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Found 229 results

  1. Lucaswh

    Mini Cooper queries

    Hi asking for my dad. For the Non-S Cooper, how is the maintenance like? Fuel consumption, insurance and regular servicing cost (AD versus outside workshops) ? If getting used, anything to look out for? Thanks!
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  3. StreetFight3r

    The new MINI Electric

    https://www.sgcarmart.com/news/article.php?AID=23641 First MINI Electric car.. Actually a electrified Cooper S but I think its called a Cooper SE (E for electric), priced at $163,888... 181bhp, 270Nm of torque but maxes out at 150km/hr Standard MINI good looks, the bright yellow on white visual cues outside and interior electrified me...
  4. This week we test the MINI John Cooper Works Countryman! Join Jon as he goes with us through the storied history of this car, along with its many distinctive design features. Does getting the Countryman mean you actually get a more practical car despite it being a MINI? We get to watch Jon work that boot! But let's not forget, this is a JCW, so just how does it handle the roads? Watch the full video to see Jon grapple with the car's turbo lag!
  5. No, it is not driven by someone with little driving experience but... still a ID10T nevertheless. I can feel the pain of the car, and many car lovers out there, 'cos this is not a normal Mini JCW, but one with limited run of 3000 units (and this unit was gone too fast, literally). Even I am not a motoring expert, I know that drifting on soft / uneven ground is simply asking for trouble. There are just 3,000 units of the Mini John Cooper Works GP coming to the road, and judging by this video, you can already scratch one of those of that total. A video from the YouTuber Pog shows the excitement of him taking delivery of the limited-run hot hatch and eventually the despair of wrecking the vehicle. The Mini comes to Pog's house in a giant crate, which makes for an impressive unboxing. It also arrives with a bag that has a mini statue of Pog inside. Due to the lockdown from the COVID-19 pandemic, Pog can't take the JCW GP onto the road, so he decides to start doing laps of his yard. He doesn't have too much land, but there's enough space to create a little circuit around his house. Pog completes multiple laps, and there's some great cinematography in this video. Tragedy eventually strikes, though. After so many circuits there's a divet at the entrance of one of the homemade corners. Hitting it upsets the balance of the car, and the hatchback does a complete roll before ending back on the wheels. Pog doesn't suffer any injuries. The JCW GP is in rough shape, though. The worst damage is where the roof meets the windshield because it is crushed inward. While Pog is physically unharmed, he's going through mental anguish. He covered just 14 miles (23 kilometers) before rolling the limited-edition hot hatch. The JCW GP uses a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder with 302 horsepower (225 kilowatts) and 332 pound-feet (450 Newton-meters) of torque. It can get to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in 5.1 seconds and a top speed of 165 mph (265 kph).
  6. MINI Cooper Countryman ALL4 MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4 MINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4 MINI John Cooper Works Countryman
  7. The number of electric cars are growing on our roads, and in the statistics, it shows. In 2009, there was just a single registered fully electric passenger car on our roads, according to the Land Transport Authority. 10 years later, that number increased to 1,120. This year, MINI is putting out a new all electric model on our roads – the MINI Electric. But it doesn’t spell out the end of internal combustion engined MINIs. It is all about giving MINI buyers the power of choice, with a new electric powertrain that might suit your needs. But is going fully electric really a thing of the future, or is it something that one can adopt today? I’ve chosen the MINI Electric to ponder on the possibility of all-electric motoring. Fitting range I looked back on some of my concerns, with the first being range. I cover an average of about 20-30km a day. And my routine drive doesn’t include expressways. I spend a lot of time in start-stop traffic in the city. The MINI Electric’s range is some 200km. With a fast 50kW charger, the MINI can in fact charge to 80% in just 35 minutes. Think about it. Unless you’re charging a completely flat battery, you probably can top up the remaining charge for far less time. Plus, with constant traffic lights in my way, I could be topping up a kilometre or two of my range just from regenerative braking. I could in fact go for close to a week without needing to charge if I wanted to. With the availability of charging stations now and in the future, charging will get even more convenient. Easy chargin’ Still, charging up an electric vehicle still is a concern. As I don’t live in a landed property, and charging station access will be an issue. With more and more charging stations propping up, it will only get easier to drive something like the MINI Electric around in the future. Plus, this year’s Budget has announced that by 2030, there will be 28,000 charging points in Singapore! Until then, I can charge it at work or at home. For example, there’s a fast CCS2 SP Group charger a stone’s throw away from the sgCarMart office. The fast SP Group DC charger costs just $14 to fully charge the MINI. And back home, there’s a public charger, which offers AC Type 2 charging. The MINI Electric can take both AC and fast DC charging options. And if that isn’t enough, there are charging stations in malls. They’re reserved lots, which means even when the malls are full, you’re almost guaranteed a parking space. Some malls like Our Tampines Hub even offers free charging! But my favourite part is the MINI Electric’s pre-conditioning feature. You can program the car to turn the air-conditioning on after a set amount of time, meaning you’ll be back in a comfortably cool car by the time you’re done charging. In fact, with these free or cheap charging options available, it makes a lot of sense to drive something like the MINI Electric today. Fun to drive Some might think the introduction of all electric vehicles will spell the end of fun cars. But with the MINI Electric, that isn’t the case. One of the perks of driving an all-electric car is its instantaneous torque. And with the MINI, you get to zip around traffic with ease with its pint-sized proportions. While instant torque can be fun, having a car that responds well to driver inputs brings about an enthusiastic experience behind the wheel. There’s good news. That go-kart feeling that everyone raves about is ever present in the MINI Electric. In fact, it’s even more fun. Because having the battery packs down low allows for a lower centre of gravity. In fact, its centre of gravity is at least 30mm lower than the MINI Cooper S 3-Door. With a low weight of just over 1.3 tonnes, coupled with its 184hp and 270Nm of instant torque, the MINI Electric is the perfect recipe for a fun-to-drive city car. Clean 'n' green The best part of all this is that you’re having a fun car with no tailpipe emissions. And there’s no noise pollution, too. While electricity production is not free from emissions, it is still far less than an ICE-powered car. What about manufacturing emissions? Well, MINI also didn’t have to create a completely new manufacturing line for the Electric. The same tooling and processes used to manufacture the Cooper 3-Door is still largely used, with the Electric’s battery situated where the fuel tank would in a petrol-driven variant. While the MINI Electric is a green option now, it’ll continue to be a greener option in the future, as the government adopts more incentives and tax breaks on Additional Registration Fees starting next year. Still the quirky, lovable MINI We love MINIs for their proportions, good looks and character behind the wheel. Very few cars can evoke the same emotions a MINI can. With the MINI Electric, that’s all still intact. To everyone, it is still most recognisable as a MINI. The only difference is that this one is quieter, and you charge it up with electricity, instead of filling it up with fuel. With its good looks stirring emotions, with a sustainable powertrain, the MINI Electric is a reasonable all-electric car definitely I can see myself driving and living with every day.
  8. Mockngbrd

    Driving a classic Mini

  9. https://garage36.wordpress.com/2019/08/24/the-fun-the-curious-visiting-the-2019-international-mini-meet-in-bristol/
  10. Suirattigas

    Mini Cooper S Clubman- 18" or 19"

    Hi there, I’m getting my ride next weekend. Currently it is fitted with 18’. Any fellow mini buddies out there fitted with 19’? Can you share your views? Is the ride really very much Firmer?
  11. Chris Harris goes classic mini racing in his latest series of Chris Harris Drives video. If you love racing, you probably would want to have a go in the car too. With 60 old school Minis gathered in Goodwood for the celebration of the model’s 60th anniversary, Harris got to remind himself how fun it was to drive the Minis as racing cars. These specially prepped cars had 125bhp and could rev over 8,000rpm. While the power output doesn't sound like much, it only weighs 620kg and with the help of a limited-slip differential and many modern components, the Minis can average an impressive 150km/h around the track.
  12. Slowcat

    Mini JCW

    Dear all, Thinking of getting a JCW, the 3 door version. Is there anything that I should watch out for? Is the extra power worth the premium? I heard that the post 2014 versions are more reliable, is that correct? Thanks for answering this noob’s questions. :) Cheers
  13. chitchatboy

    New Mini JCW GP spotted near production form

    MINI's range-topping John Cooper Works GP has been spotted at the Nurburgring near production form. It is rumored to get 300bhp. The limited edition hot hatch will be the company's fastest and most powerful model till date, thanks to a turbocharged 2.0-litre four cylinder engine. As reported by Carscoops, production will be limited to just 3000 units. Likely to be the swansong for the current model generation, the car looks like it will feature a pretty wild body kit with plenty of aero. Other than the very aggressive fender flares and rear roof spoiler, it looks like the JCW GP will also get a new front bumper with a different grill and exhaust tips that are larger than standard. Elsewhere, the car might have also lost its rear seats to reduce weight while getting bigger brakes, stickier tyres and a retuned suspension. The car is expected to be revealed before the year ends.
  14. What's your fave? Blues Brothers? Steve McQueen? The Classic "Pork Pie"
  15. Dice

    Mini countryman

    any kind soul knows when mini SG will launch the countryman model?
  16. Spotted a Mini Cooper in Punggol with no car plate behind. Camo pattern paint with super dark windows. Anyone seen before?
  17. Mini says that it has stepped out of the ‘retro’ design philosophy and is embarking on a new era of design that will see the brand progress with a new distinct flavour that still maintains the core DNA of the brand’s iconic styling. Speaking to the Australian media at the Frankfurt motor show last week, the senior vice president of Mini, Sebastian Mackensen, said that with the appointment of a new head of design, the company is embarking on a new design challenge, one which remains critical to the brand as the styling of its vehicles are hugely important to its customer base. “The design is of utmost importance because Mini is a lifestyle brand,” Mackensen said. “I don’t like that word too much… but in the meaning of that word it is a lifestyle brand you don’t buy transportation, if you purchase a Mini if you want to drive from A to B, you can buy many different vehicles if you want to do that for smaller cost… so if you drive a Mini you buy emotion and driving fun and you also buy a certain statement and belonging to a brand, and part of that brand statement is not just the heritage and history of the brand but clearly as well the design.” According to Mackensen, changes coming to the brand will be noticeable however even a six-year-old child should be able to tell what is a new Mini from having been able to identify the current and older vehicles. “If he wouldn’t see a Mini driving around a corner and wouldn’t say a Mini, we would’ve made a mistake in the design but that doesn’t mean a Mini needs to look the same for 20 years in a row, that’s a fine line and I think we need to progress, every brand every design needs to progress but you need to have certain anchor points and staples that you shouldn’t play with.” As of this month, Mini has appointed Oliver Heilmer as its new head of design, having taken over from the previous boss Anders Warming who set off to design for the reborn Borgward marque. Meanwhile, any plans of Mini creating a larger model in the future appear to have been shelved, with the brand focusing on its core models and even further reducing its model range going forward. “We have no plans to stretch that further right now… We have reduced actually the complexity of the portfolio in recent years, because the Mini Paceman, the Roadster and the Coupe didn’t get successor models and we are happy with that decision because it’s the niche of the niche.” Mackensen admitted that whilst markets such as Australia may be able to absorb large Mini models, it’s still not on the brand’s agenda. “When we go into size, you might be able to absorb a bigger Mini but we have no plan to do a bigger mini beyond a Countryman.” Changes to the Mini design philosophy under Heilmer will become more apparent and visible with upcoming concept vehicles and future models.
  18. Avail in a 3 cyliner 12 Valve 1 litre engine. Go for the manual. The auto is underpowered. Details in the Nov issue of 'Motoring'. http://www.perodua.com.my/our_cars.php?sub...car_model=kasih
  19. Hi, Can anyone assist/selling your spare tyre ? The min donut spare use - for 225/55/17. 5 X 100 Whatsapp : 9633 4692 Thank you.
  20. So this sort of incident is usually too minor to post, but I thought the behavior of this young lady in brown Mini SKP3090E needed to be called out. This was a two way road, with the way ahead blocked by a large tour bus. I saw another tour bus coming on in the opposite direction, and moved to the side, right signal on, to let it pass. The lady in the brown Mini, with zero situational awareness, decided to inch its way out oblivious to her blind side, despite my repeated waves to warn her. Then, on her way past, she decided to flip me her middle finger. https://vimeo.com/220196504
  21. Hi All, Please share with me if you guys have any good workshop to recommend, i'm driving a nine years old cooper S
  22. Carbon82

    Super Compact / Mini SUV

    With latest statistics in Europe showing that sales of SUV is beginning to overtake hatchback, it is do not come as a surprise that many auto manufacturer are making their new model to ride higher, label them as Crossover, and there after markup the selling price, taking full advantage of the latest trend in the motoring world. Actually the "pioneer" in mini SUV is not any conti car maker, but Japanese. How many here still remember there was once a a 659cc 20V turbo charged sample, with max. horsepower of 64ps, max torque of 97Nm, and a top speed rated at 130Km/h (in stock condition)? Yes, I am referring to Mitsubishi Pajero Mini. A fun car, but not necessary a fuel efficient one as one might have expected from a Kei car.
  23. http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...106&DL=1086 Looking to get a spare car for zipping around during the weekends. This model looks cool with good price till I saw the total owners=6! Anyone knows the history of this car and if upkeep will be an issue for mini? TIA!
  24. Amazing Asian! My next question how long will it take for him to get out of that lot? Haha
  25. ahboy86

    2015/16 MINI Clubman

    If that Clubman concept caught your eye, it's reality now. * Pictures with acknowledgement to paultan.org Hope it makes it to our shores soon!