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  1. not deep cut/dent/chip off; just scratches but at front bumper. thanks
  2. hi all, a friend's car got scratches causes by falling tree branches able to recomend which brands is good to remove this scratches (front bumper) ? tks
  3. Reno

    Lasting tyre shine that does not splash off

    good to heard that.
  4. Reno

    Lasting tyre shine that does not splash off

    so far how you rate "Turtlewax Platinum tyre gel"? recomend to purchase? thanks
  5. Reno

    Soft99 claybar on sale

    thanks for the information
  6. any body got race tech contact number? thanks
  7. Reno

    Mini 4 pot or 6pot

    may i know who or where is "leong seng"?? thanks
  8. oh no! i driving one of this model; any expert can advise how to improve the car securtiy? thanks
  9. may i know where u get yr Ap racing brake system installed? thanks
  10. Reno

    Mini 4 pot or 6pot

    hi bros/sis, anybody able to let me know which shop carry VTTR, Wilwood n those 'new' brands (drift racing? JBT.. etc). thank you
  11. is good to shop a few shop before making any purchase. so happy shopping
  12. my previous ride i installed at McWell; model is 30;cost me appro. $380 but personeelly feel not much improvement. but if u got additional $$; can try lah.maybe u have a better feedback.
  13. that's good, me have ocbc card also, will contact them for details, thanks for the help.
  14. bro, nothing wrong to pay road tax using installment right? no offend, don't tell me that u pay yr car full in cash?
  15. thank you... bro for the stand up(for me). i got 3cars to feed so is good for me to pay installment; can earn point through credit cards, pocket not so tight. thanks