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Found 25 results

  1. It there such adaptor in the market.
  2. carloverguy2017

    Universal Studios Singapore on X'mas Day

    Wifey spend too big on this year's X'mas and bought a 6 month unlimited family pass to USS So no choice, I guess we have to keep going to USS every weekend to secure full ROI on investment. Same right ? Buy car must keep driving everyday. Go market , drive. Go 7-11, drive. Go work, drive. Go out catch fresh air, drive. https://youtu.be/we1bmbJSXKU
  3. flashbang

    Universal tap connector

    Does anyone know of any tap connector that can fit this kind of tap?
  4. Sosaria

    Sentosa Universal studios visit

    I've never been to the new universal studios at sentosa, and have a couple of questions to ask. Is there such a thing as just paying the entrance fee, go in look-see? Then the rides pay extra? Or buying an entrance ticket includes some rides as well? Best time to go? I heard there's a certain time that they allow people to go in and look-see... Thanks for the tips. Lazy to surf through their website info, and this forum is so informative and throws up some nuggets of 'insider' info sometimes
  5. Aaronlkl

    Universal Studio

    I've a pair (2 tickets) of Universal Studio One-Day Adult Pass for sale. Normal price $74/pax. looking to sell for $128 for a pair. Ticket expires on 30th March 2013. Call 91194194 for quick deal. http://www.rwsentosa.com/language/en-US/At...ngapore/Tickets
  6. Picnic06-Biante15

    Universal Record Phone Bill ...

    From Yahoo : Frenchwoman's alarm at trillion-euro phone bill AFP News
  7. Hi, Need some help here. My taillight bulb has blown and need a replacement. Read the menu for the part number which says 12/5w. The ones I found are T10. Are the connectors supposed to be universal? Also getting standby bulbs for my dome and passenger lights. Your advice will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. Two Thumbs UpZ [thumbsup]
  9. SINGAPORE: A 19-year-old student has been given probation for stealing from an Universal Studio locker. Joel Teo Jie'Ao and his girlfriend Candy Han had hired an electronic locker at Sentosa's Universal Studio theme park on June 7. But due to a technical fault in the system, the door of another locker - with valuables inside - popped open. The pair could have reported the matter to the park staff. Instead, they decided to help themselves to the valuables in the locker which had been hired by Madam Lim Leh Kuan. Teo and Han, who is unemployed, made off with items including cash and a hand-held game worth more than S$2,000 in all. For theft, Teo on Friday was given a year's probation and has to perform 100 hours of community service. Twenty-six-year-old Han, who admitted to the offence in June, was sentenced to a month's jail. She was jailed for five months last year when she was convicted on two counts of theft in another incident. The court heard that on the day of the theft at the Sentosa theme park, Madam Lim, a 66-year-old housewife, had placed her belongings inside her locker, located near "the Mummy" ride. About 20 minutes later, she returned to find her valuables missing from the locker. She informed the police and security officers managed to track down the two thieves after viewing closed-circuit television footages of the area. All of the stolen items were successfully recovered. - CNA/fa Whatever happen to 拾金不昧?
  10. Mustank

    Universal Studio Review

    anyone went to universal studio already? Any reviews?
  11. SINGAPORE : Universal Studios Singapore has closed a popular ride, Battlestar Galactica, for the time being due to a technical glitch. The ride will be closed for at least a few days for a complete inspection. The spokesman for the theme park, Robin Goh, said a technical problem was detected on one of the ride vehicles during the park
  12. Davidcks

    Universal Studios, Resorts World

    Not sure about the folks here, but I am looking forward to the opening of Resort World. [thumbsup] The virtual map - http://www.rwsentosa.com/USS_map_Eng/en_map-uss.html p r e s s r e l e a s e Unveiling the Best of Universal Studios
  13. http://www.relax.com.sg/relax/news/281762/...rk_pricing.html
  14. Toy_car

    Starhub universal remote comtrol

    trying to syn using the subject remote with my dvd player and tv set, however when i refer to the User guide that came together with SCV set it said to refer to the remote contol manual. problem now is i only have the user guide but the manual for remote control was not there in the first place. can any brothers here assist?
  15. Owen_fan

    Universal remote controller

    Hi all, need some help from you people. my current Sony LCD TV remote contrlloer is not working, so wonder can I get a universal remote controller to replace it? If yes, what band will be good & where can I get it? Sorry to ask so many questions, as I do not know much about all these hightech products. Thank you.
  16. Hi, Anyone has any experience with Hotbits Universal Semi-flow Muffler box? How's the sound / performance? I know it's non - LTA Compliant. Thanks.
  17. Anybody ever heard of URES? Any reviews?
  18. Anybody ever heard of URES? Any reviews?
  19. Bought one in JB Rm19.90 made in taiwan (Simota@)-good price. Quality quite good. Look alike K&N one or PiperX
  20. Hi Guys... Read on the net about this item. Universal -Power fuel converter. It is a hi tech compact magnetic assembly designed to enhance fuel conbustion and can reduce fuel consumption by 5%. . the price also seems ok. Wonder how good is it or any bro using it? how does it compare to superione? Thnxs..
  21. Optra

    Optra with Universal Spoiler

    Hi Bros thinking of fixing this Universal Spoiler for my Optra, advisable ?
  22. hi all can someone pls advise if there's a differnce btw those Universal fitted muffler & a model specific made one? in terms of performance mainly. Let's say granted both are of the same brand e.g. Supersprint. Am looking for 1 for my 03 civic vti. Thanks!
  23. Many cheap and good stuffs - check this out http://www.ebay.com.sg/viItem?ItemId=2475960485 PS I am not the seller neither am I associate with the seller
  24. I have a very bad incident with them.I bought a Broquet from Mcwell 2 weeks ago and I called them up recently to have exercise the money back guarantee. They then tell me that they do not practise this at their shop and I have to go to the supplier which is Universal Consultants.I called them up and was referred to Derrick.He says that they ALSO cannot give me the refund because I bought it from Mcwell not from them.I called McWell again and they in turn says that it is Universal who promise their the 30 days money back guarantee not Mcwell.Mcwell is just the dealer. I recalled U C and they said that Mcwell bought the Broquet from them and thus able to give any kind of promotions and since they sell the Broquet to me at a lower price, I am not entitled to the money back.WTF !! They never mention a word to me about this silly practise. Don from Mcwell offered to have the Broquet exchanged to me for something else at the same value. I will call Kenny the MD of U C and demand my money back and if it fails, I will refer this to CASE.