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Found 13 results

  1. Maybe Renault is sick of Nissan & Japanese gov of "tekkaning" Carlos Ghosn, they are going to shelve their plan to merge with Nissan if Fiat Chrysler is interested to merge with Renault. Fiat Chrysler and Renault in talks over mergerCarmakers set to announce collaboration on electric vehicle technology and production https://www.ft.com/content/846bc2f0-7fbf-11e9-9935-ad75bb96c849
  2. SINGAPORE - SMRT is in talks to sell its taxi business to private-hire operator Grab. If successful, the deal will see SMRT, the third largest cab operator, exiting the business it has been in for 27 years. The proposal is also for SMRT to have a stake in Grab - a Malaysian start-up that is seen to be a keen rival of Uber - and at least one seat on its board of directors. The Straits Times understands however, that the proposed deal has hit a bump over the jobs of SMRT Taxis' workers. SMRT, fully owned by the government's Temasek Holdings, wants the buyer to ensure all affected workers retain their jobs. But Grab it seems is not keen to take on more headcount as it has its own staff. "Because of this, the sale is nowhere close to a deal," a source familiar with the talks said. SMRT is reviewing its businesses since Temasek became it's sole owner and delisted it last November. It is understood the government investment giant wants SMRT to double up its focus on the rail business, with a view to make the MRT and LRT lines it operates far more reliable than they have been in recent years. The taxi sale, if successful, could signal SMRT's disposal of other less substantial businesses with low margins - such as buses. Its smallish footprint in the bus sector grew even smaller when it lost the Bulim and Selatar route packages to Tower Transit and SBS Transit respectively. SMRT had also wanted to start a mobility business based on autonomous road-going pods. But that too, has been shelved because of Temasek's focus to get the rail business fully back on track. http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/smrt-in-talks-to-sell-taxi-business-to-grab
  3. Picnic06-Biante15

    BPL 2014/2015 - Transfer Talks

    OK, this weekends will be the last BPL matches for 13/14 season. It might be a bit early but rumours had been going around and so let me start early ..... ESPN news: Liverpool eye Lallana, Cole's new home, and MLS, too Checking in with another installment of ESPN FC's Transfer Talk, your one-stop shop for all the latest transfer rumours and gossip from other news outlets. Liverpool like Lallana a lot The fight for Adam Lallana escalated Thursday with Sky Sports reporting that Liverpool hope to sign the Southampton midfielder before the World Cup begins. Lallana, who turns 26 this week, had primarily been linked to Manchester United, and said Tuesday he'd like to stay at Southampton, where he's been since age 12. But Liverpool may now swoop in with what The Sun calls a 20-million-pound offer. The transfer window does not officially open until July 1, but Liverpool may be looking for a deal beforehand if they like Lallana to have a breakout World Cup for England. Where will Ashley Cole land? Ashley Cole may know his days at Chelsea are running out, but that doesn't mean he's not wanted elsewhere. Manchester City have now joined the race for the 33-year-old defender, writes The Mirror, along with Liverpool, Man United and Real Madrid. City, who are rich enough to buy just about anyone, are desperate for Englishmen to meet UEFA regulations. Meanwhile, The Express says Cole already has a two-year offer from Monaco in Ligue 1. If Cole is looking for a big final payday, he could do worse than playing in a principality without income tax. Odds and ends PSG have told Chelsea and Manchester United that Edinson Cavani is not for sale. Fabio Borini said he wouldn't mind staying put at Sunderland, either. Arsenal will grin and bear it if Bacary Sagna decides he must leave the Gunners. About those Sergio Aguero-to-Barcelona rumours that Leo Messi rubbished Thursday? The Express says it will cost clubs 57 million pounds to drag Aguero away from the Etihad. Who doesn't want Fulham's teen tandem of Patrick Roberts and Moussa Dembele? Apparently all of England's biggest clubs are asking, but the Cottagers will start them if they stay on, reports The Daily Mail. Yesterday, we told you of Leicester's dilemma with players jumping ship. Now The Express says St Etienne winger Max Gradel may be the solution. link: http://www.espnfc.com/blog/_/name/onthemove/id/17653?cc=4716 Never too late to book players now ....
  4. http://news.asiaone.com/news/singapore/tan-cheng-bock-talks-politics?page=0%2C0 Tan Cheng Bock talks politics 210214_ST_tanchengbock(edited).jpg SPEAKING HIS MIND: Dr Tan noted that the PAP Government has got itself into "a very tight situation" by letting in too many foreigners in the past. He added that the Government may now be "overdoing it" in tightening labour flows. Tessa Wong MyPaper Friday, Feb 21, 2014 SINGAPORE - The People's Action Party (PAP) Government may be trying hard to fix problems caused by the large inflow of foreigners, but it has got itself in a tight bind, said former presidential candidate Tan Cheng Bock. {C} RELATED STORIES Dr Tan and his packed calendar PA withdraws Istana party invite to Tan Cheng Bock {C} Its difficulties could help the opposition Workers' Party (WP) in the next general election, he said. The former PAP MP for Ayer Rajah spoke on the future of both political parties in an hour-long interview with MyPaper at his home. Since the watershed 2011 General Election, the Government, especially its younger ministers, has been "trying very hard" to resolve issues - like immigration - that contributed to its loss of votes, he said. In 1999, when he was still an MP, he had called on the Government to tone down its talk on attracting foreigners, earning rebukes from ministers, including then Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew. "Now, (the Government) has a quota system for foreigners in HDB," noted Dr Tan, 73. But they have got themselves into "a very tight situation" by letting in too many foreigners. "The original lax policy has created a lot of problems. If you suddenly pull the brakes too hard...you titrate wrongly, you have a big, big problem, because the companies will suffer," he said, adding that the Government may now be "overdoing it" in tightening labour flows, as businesses are facing a manpower crunch. This means there is "a very likely chance" the WP could win more seats at the next election, given that some wards in the last election were won narrowly by the PAP. "I think it's good because the WP can make the Government work harder, and also I think debate on issues will be much better," he said. Asked what he thought of PAP's criticism that WP often sits on the fence or does not voice out its position on several issues, Dr Tan said: "They don't have to put forth an alternative every time an issue comes up. You can always wait. Timing is very important in politics... So they will know when to push their agenda. RELATED STORIES Dr Tan and his packed calendar PA withdraws Istana party invite to Tan Cheng Bock "I think the PAP is the same, because (when rolling out) some of their policies they will wait." With next year marking 50 years of independence, "if I were the Government, I would capitalise on it". One thing working for the party now is its renewed vigour in fighting for votes, he noted. But despite efforts to communicate more with citizens, "I don't think they have really nailed it yet...there is still a lack of trust" in the Government and its leaders, he said. They have also yet to solve the "divide" in the party, where grassroots activists can feel snubbed after "they work like hell but they don't get to be MP" when the leadership parachutes elite "prefectorial, army, navy types" who are not in touch with the ground. One exception is Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, whom he praised as "down to earth". "Tharman is the type of person we should look for, and if we can get many people like him, I think the PAP will win (future elections) hands down," he declared. "I think Tharman is a very practical chap, he knows how to move the ground...he's got the charisma to convince me that I want to go along with him," he said. twong@sph.com.sg
  5. Jman888

    Hilary Talks!

    Never offend a woman [sweatdrop] But doesn't mean what she think or write is right, maybe she talks too much.
  6. Tot Mediacorpse artistes are well paid, no? Remember this guy also is a Uni graduated not long ago. Celebrity Jerry Yeo shares his experience with his Chery QQ Jerry Yeo
  7. GE is due, and we see a lot of discussions online about the good and bad of various parties. And of course, some of us have already made our choices. The thing is, i feel a majority of the population couldnt care less about politics. They simply vote based on status quo, as in they dont want to rock the boat, or simply get their info from local news media (??!!). They do not attend rallies, and dont bother to find out more about each party, the candidates, what does an overwhelming mandate means to us as a nation etc. I get the feeling the older generations do not know/feel times has changed. They like to stick to the norm, and still feel the ruling party has done a lot and they are good. I agree that they have done a good job in transforming singapore to what it is today. But past performance cannot be used as a gauge for the future. Nor can it be implied. From the obscene pay packages alone, it cast a lot of doubt on their real intentions. Are they mercenaries? As to what Slyvia Lim has pointed out in her speech on minister's pay, it makes me wonder. The older generations probably do not visit forums, read online about various views on local politics and have a very one sided view on what is really happening, based on hearsay, TV and papers especially. And with fact that GRC alone is not exactly a fair electoral move for the opposition, i think it will be really tough to have a change to the political climate in singapore. PAP is no doubt a party with good and powerful people who have proved their worth in their previous appointments, but i think public service is a totally different ballgame. Running a country is different from running a company for profits, nor running a division bounded by regiments and laws. We need people with heart. So all the talks here we have, all the info dug out... does it make a real difference? Cant help but i feel its futile... But i still hope my vote will count.
  8. According to a recent report, Nissan and Daimler are discussing swapping engines and electric vehicle technology. While details are limited, Japan's Nikkei business daily said Nissan wants "large" engines from Daimler. In exchange, Nissan would provide Daimler with electric vehicles, batteries, and/or equity. The paper added Daimler is already in talks with Renault, so discussions would likely be expanded into three-way negotiations. Later this week, Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn will brief executives on the details of the proposed partnership talks. If everything goes according to plan, three-way negotiations will occur shortly. The report also stated Daimler is eager to reach a deal before their general shareholders meeting on April 14. While no reason was cited, the paper said Daimler wants to be cautious about entering another capital tie-up.
  9. Ford has been attempting to sell Volvo since 2008, and Zhejiang Geely Holding Group has been the lead bidder for almost as long. But for a multitude of reasons the deal just keeps getting drawn out. A recent report from Automotive News shows that the folks in China may be getting a little impatient with the long and likely arduous process. AN quotes a Wall Street Journal report claiming Geely Chairman Li Shufu says the Volvo deal has hit a snag, but the chairman reportedly was click to point out that his company was "ready to deal." Further, Shufu reportedly told a reporter that the negotiations are continuously changing, adding, "If the deal fails, the problem is not on our side. We have not violated any part of the agreement." Earlier reports showed that a deal between Ford and Geely could become signed into reality by the end of March, with regulatory filings complete by the end of June. A Geely spokesperson reportedly told Reuters that the agreement is still on track for the end of March, and the company isn't specifying what issues may be popping up during negotiations.
  10. http://www.worldcarfans.com/109090221470/m...58-italia-video
  11. Feb. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Ford Motor Co., seeking to raise cash to avoid a federal bailout, is in preliminary talks to sell its Volvo Car unit to Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd., according to three people familiar with the discussions. Ford will likely get less than the $6.4 billion it paid for Volvo in 1999, said one of the people, who declined to be identified because the talks are ongoing. Ford has also approached Chery Automobile Co. and Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., the people said. Dearborn, Michigan-based Ford lost a record $14.6 billion last year and is trying to avoid asking for government loans to survive as U.S. auto sales plunge to the lowest level in almost 27 years. A purchase of Ford
  12. Last few days, during breakfast, lunch....had overheard table besides me talk about ERP gantry at least 4 times man....This is like SUPER HOT Topic now man!! It really got my attention now......Been curious, I gather datas from what this people are talking about It's not me whom say this, but this is what I heard from strangers....Is it true?? 1. Every gantry is build with more the a million dollars inclusive of patent rights with tax-payer money....dont know accurate or not....that's why call coffee shop talk... 2. Another man upset that he paid tax to build gantry and then pay again 3. Got one upset and said, then COE for what Fark? Funny too.... 4. Then got people said that they made millions out of the gantry and under declare the amount inorder not to have a public outcry....also dont know accurate boh..... This are the 4 main points people talk about....the rest are small complains like most Singaporeans....I feel that all this measures are needed to check on the car population as space is limited here.........hence....I just have to work harder to pay for more road usage.........Please note....I not a Government worker....just a daily road user.....
  13. Twin/Multiple-Plate Clutch Hi All, I was reading the following discussion on the net. Do you guys have similar experience/understanding??? All comments are welcome...... thanks "............. Most performance cars still use single plate clutch. Some, like the Evo Egg, use a slightly improved clutch cover (wide angle clutch torsion damper to reduce rattle and noise, better release at high speed). Usaully stock clutch cannot do a proper (as in professional sprints) launching. For example, if the driver launches an EVO normally at 5.5k-6.5k RPM it will cause the clutch system to burn. Below are some recommendations: 1) If you SELDOM (or never) launch your car at that RPM as mentioned, use back stock clutch.(comfort, soft paddle feel..etc) 2) If you (OFTEN) launch your car at the RPM as mentioned, try AP RACING organic clutch disk (same type of clutch disk as stock but stronger material) and use back original clutch cover. (Comfort, soft paddle feel, able to launch but not alway lah....one guy used it and was able to survive 3 sprints and 1 carpark rally for standard showroom class and still have more than 50% left). 3) If you (ALWAYs) launch, use TWIN Plate or TRIPLE Plate clutch system (depend on the horsepower of your car). Most racing clutch is uncomfortable to use as it really bites when launch. Got to get use to releasing the clutch when launching or risk damaging your gearbox. The expert drivers/racers don't juz let go their clutch at one go when they launch at 6.5K plus. They tend to depress a bit, press and finally let go. Don't know is it true or not? The problem with twin plate is that the transition from slip to full engagement is really narrow, so it's always very hard to do it right. The problem of twin-clutch will be solved in near future as now most of the clutch producing company are coming out with CARBON CLUTCH. Like AP Racing & ATS (already in the market), Exedy(coming out soon)....etc. Advantages: 1)Able to do half clutching without jerking (so comfort when driving in urban area) feel like normal clutch. 2) Able to withstand high temp (racing clutch as drive or rally for some time they tend to heat up and cause very diffcult to engage gear). 3) Light weight. 4) Normal when launching the clutch will tend to slip for 0.05 - 0.1 sec or less then it bite again. (Protect your engine gearbox, ayc, acd..) Disadvantage: 1) The clutch has to warmed up before we doing any launching (as carbon bite only at high temp). In sprint/supersprint events, the need to warm up tyres & clutch at the same time can be quite troublesome.(have a procedure to follow when warming up the clutch). So it is mostly recommended for track use, not daily use. 2) Expensive. On the other hand, present metal plate clutch have its own advantages & disadvantages. Not that it's no good. ..............." Anyone out there using carbon clutch? Can give any comment on the clutch so that we can compare? Cheers