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Found 9 results

  1. Does the title of this article sound absurd? Well, it is what it is. Watch the video here: What Happened? According to the lady in the golf attire (dashcam driver), she was at a red light several hundred metres away when the accident unfolded right before her eyes. An Audi Q7 performed an illegal U-turn and collided with a motorcyclist. Once the traffic light turned green, she immediately drove up to the accident scene, turned on her hazard light and positioned her car to block off oncoming vehicles. Meanwhile, the Audi Q7 driver was already atte
  2. Weird that I never saw this before... a new gen Audi Q7 for 2015. http://www.carmagazine.co.uk/News/Search-Results/First-Official-Pictures/Audi-Q7-2015-unveiled-smaller-lighter-and-more-estate-like/ They say svelte... but that front grill
  3. Sad to say, road rage is a pretty common occurrence in Singapore, which takes on many forms such as tailgating, shouting or angry honking. Watch this road rage incident that involved two men exchanging fists here: (Disclaimer: Lots of shouting and vulgarities, so adjust your volume accordingly, if required) This incident allegedly occurred along Edgedale Plains, involving the drivers of the camcar and the Audi Q7. Exchanging of fists It is unknown what exactly took place that led to the altercation between both drivers. Both men started exchanging fists with
  4. Welcome back, and we have another review with sgCarMart! And today, we have the 2020 Audi Q7! Being the largest and most practical vehicle in the Audi lineup, the Q7 has been refreshed, and it now comes with more aggressive lines seen in its stablemates, but still retains that utility and practicality that it was brought to the table. After all, a seven-seat vehicle is always useful. So, let's see what Julian has to say about the Q7. From the get-go, it looks handsome. Audi's design language has been pretty good these past years, nothing too controversial. And not to mention,
  5. Soya

    Audi Experience

    Anyone else received this? Managed to register and PA gonna drop off a Q7 at my place for a couple of days for me to trash.....opps, I mean try out.
  6. i intend to change my father ride from 730Li to a 7 seater SUV. x5 Q7 XC90 fortuner GL450 Land Rover Discovery btw, i am talking about the old USED cars to keep costs low. of these, which is the better one with reliability being highest priority. reason is because my father really really really hate a car to breakdown leaving him stranded. thanks for any input.
  7. ins1dious

    Audi Q7 FC

    Hi guys, got my new ride 2 weeks ago. Just finished 1k kms. Wondering if other Q7/Other SUV bros can share their FC in Sg's stop/start traffic. My avg is only 6.5 but I'm hoping it'll start improving as I started more expressway driving.
  8. [extract] Project Kahn is a relatively new tuner that has burst into the scene with their tuned versions of the Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and the Bentley Continental GT. They somehow bring a sense of looming danger and mystery all because of their name. A Project Kahn Range Rover Sport RS600. It sounds dangerous and mysterious doesn
  9. One of the most pointless yet poignant rides that I have had the opportunity to drive with total abandon is the Audi Q7 4.2. FSI. This car is now entering its fourth year of production and it is extremely pointless because it is a huge, petrol hungry therefore politically incorrect vehicle. It is also the love of people who think that bungalow sized SUVs, which are rubbish off road, are the correct vehicle to own. It is one car which is as long as a standard Mercedes S-class but heavier (at 2250kg), wider and much taller. Anything that is bigger than an S-class is pretty pointless in some way
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