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Non-stop rain erodes SG roads causing 'bumper and undercarriage deadly potholes' to appear

Non-stop rain erodes SG roads causing 'bumper and undercarriage deadly potholes' to appear



TL;DR - More road potholes spotted around Singapore after days of continuous downpour, resulting in imbalance of roads and bumpy vehicles. 

Potholes are just the worst.

Watch this 63-second video of different vehicles driving past multiple road potholes.

What are potholes?

The smallest road flaws can develop into potholes. Due to water seepage and ongoing pressure from heavy cars, these crevices enlarge. A pothole is created when specific sections of the road deteriorate and collapse over time.

In general, potholes are more likely to form the more rain there is.

A small pothole can get wider and deeper if the traffic in the area is high. 

Read here to find out what you can do in the event you encounter a pothole that cannot be avoided:

What happened?

If you reside in Singapore, you’d know just how insane the rainfall has been for the past two weeks. 

The downpour on Tuesday (28th Feb) was heaviest over the eastern and southern parts of Singapore, with the daily total rainfall of 225.5mm recorded at Kallang the highest in 30 years for the month of February.

The last time there was such a deluge in February was when 159.3mm of rainfall was recorded on Feb 4, 1995. (Source: The Straits Times) 

As a result of the continuous heavy rain, the number of potholes proliferated all around Singapore.

The video submitted on SGRV showed just one of the many potholes that formed at Pandan Road. 


Writer’s note: Be mindful driving along this stretch!

Online Comments


A minute of silence for all the cars that have been lowered…  

So, if your car has been lowered, please drive carefully and brake early when approaching such potholes - trust me, it’s a different kind of heartbreak when you scratch your undercarriage. 

And don’t ‘geh-kiang’ and speed. You might just rip out your bumper in the process of acting cool.


With the wet weather continuing throughout the whole of next week, we expect to see even more potholes. Thus, please ride safely and be extra cautious especially on the roads!


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