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Found 10 results

  1. Carry on from here: http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showto...p;#entry4886257 For your information, to qualify as CAB (Chao Ah Beng) cars, it must have a TURBO. Just like all the Sonatas.
  2. Please continue your Alfisti Love here.
  3. Continue from here. http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showto...640&st=1680
  4. Hi guys.. let me have the honour to start part 2 of the 159 thread since the previous thread has been locked due to its ginormousity.
  5. Though Economy is kicking back, we need to ensure we don't go back to our old spending habits and try our best to stretch every dollar of our hardearned money : We all can do some cost savings if we all contribute. I start first : 1. My family loves Shabu Shabu and eat about 2x per month (wanted more but we gotta eat moderately). We buy from Wholesale places like QB. They require minimum spend for Home delivery so The trick is to ask friends/neighbours who like beef, chicken, Cheese filled juicy Sausages to order together. Price/packet of Shabu beef slices = $6~7. In Supermarkets its $12~15 same pack. For Dinner my family of 5 eats 1 or 2 pack beef (depending on hunger level) + Veggies (Wong Bok, Golden Mushroom, Toufu, occassional TangOh if can find) + Japanese Rice/Soba + Ponzo Soy Sauce + Goma Sauce (that can be used for 3~4 meals) Total Damage = $15 ~ $21- or like $3~4/person If I eat out it costs $100.. Next.... 2.
  6. Gadgeter

    Hishercar is not welcomed in MCF

    It doesn't gives me any pleasure to announce that this person have been banned from MCF as well and not welcome in our forum. Despite reminder given, he continues to post non-thread related topic in a thread that serves as a Notice. He is another person whom will continue to register another nick to enter this forum, please inform admins/mods once you spot this fellow. All account will be terminated without further notice. Thanks. The above is not a trend or telling sign that mods enjoy banning people from the forum, but an effort to keep non-contributor/trouble makers out of the forum.
  7. This person have been banned from MCF and not welcome in our forum. We have been very patience with him over the years, but his recent action have made us decides to ban him for good. We all knows that he is one that cannot live without MCF, so he will be back with another new nick. Whatever nick he creates, his new account will be terminated without any further notice. Nick he have created so far and have been banned. Modelator Thewolverine HoDactran (13 Jul 09) Mohammadkhairulaffandibin (13 Jul 09) Herhiscar (13 Jul 09) gagdeter (13 Jul 09) The above list will grow and we need your help. Please inform admins/mods once you spot this fellow. Thanks.
  8. Nitrogenarian

    AVI user comments welcomed

    Greetings to all. Would like to see some comments from AVI users. I was recommended AVI during my search for car audio stuff. However, non of my friends used that brand before. Therefore, I hope AVI users can come forward with their comments and feedback. Thank you thank you!