Paper road-tax discs. To be replaced by pure-electronic registration - if they can do it for OPC, why not for all cars? 3) Finally (this will take the longest, since they just spent money on implementing new EZ-link cashcard-based IUs and new gantries), removal of in-vehicle units and all ERP gantries, to be replaced by GPS-based road taxation.
  8. Taohuaychui

    Household Income Trends 2006

    Hi all, I have attached the Household Income Trends 2006 since there are a lot interests among forumers in where they stand. Enjoy. Household Income Trends 2006.pdf
  9. Ahliew

    Bought the auto trends

    mainly for the mcf feature. arbo i wouldnt even buy generally not a very good read, the mag