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    Smart mobile phone for under $20 !

    I use my old nokia 150 Dual Sim currently, it definitely costs under $20. Someone has stolen my iPhone 7 a few weeks ago. The only flaw in this model is that I have to enter numbers manually and each time I need to check the area code through site to deal the right number.
  2. I'm looking for a software solution that allows me to store information about clients of my service business such as personal details, contact details, related documents etc. It also needs export options (pdf documents or Excel spreadsheets) and backup options. Now instead of doing an unwieldy spreadsheet (Excel) and related folders of files, I would like something that is multi-user, hosted locally and has a beginner-friendly interface. Ideally it's completely free and open-source (I realize of course that this can't include any service). To that end, I have installed SuiteCRM on a local VM to test out, but I don't have the experience to know if it's right for my business/needs or if it's too feature-full and unnecessary. Your input would be appreciated.
  3. luckyjack

    Italy, Genoa Motorway Bridge collapses in bad weather

    that's awful, hope no one was injured
  4. luckyjack


    I use NordVPN mostly. It has the highest possible speed and high level of security
  5. luckyjack

    Movies to look out for in 2018

    Gattaca Still as captivating as ever, was only going to put it on the background but end up watching it all. This has aged so well, I can’t think of anything in this being dated really, everything was stylised so the movie becomes a bubble and timeless.
  6. luckyjack

    Nice English Songs/Video to share

    Imagine Dragons - Believer
  7. luckyjack

    Movies to look out for in 2018

    Incredibles 2 (2018) - 9/10 Fantastic fun and entertaining throughout with fast paced action scenes, plenty of jokes, and superbly stylish animation. The story is good, although it could have been better, but it manages to deal with its modern issues well and in a relevant way. Great range of characters and plenty of memorable moments, overall a very enjoyable film.
  8. luckyjack

    TV shows to recommend

    Atlanta - If you're not watching this because you think you know what it's about, you're probably wrong. One of the great joys of this show is you never know what to expect. Krypton - Honestly, some of the best world-building and special effects on TV, but the characters leave me cold and I can't get into the story-line. I think it will suffer 'the Curse of Caprica.'
  9. luckyjack

    Nice English Songs/Video to share

    My fav song is Bon Jovi - It's My Life
  10. luckyjack

    Who like cats?

    I'm fond of cats! These little creatures always cheers me up!