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Found 17 results

  1. any reason wat is the reason for white shirt & dark color pants dress code during certain events or when there are "big visitors" ! i for one hate wearing white !! why must be white & black/dark pants !??
  2. Picnic06-Biante15

    Tourist Dress Code in Malaysia

    Wah lau ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ...... wear sarong when visiting MY ... Yahoo news: Restrictive dress codes will impact tourism industry, association warns KUALA LUMPUR, March 2 — The country’s tourism industry will suffer if tourists are forced to comply with Islamic guidelines on how to dress during their visit here, the Malaysian Chinese Tourism Association warned today. Association secretary-general Tai Poh Kim said imposing such rules is unnecessary in the first place as “we don’t have much problems with tourists thus far”. “Of course it will affect tourism,” Tai told Malay Mail Online when asked about the implications of such guidelines. “Tourists must respect local culture, but to have tourists dress 100 per cent in line with Muslim rules is overdoing it. No one wants to go to a place that’s full of restrictions.” Tai was responding to the dress code for tourists that recently appeared on Teganukita, the website of the Terengganu state government. The guidelines have since been removed. According to The Star today, the new dress code was to be distributed soon to all travel agents both in Malaysia and in neighbouring countries. Terengganu Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Razif Abd Rahman, however, denied today that the state issued the Islamic dress code for tourists, claiming he was surprised to hear that the story went viral. He added that such rules to police tourists’ attire were unnecessary as there were already sufficient laws to ensure public modesty. Tai warned that if such rules come into place, it could spread far beyond Terengganu. “(The rules) will affect the whole of Malaysia, not just Terengganu,” he said. “If one of the states starts doing it, others might follow.” Tai said Malaysia’s tourism has already been suffering since last year, especially after the MH370 disaster. He over the past year, many hotels in the country have experienced a dip in bookings, adding that Malaysian tourism could ill-afford further damage. “Investors in Malaysia’s tourism industry, including international chains of hotels, might pull out,” he said. Asked to comment on the issue, Terengganu-based travel agencies Ping Anchorage and DYG Travel said they have yet to receive any directive from the Terengganu government, but said they were confident such rules would only apply to Muslims. “It would disturb tourism if it affected non-Muslims,” said Zulkefli bin Salleh, who is the manager for DYG Travel, “but I don’t think it does.” “The Terengganu state government should make a clear statement that it (the guidelines) doesn’t affect non-Muslims,” he told Malay Mail Online over the phone. In The Star’s report, a source told the newspaper that both men and women need not dress entirely according to Islamic requirements, but their attire must be “decent.” Failure to comply will result in offenders being sent to “counselling”. It is unclear if said counselling will be religious in nature. The east coast state of Terengganu is almost entirely Malay-Muslim, with only a handful of other ethnic minorities residing there. more stories, link: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/restrictive-dress-codes-impact-tourism-industry-association-warns-085700276.html Didn't know 'Roti Prata' or "Roti Chenai" is Bolehland MB (Mentri Besar) fravourite food, flip & flip & flip ...
  3. Ender

    What color do you see?

    I see Blue and black.. Most of my dept see gold and white. http://www.businessinsider.sg/white-and-gold-black-and-blue-dress-2015-2/#.VPAPxPmUduI http://www.businessinsider.sg/origin-of-white-gold-or-black-blue-dress-2015-2/#.VPAPs_mUduI
  4. but i admire her bo chap attitude
  5. Hi bro and sis, need your help to spread the word and also see if any of you know hiw to get this dress with size 6 on it, urgently needed by november for a 'special someone' (not wife) I have attached a visual referrence of the dress Thanks
  6. Panerex77

    Singapore indoor stadium dress code

    Gng for concert tonight at indoor stadium. Is there any dress code? Can't find any info on the website or ticket. Ok to wear berms and t-shirt?
  7. I was hanging around the Admiralty Rd park's jetty and lo and behold, a chio bu wearing tight jeans, body hugging sweater, straw hat, scurf, and 4 inch high heel was there fishing (boyfriend nearby)... is this the typical dressing for fishing? btw, the catch looked good, most of those who fished there that day, caught some 10-12 inch long ones!! yummy!! Any bro fish at the jetty before? What do you and your gf/wife wear?
  8. Hi, bro gg to ORD and family thinkg of taking family portrait (was a pity we kept procrastinating when i graduated.. father passed and we did not have a pic... :( ) Bro has his own No 1, but i dont have it... so does anyone has any idea how i can get hold of 1? Im from infantry.. but commissioned like 10 yrs ago... :p did think of wearing graduation gown.. but tot its nicer if i can wear same with bro...
  9. Hey i've seen like hardcore Mario-themed or Hello Kitty-themed cars, like fully accessorised with the cartoon character. These are considered aesthetic mods right? Why are people willing to spend so much on such cars? And anyone here actually have friends with such cars?
  10. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singapor...nt.jsp?id=41099 What's there to protest? I thought this is a common dress code even in polytechnics?
  11. are they saying that students today are pervert http://www.asiaone.com/News/Education/Stor...0204-48095.html
  12. sian half... damn loan still owe bank a lot... my new fit idea gone with the wind... so now i left with my old sunny... 2.5 years old only actually... but wear and tear... the paint job quite bad laio... so me got this few item in plan with part of my bonus money... 1. Respray whole car (paint cannot make it laio) 2. New ICE (replacing my old cannot make it ice) 3. Steel brake hose and brake upgrade (old one very spongy and pad also there) Should i respray first or do up my ice first? was thinking doing up all the thing that i wan first then putting respraying last... so the new paint will not suffer been scratched at the workshop at the later upgrade... ?? Any comment??
  13. Kelpie

    How to dress up a Savvy?

    1. A friend of mine bought a Savvy and getting the car this weekend. 2. Since he is also new to car ownership, any bros can recommend where to find Savvy Bodykit and accessories locally or in JB? Thanks in advance. Regards,
  14. Singapore News Dress-up car industry likely to expand over the next few years By Farah Abdul Rahim, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 09 December 2006 1719 hrs Photos 1 of 1 http:/// SINGAPORE: The business of dressing up cars is now a booming multimillion-dollar industry. And as the trend catches on among Singaporeans, industry insiders expect it to expand further over the next few years. 38-year-old Steve Tan is an auto-fashionista. He has spent more than S$30,000 making his Chrysler stand out from the rest
  15. Chromas

    Carbon Fibre... Dress Me Up...

    Instead of getting myself a carbon fibre bonnet... I got myself this... those inserts are actual carbon fibre... shimmers under the lights... [inline Chromas_CF_Bracelet_sml.jpg]
  16. Zephyr

    Dress up Honda Jazz

    Hi All, I am new to this forum (just signed up one hour ago), and I know this is probably an old topic by now. but i was thinking of fixing body kit for my jazz (got it in last aug), but have no idea how to start and where to shop for the kit, I also have no idea how much would it cost. Would any kind souls help me oout here? thanks
  17. Lanceteo

    Where can i dress it up?

    i went to malaysia and fixed my body kit with spoiler and all but the job wasnt tat well done. i was thinking of having it changed as it is too low at the back which is giving me alot of problems. currently driving a sunny EX saloon E-throttle and i need to get it fix as its really ugly. really need your help how much do you think it would cost to fix the front and the back and one more thing where??? please enlighten me. Cheers Lance