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Found 13 results

  1. Do we really want a casino as our icon? Letter from Tong Jee Cheng (Today 20April) IT is disappointing that the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort (picture) is fast becoming an iconic representation of Singapore. We see it in the background in local television dramas, we see it in tourist leaflets. It seems to appear often as backdrops in the various advertising media. The first I heard of such sentiment was at a talk held at the National Museum
  2. [extract] This will be the third and last instalment of iconic cars from movies and TV shows. In the first instalment, I did mention two of my favourite movie cars which were the Ford Gran Torino from Starsky and Hutch and the Mini 1000 from the show Mr. Bean. I will talk about these two cars in this final part of the article. Let us continue with this last instalment. British Leyland Mini 1000 from Mr. Bean The Mini is a part of the British automotive heritage and it even came in second place in an international award ceremony, Car of the Century (the winner was Ford
  3. [extract] Automotive legend, Carroll Shelby, who passed away this year in May, will finally be laid to rest. You might wonder why it takes so long for his family to give him a funeral. Apparently, after his death, there was a dispute regarding on what to do with his remains. This dispute was between Carroll Shelby
  4. Anybody encounter the Android Market Icon disappeared from their phone? One of the website recommended to download this patch but not sure of its reliability. I've checked Android Market website, but can't find any Android Market Apps. http://www.theandroidsoul.com/download-goo...ore-apk-3-5-15/ Please help. Thanks.
  5. [extract] Let us continue in this second instalment of iconic vehicles from the movies and TV shows. Herbie VW Beetle from The Love Bug Herbie is an anthropomorphic Volkswagen Beetle that was featured in the Love Bug movie franchise. The character has a mind of its own and basically it can do anything it wants, for example driving on its own. The romantic comedy is about a struggling race car driver who, after a racing crash, went out to look for a replacement race car. He eventually bought a white VW Beetle after visiting a showroom and at one point of the movie; he was convinced that the car had a mind of its own. The rest of the movie tells the adventures of the driver and his companions
  6. [extract] Almost every single one of us has a favourite car from a movie or TV show, regardless whether we are car enthusiasts or not. As for me, my favourite is the Ford Gran Torino from the police TV show, Starsky and Hutch and the Mini 1000 from the Mr. Bean series. Recently I had a conversation with some of my friends and I asked them what their favourite cars from movies and/or TV shows were. I managed to compile a long list of cars given to me and here are some of them. De Lorean DMC-12 time machine from Back to the Future Back to the Future was a sci-fi adventure movie released in 1985. The two main actors who starred in the film were Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. The story is about a teenager who accidentally went back to 1955 in a time machine created by his scientist friend. He met his future parents and somehow became his future mother
  7. Can anyone tell me what the circle icon is? Is it the light to tell us to check the engine ?
  8. hi kopi buddies (you know who you are) The ICON near Tras Street is more or less re-done. There is a new cafe (quite like Starbucks) Tomntoms on ground floor. If you guys wanna meet there just give me a yell, on me. blessings +
  9. Hi all, More new features have been added. 1) Warn Level Now you can see what is your warn level. Warn level will reflect the number of times you have violated the forum guidelines. When your warn level hits 100%, you will be banned. Note that you can only see your own warn level. 2) Online/Offline icon Now you can see if a user is online or offline from their forum post.
  10. Every orhlimpig got a icon so our turn will come in some years. Wat is your choice?
  11. bros, care to advice? and what should i do or take note. thank you very much.
  12. hi people, America's Automotive icon, Chevrolet Corvette, is going on display in Singapore: http://www.carbuyer.com.sg/?s=news_main&id=587 does anyone have any idea how the corvette matches up against other sports car?
  13. Morning Bros I need assistance for steps to change my icon. I tried using the edit profiles, icon, but the same picture appear again and again. Unable to change my dog icon to sport car. Anyone care to assist. Thanks and Best Regards.
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