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  1. Unfair

    Huawei Mate 20 Pro / Leica Camera

    I saw a lady wearing skirt and carrying camera who rode a bike with Babyblade printed on it before. Ghost ?
  2. Hmm, not sure why you believe in comparing across brands and prices that are at least 2x or 3x the price. The new M5 stops in 30m. I suppose those lorry drivers all have the same plus point. No need to care about blocking the view of faster vehicles behind.
  3. Its a given that a bulky and heavy vehicle will have a harder time stopping compared to a lighter sedan. This is simply physics. I saw from http://www.movitcars.com/rahmen/stoptbl.htm BMW X5 4.4i 100-0: 43.3m BMW 320d 100-0: 37.8m Thus they will tend to keep a longer following distance. I have seen many hogging the first lane, allowing cars to cut in easily. Especially frustrating when I am behind them.
  4. Why empty Goods Vehicle can only go 70km/h and restricted out of first lane. Whilst a similar built passenger van carrying 7 people can go 90km/h on first lane ? Tall cars/vans should be banned from lane 1 as they obstruct the view and will very likely have a longer stopping distance.
  5. Unfair

    My 4th Telco TPG Sim Card

    No leh, cause yesterday i used the same file haha. 124kb nia Maybe their server ran out of storage or duplicate file they cannot handle.
  6. Unfair

    My 4th Telco TPG Sim Card

    Yesterday cannot choose number, today error uploading NRIC document. Their web admin should get sacked.
  7. They will try to tax you in anyway possible as long as the citizens dont make enough noise. Thats the problem when they are overconfident in their ability to stay in power.
  8. Unfair

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    For SG to MY direction, I see the causeway itself quite clear, jam is actually from expressway to SG customs. Leads me to believe that SG side is doing all it can to discourage going to MY.
  9. Unfair

    KIA Stinger GT

    $400 for 1. 4/5L of oil 2. Visual Checks 3. Top up of liquids 4. Car wash/Vacuum 5. Labour Anything i missed ? cause i never been back to AD. Doesnt seem like a reasonable price.
  10. This serves to eliminate only the Jam at the temp one lane slip road to KPE/TPE/Lor Halus. The jam resumes on the KPE entrance for me. A lot of people dont know how to keep left and use the peak period to explore the new road at the moment.
  11. Missed by $1 ? You should shoot your SA...
  12. Unfair

    Engine oil color after servicing

    This is correct color. if never change after 10k, the oil will be black....
  13. Unfair

    3rd party insurance claim

    In this case, did you have to pay your excess and claim own damage for the 20%?Or the markup by workshop helped to cover ? The GIA should really clamp down on insurers trying to waste time and affecting us.
  14. Unfair

    3rd party insurance claim

    Wah, luckily i have image of the car in my lane and video of me stopping whilst other car continue moving and hit me. I wonder what changes in the 2 yrs, just simply both sides dont agree ? Cause there is nothing much else to investigate.
  15. Unfair

    3rd party insurance claim

    For cases that are not clear cut, how long before they can assess liability ? I just got involved in a head to head collision with a car that was partially in my lane when i was going upramp.