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  1. Can anyone help to up my points? Thx!
  2. Frog

    Malaysia: Directions to Genting

    checkpoints lately so unpredictable zzz
  3. i dont know how to describe, but its not that serious. so will dg652 be a good choice? i wont say cure the swirls, but at least make it better?
  4. hi benny, check with you. my car currently got swirls marks, and some water spots stains. i tried using dg claybar and dg101, but the spots are still there. so i was wondering if dg652 or 671 will help. car is 3 years old, black in colour
  5. Frog

    Car Air Ioniser

    How much does a decent one cost?
  6. all three retail shops has 652? actually if buy from them or buy direct same price hor??
  7. Frog

    Armorall butter wax + armorall detailer

    my DG polish finish liao. got any cheaper alternative?
  8. Frog

    Headlight polishing kit

    I use colgate. Works well
  9. Frog

    JB Car Wash

    i wash at the "car wash street", all the while $8. usually i just give them exact $8. then chop the card, and i go eat abalone mee liao
  10. Frog

    Duragloss Photo Gallery

    no matter how i clay, polish and wax, still will have some water spots look alike stuff. is it normal?
  11. Frog


    ok now jam, smooth!
  12. Frog


    i later if 11pm go in and then come back, both side usually wont jam liao hor??
  13. Frog

    S$4 car wash

    same loh i also ownself wash. if got go jb then go in wash rm$8 lol. wont wash at local petrol kiosk, unless is really bo bian
  14. Frog

    Time to change!

    Golden rims on my stock black vios nice? Not very bright type of golden