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  1. Gildor8

    COE renewal or get a 2nd hand car?

    On top of your total cost 32k plus 7k, You also have to pay for higher road tax. But the most important thing also to consider is having driven this car for so long....isnt it time to drive something different?. But different have to pay a price..due to our current system.
  2. Hi, The price of really old BMW seems to be on the relatively low side. Some are even cheaper then some luxury Japanese car. Just trying to gather feedback from people with experiences on owning BMW. Is this worth it?. Does the repair cost will weigh on the buying price later on?. Is it better to just buy a Japanese second hand car instead even if it is more expensive or the same price?. How to make it relatively safer to buy an old BMW? Does Vicom check really tells you the condition of the BMW?. Thanks in advance for any advise. rdgs, Gildor
  3. Gildor8

    Buying car on $45K inheritance

    Hi, Just my opinion....Since you already got a car, it is better to use the current car until 10 years. A stream is a good car to drive and $45k will not get you any much better car but only newer. Also, the timing is not right now as nearer to CNY , it is always going to be higher COE. last but not least, might as well use it to spend on your family, it might just bring your family closer together.
  4. Gildor8

    Used Car Dealers Feedback (Part 2)!

    Can you share how did you find out that the odometer was adjusted down?. STA inspection?.
  5. Gildor8

    Used Car Dealers Feedback (Part 2)!

    I think not all dealer charge this sum. Do not accept this if you can. If not, it might really become industry standard.
  6. Gildor8

    Any regrets in your life?

    I think most people ...the regret that they have is missed out great opportunity to earn big money. For example, buying most stocks in end 2008...you would have earn a decent sum (depending on the amount you invest) by now.
  7. Gildor8

    Used Tyres and Fit

    Hi, Can anyone recommend any shop selling used tyres as well as fit it for you ?
  8. Gildor8

    COE issue

    agree..even with COE at 14k, we are paying for other costs like, OMV and GST on top of the actual Car price from dealer. This is really overpaid.
  9. Only M1 charges termination fee? or is a standard terms for all telco?
  10. Gildor8

    Banquet FoodCourt has served its very last meal

    Not sure whether it is the same, but it seems that the chicken rice stall is still there with the new Kopi Diam?. Can anyone confirm?
  11. Gildor8

    COE issue

    Cars are not always about luxury. It is sometimes a necessity, especially when the family has kids, with kid, you need to travel often with stroller, buy alot more groceries, like diapers,etc. Travel for enrichment classes during weekends can be a serious burden without a car. Which other country, big or small has our car problem?. none, this is really uniquely Spore.
  12. Gildor8

    COE - November round 2

    Let's look at it more objectively, look at the demand for the limited supply of COE..i.e. how many bidded for the COE...you will know whether the COE will keep decreasing in my opinion.
  13. Gildor8

    COE issue

    $70k for a 5 year old car can only use for 5 years before you need to renew COE again...which dunno how much it will costs. At the end, it is cheaper to renew COE BUT you will be driving a more than 10 years old car which may have alot of problems....either way, driving is such a money draining thing in Singapore.
  14. Gildor8

    Posted to Shanghai

    This is an issue alot of Singapore talented couples are facing now. If you want to earn more money, you have to travel. But you must also think of the future. If you want me 2 cents worth, you might like to understand how often can you come back to Singapore in a month. If for example, you can come back every weekend, then it may not be that bad, but if it is like once every year for a week only, then you might want to just forgo going overseas if your wife refused to go with you.
  15. Gildor8

    Why are singaporeans so kaypoh.

    With millions of foreigners here in Singapore, what makes you think that it is Singaporeans that is Kaypoh?