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Found 5 results


    Netbook vs tablets

    as above which one of these would u chose an average netbook or tablets for web browsing occasion movie ?
  2. http://www.macrumors.com/2013/03/25/faa-st...ff-and-landing/ Will our authorities follow if US FAA allow? Got to wait till year end.
  3. Sosaria

    China-brand tablets at Comex

    I know all if not most tablets, notebooks, etc. are made in China nowadays, but I'm talking about China-branded tablets. Price very attractive at Comex going on now. Worth buying? I tried and found the so-called capacitive touchscreen not very responsive and sometimes erratic. Kind of like you have to tap the hotspots sometimes. Like that is really capacitive type?? Anybody who has these brands care to share experience? About warranty too.
  4. How do I take screen shots from android tablet?? Using Xoom, android ver 3.2
  5. Just changed my spark plugs and found out that the fuel additive tablet that I am using has left a red/brown colour stain on the plugs .... it does not wipe off easily so not just some residue on it but more like permanent stain on the plugs (a little like light rusting). I was by the mechanic that this is due to fuel additive and also the Denso plug reading picture also show the same thing. I wrote to the maker of the tablet and they told me this is tested to be harmless and they also ask me to see that the plug are actually very clean except for the colour .... that is true, the plugs were very clean for 10K km old plugs. But according to others, this will have some effect on the other components in the engine system like the O2 sensors, catalytic converter, etc. Since I have been using the tablet for more than 10 times, shouldn't it start to effect them already or should be much later ??? So far the engine light has not come on so I assume the O2 sensor is still OK. I am not sure who I should believe Can anyone help ??? Anyone with past experience. Do you think I should continue using the remaining tablets that I have ? Not use it since I changed the plugs.