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Found 20 results

  1. Shocking 2 in 3 working Singaporeans do not have savings to last them beyond 6 months: OCBC survey https://www.straitstimes.com/business/banking/2-in-3-working-singaporeans-do-not-have-savings-to-last-them-beyond-6-months-ocbc?xtor=CS3-18&utm_source=STiPhone&utm_medium=share&utm_term=2020-06-01 9%3A06%3A23
  2. https://www.vice.com/en_asia/article/ev3jjz/singapore-suicide-elderly-senior-citizens?utm_source=vicefbus
  3. According to the Wall Street Journal Qoros 3 sedan had performed beyond the minimum level requirement of safety. It had gained the best score so far in 2013 crash test.
  4. Japan should let old 'hurry up and die': minister http://sg.news.yahoo.com/japan-let-old-hur...-113515884.html will you "go die" instead of wasting govt resources or depleting your own cpf , your child cpf and hard earned savings? in drama, we always heard ... "the old and poor man will say let me die, don't waste money" ... this is a real issue as aging population going full speed. what say you?
  5. i always parked my car at the T1,T2,T3 for a few days if go for short trip. Lucky, never have a chance to park at Budget Terminal. Very heng. more expensive than MBS ============================ User-unfriendly manipulation of parking fees at Budget Terminal Published on Jan 30, 2012 I HAD to take a round-trip flight to Kuala Lumpur early this month. I departed on a Friday at noon and returned the next day in the evening. As it was a short trip, I decided to drive and park at the Budget Terminal's open-air carpark. Having checked in online, I arrived at the carpark an hour before the flight and was shocked to see a small notice on the carpark barriers, indicating overnight charges in excess of $50 and a recommendation to use the Terminal 2 carpark, which would cost only $20. As I was not sure I had enough time to drive to Terminal 2, park there and find a shuttle or taxi service back to the Budget Terminal to catch my flight, I decided to stay put and parked at the Budget Terminal carpark. When I returned, I was charged an appalling $82.40 for 34 hours; in fact, the parking fee was costlier than the air tickets. Why does an open-air carpark at the Budget Terminal cost more than a covered parking space in Terminal 2's multi-storey carpark? Why aren't airport users alerted to the stark difference much earlier and in a better way instead of as a last-minute warning at the carpark barriers? Why is there no advice about how long it takes to get to and from Terminal 2 and the frequency of shuttle buses? The airport's feedback service replied that with the increased overnight charges, there are more spaces for short-term parking. But this is achieved at a cost - the inconvenience of passengers who have to park at a different terminal. The airport authorities should charge similar rates at all terminals and, at the same time, put up LED panels indicating the availability of parking spaces at all terminals along the approach road to the airport. This will allow motorists to decide early and park where spaces are available. The current clumsy manipulation of parking rates suggests that the authorities underestimated the popularity of budget travel. Ron Graham ============================== $300 fee 'Parking overnight at the Budget Terminal is shockingly more expensive.' MS AMANDA GOH: 'I had an experience similar to Mr Ron Graham's at the Budget Terminal carpark ('User-unfriendly manipulation of parking fees at Budget Terminal'; Monday). Late last year, I took a last-minute trip on a flight departing from the Budget Terminal. As I was rushing to the terminal to purchase the plane tickets and board the aircraft, I parked at the Budget Terminal carpark. In my haste, I missed the small sign stating the parking rates. When I returned, I was shocked by the $300 charge for parking for 41/2 days. The carpark staff pointed to the notices about the fees on the entry barriers and in a few other places. But these are at inconspicuous spots. More can be done to inform the public that parking overnight at the Budget Terminal is not only different from parking at the other terminals, but also shockingly more expensive.' =================================== Address airport parking fee anomaly Published on Feb 1, 2012 MY HUSBAND and I had an experience similar to Mr Ron Graham's last week ('User-unfriendly manipulation of parking fees at Budget Terminal'; Monday). How can outdoor parking at a budget terminal be more expensive than at the other terminals? I hope the airport authorities will make a change. Amanda Chan (Ms) ===================================== Higher airport parking fees help to ease crunch CHANGI Airport's Terminals 1, 2 and 3 are well connected by the Skytrain system, with a train arriving at stations every two to three minutes ('User-unfriendly manipulation of parking fees at Budget Terminal' by Mr Ron Graham; Monday). Mr Graham criticised the exorbitant parking charges at the Budget Terminal carpark. No motorist wants to pay hefty parking charges, but an operator must find a solution when faced with overcrowding. In this case, the airport decided that increasing the overnight parking charges could help ease the situation, and installed signage on the change. Mr Graham asked why airport users were not alerted to the difference in parking charges. Apart from having signs at the carpark entrances, how else can this be done without incurring excessive cost? The management of Changi Airport is excellent in many ways, which is why the airport has won many awards. Sam Yeow
  6. Just to share here happening in SG.. Was walking out to buy lunch towards Serangoon North..around 1250hrs today.. Was trying to do some smsing.. Then heard a lady a passerby shouting for help ..lookup and to my frightening and shocking sight...the lady was chasing a barefooted boy in the middle of the road .. Those who knows this road AMK Av. 3 which have a very long loop from CTE exit to Yio Chu Kang are known for fast moving vehicles..and many accident.. Was still in shock ...saw a swift action Malay guy with knitted cap came from behind me holding behind the fast moving cars to slow down and quickly grab the boy to safety...Kudos to his bravery and action.. The boy in yellow T-shirt could be had ran off from a Child care centre nearby Lit*** F**tp****... Then saw the caregiver from the centre running towards the boy... How can this thing happening...
  7. Shocking: Workers bathed in water tanks after sex, say Woodlands residents Posted on 08 Jun 2011 on STOMP After the discovery of a maid's body in a rooftop water tank in Woodlands, shocking revelations were made by residents. Some even suspect that workers bathe in the water tanks after late night trysts with women. A 30-year-old Indonesian maid was allegedly murdered by her 27-year-old Bangladeshi boyfriend on May 16. Her body was dumped in a water tank on the rooftop of Block 686B Woodlands Drive 73. According to a Lianhe Wanbao report, 150 residents gathered at a dialogue session with the town council management, Public Utilities Board (PUB) representatives and residents
  8. Timex1441

    Shocking behaviour of DPM

    "...From where I stood, I couldn
  9. Ticklish8

    Shocking video from Brisbane

    Wow the flood in Brisbane is really scary. Once a century phenomena http://www.abc.net.au/news/video/2011/01/11/3110493.htm BRISBANE, Australia, Jan 12, 2011 (AFP) - Australia
  10. Hi brudders, did some sums on my FC today while filling up. Took the reading from the odometer and subtracted the previous one taken. .. Divide this figure by the the number shown on the petrol pump (amount of petrol topped up to full tank) and it was 122/17.8 = 6.85km/l. Shocking!! Is this the way to calculate FC? Time to chuck the spare tyre.
  11. Sabretan

    Shocking! A case of drug abuse???

    Came across this news article on ChinaSmack website http://www.chinasmack.com/2010/videos/nake...r-on-drugs.html
  12. Once upon a time, back when Ray Kroc was still pushing milkshake machines, a hamburger and fries meant a wad of freshly ground chuck and a peeled, sliced, and fried potato. Now, these two iconic foods
  13. Graphic video of young woman in China leaping off a building because of relationship issues. Her body actually bounced off the ground! Video here
  14. Video below from Russia's Got Talent...think either they're really really dumb, or really really talented talent.wmv
  15. Darth_mel


    This is a real story of a young college girl who passed away last month in Pasir Ris. Her name was Rui Ping. She was hit by a truck. She was working in a call center. She had a boy friend named Peter. Both of them were true lovers. They always talked on the phone. You would never find her without handphone. In fact she also changed her cell connection from Starhub to Singtel, so that both of them can be on the same network, and save on the cost. She used to spend half of the day talking with Peter. Rui Ping
  16. Malaysia cuts fuel price by 6.1%Posted: 14 October 2008 1931 hrs Photos 1 of 1 KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysia Wednesday cut petrol prices by 6.1 percent amid a fall in world oil prices. Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said the price of petrol would be cut by 15 sen to 2.30 ringgit (0.92 dollars) a litre while diesel prices would fall by 20 sen to 2.20 ringgit effective Wednesday. It is the third time the government has cut fuel prices since a 41 percent hike in June on the back of soaring crude costs -- a 3.9 percent cut was introduced last month. The massive rise in June sparked angry street protests and calls for Abdullah to quit. The prime minister later said prices would be reviewed periodically based on the cost of oil. "Because oil prices have fallen sharply in recent times, the government has decided to cut fuel prices to allow the masses to benefit (from) lower prices," Abdullah said in a statement June's hike saw inflation skyrocket, with the August price index reaching a 26-year high of 8.5 percent, driven by the escalating cost of food and fuel. Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, who is mounting an aggressive challenge against Abdullah's leadership, has promised to cut fuel prices substantially if he wrests power from the ruling coalition.
  17. As Refer to the last minute transfer coup below, Who will be the new Champions of England come May 09? I'm dying to know ... Monday, September 1, 2008 Player From To Fee Robson da Souza Real Madrid Manchester City
  18. mannn.. i was at bugis last wk. just after i got out of my car, i heard a loud engine/exhaust sound coming into the carpark. oh btw, its the open space opp bhg. to my horror its a widebody? orange lamborghini with bling wheels and a big ass exhaust coming in . jus as curious like anyone , i stood there to wait for the driver to bypass in front of me.. guess what ? man in the 70s with his wife(prob. 60s) in the passenger's.. they came into the carpark tour 1 round and went rite out. the driver was revving away! i was like how many of u dreamt of driving such car in the age
  19. Hey guys, My family's cefiro and latio , for the fc , has gone tremendously down. The figure does not sound nice and it is so out of the world. For the latio, the figure has been dropping for about a month already. Our usual is around 12.5 to 13. Sometimes even 13.5 . but now.. it has been slowly dropping to 12, then 11.8 and the last tank we fiilled, 10.2!!! frweaking low and my fathers driving habit hasnt changed. For the cefiro, ever since my father installed RMK vol stab, fc has been constantly at 8.5 and even sometimes 9. But now, it has dropped also, from 8.5 to 8.2, then slowly down to the latest tank we filled, which was 6.8 . which was back to the pre RMK days, Can someone advice? the fuel figs are terrible. The only change is both cars went for servicing and changed air filter, oil filter and changed a new bout of syn oil. 5 litres. Is that a cause? Pls advice or we r really gonna call TCM alr. HAHA.. Thanks bros.