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  1. Tvios

    2019 Honda Fit / Jazz (4th Generation)

    if the COE rises, it may end up $80 ~90k range, like few years back
  2. Tvios

    GrabHitch/RYDE-car pooling services

    actually Hitch is just a software that matches drivers and riders. Hope other deep pocket startup can create another platforms and give Grab some competition. Else they w just take the driver forgranted.
  3. First dunno how many will get the G coe, for the same price paid. I jus look at Kah Motor price, seems they haven't adjust upward.
  4. heard from my KM SE told me limited number will get the guarantee coe. Those serious buyers can consider fast
  5. wah 20% drop in quota. finally the good times of low coe is over
  6. wh workshop? free service by PI?
  7. Tvios

    Honda fit dashboard

    think this should be easy for the workshop to check w the diagnostic tool. Just go back to PI workshop to settle
  8. Tvios

    2014 Honda Jazz / Fit (GK Series)

    I think for Singapore 1.3 is quite ok.if want more sporty should go for 1.5L. The comparison between PI and Jazz was discussed many times, all boils down to what u see as important. For me I got a Jazz after checking a few PI. No need to worry about warranty, services etc
  9. Tvios

    2014 Honda Jazz / Fit (GK Series)

    take note for Fit, - steering wheel cannot adjust front/back - driver seat cannot adjust height
  10. This is so true. With this weakness, next bidding may be $1. Must standby and bid for myself if it really happens
  11. Thanks to Trump, coe cheap cheap for longer time. But our gov make less $$. Next time better not sponsor his trip to Singapore
  12. i found Vincar price on the high side. So i didnt buy fr them. Actually i almost bought from Jack's car, their price is competitive and they are quite big also
  13. Think they foresee a economy slow down. So must squeeze those people who drive. But taxi/phv are making money, coe is a cost thus the companies can incr price to cover. Household drivers r not making money out of coe, so taxi/phv should pay more
  14. action happens at last 10 mins