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Found 11 results

  1. Another typhoon that badly hit Japan. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/typhoon-hagibis-tokyo-central-japan-left-devastated-11995730
  2. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-asia-storm-jebi/typhoon-kills-at-least-nine-in-japan-boats-move-tourists-from-flooded-airport-idUSKCN1LL05K Typhoon kills 10 in Japan, boats move stranded passengers from airport So many cars wasted due to havoc wreaked by Typhoon Jebi in Japan. Airport became jetty liao too
  3. Duckduck

    Double deaths... another one!

    http://wanbao.omy.sg/local/story20140604-30210#local mother n dotter argue, then mother found stabbed to death n dotter apparently jumped downstairs!!! BTW wat happened 2 that kovan double murder case? investigate so long still no conclusion???
  4. http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/more-singapore-stories/story/three-seriously-injured-slash-wounds-yuan-ching-road-scd https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10153642393258484&id=637748483
  5. Picnic06-Biante15

    Beware : Contraceptive Deaths .......

    from yahoo : At least 23 Canadian deaths 'linked to contraceptive' AFP News
  6. From asiaone: http://www.asiaone.com/News/Latest%2BNews/...114-383461.html Safety breaches led to deaths of NSFs Pictures of Private Dominique Sarron Lee Rui Feng with his headstone at the cemetery. Pte Lee, a 21-year-old full-time national serviceman (NSF), experienced breathing difficulties during an urban obstacle training exercise in Lim Chu Kang on April 17, 2012. AsiaOne Wednesday, Nov 14, 2012 SINGAPORE - Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen revealed in a ministerial statement to Parliament on Wednesday the details of the Commitees of Inquiry (COI) into the deaths of Private (Pte) Lee Rui Feng Dominique Sarron, 21, on April 17, and Third Sergeant (3SG) Tan Mou Sheng, 20, on May 11. He revealed that Pte Lee died of an allergic reaction in a training exercise after a platoon commander threw six smoke grenades, even though regulations specified no more than two grenades were to have been used. He revealed that the cause of death was certified by the forensic pathologist of the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) to be due to an "acute allergic reaction to zinc chloride due to inhalation of zinc chloride fumes". The COI believed that "if the Training Safety Regulations had been complied with, PTE Lee and his platoon mates would not have been subjected to smoke that was as dense as that during the incident". In the case of 3SG Tan who died after a jeep he was in overturned, it was found that individual negligence and breaches of safety had contributed to 3SG Tan's death. Firstly, the master sergeant had assigned an unlicensed driver to the vehicle, and the rear passengers including 3SG Tan did not wear a helmet or put on their seat belts. Other incidents of unlicensed driving were also found at the Combat Intelligence School, where the accident happened. A Commanding Officer and six other commanders have been redeployed to other assignments which do not require them to supervise soldiers for training or operations. The Chief Military Prosecutor will determine if these personnel should be subjected to a General Court Martial (GCM). Police investigations are also ongoing to determine if the personnel involved, including the unlicensed driver of the jeep, should be prosecuted in a Civil Court. Dr Ng said the SAF and Mindef were "deeply sorry for the untimely and tragic loss of Pte Lee and 3SG Tan and the anguish and distress it has brought to their families". He concluded: "These two deaths could have been avoided if safety instructions had been followed." "The SAF will learn from the incidents, correct any inadequacies and punish those who disregarded safety regulations," he also said.
  7. This thread is started as a result of news such as: 1) SBS driver jailed 1 week for fatal accident 2) Walau bus driver blind or what!!!! and many more most of us may have read. It is exasperating to read news whereby drivers often get away without deterrent sentence to drive the message LOUD & CLEAR that causing deaths as a result of negligence deserves severe punishment appropriate for such accidents. Therefore, unless the system is tweaked to make jail term significantly deterrent to potential careless drivers, I don't see how drivers will change their attitude to driving more carefully than ever. Perhaps, if the required minimum jail term is made mandatory, it would help to start an aggressive campaign to educate all drivers especially those driving public buses and large vehicles; that so long as they are proven guilty of negligence, they cannot escape simply with a slap on the wrist. Such message becomes even more crucial in view of more foreign drivers being employed to operate the large vehicles and public buses on our roads. I hope the relevant authorities will do something to increase better safety on our roads for all road users before the situation gets worse. Have a nice day and do your part to make our roads safe, folks!
  8. Greatbirdlegend

    Three more Influenza A deaths in Hong Kong

    Probably not the best time to travel to HK with old folks or young children. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/afp...1112046/1/.html
  9. This is a bit over the top, isn't it? Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/...ry_555894.html LAST year, there were 188 road fatalities, or a road death every other day, and driving along Lim Chu Kang Road on Monday morning, it was not difficult for me to see why. The speed limit of the road was 70kmh, and as I drove along, big trucks and lorries flashed past me, dangerously above the speed limit. Drivers who speed do not realise that they are part of a killing machine. Speeding is a fatal menace and should be much more policed than it is now. During my 45-minute journey from Kranji to Suntec City, I did not spot a single police patrol car or Traffic Police motorcycle. Speed traps are too few and far between, allowing irresponsible drivers to bolt and swerve on expressways unpunished. Alongside public campaigns on road safety, there should be more traffic policing vehicles to arrest the immediate problem of dangerous speedsters. It is also appalling to see the types of vehicles allowed on our expressways, and the manner in which they are driven: small motorcycles with unprotected riders in slippers zipping in and out of traffic, and lorries loaded with men and material zooming past speed limits. Singapore has stringent standards in licensing drivers, but such standards are futile if we let law-breaking speedsters threaten the lives of other road users and do not police such dangerous drivers. Fines and imprisonment may not be enough of a disincentive. The punishment which will effectively deter speeding is caning. And if a driver's speeding is responsible for a road user's death, then hanging is a fair punishment for killing someone. Ivy Singh-Lim (Mrs)
  10. NSman who died had not submitted medical certificate By Valarie Tan, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 02 October 2008 1702 hrs SINGAPORE: Investigations into the death of full-time National Serviceman Joe Foo Wei Rong found that he had been given medical leave two days before he died but he did not inform officials about it. The Defence Ministry said in a statement on Thursday that a medical certificate dated September 28 was found in Private Foo's personal bunk cupboard after his death. The medical centre had no documentation of his medical certificate. Soldiers are required to submit certifications of their medical conditions at the centre. Private Foo had seen a doctor at the Singapore General Hospital on Sunday. He was supposed to rest from September 28 to 29 for "sprains and strains of the knee and leg", and to be given light duties for the subsequent four days. It is not known why Private Foo did not report his medical condition, but investigations are currently underway and a full report is expected in eight weeks. The former Singapore Polytechnic student died on Tuesday while doing chin-ups at Lim Chu Kang camp. Friends and relatives remember Private Foo as an athletic young man who enjoyed basketball, and his death came as a shock to many who turned up at his wake on Thursday. Private Foo is the third full-time National Serviceman to have died in camp this year. Recruit Andrew Cheah and Officer Cadet Clifton Lam suffered the same fate in June. All three were former students at polytechnics where physical activities are not compulsory, unlike junior colleges where exercise is part of the curriculum. Chairperson of the Government Parliamentary Committee for Defence and Foreign Affairs Indranee Rajah, who is also the MP of Tanjong Pagar GRC, said: "Obviously it needs to be studied more deeply and carefully, but to me, it does seem to me that before anybody goes in for NS, the preconditioning is important. "And as far as possible, from secondary school, all the way to the time they enter National Service for BMT (Basic Military Training), it's important that the levels of fitness should be maintained." The polytechnics that were contacted said they have many sporting activities in place for students. Singapore Polytechnic says an estimated 15 per cent of total student population take part in sports. Half of its 2007 graduating cohort sat for the National Physical Fitness Award tests, an increase from 35 per cent in the previous year. the blaming games has started since the parents of the deceased NSF blamed SAF for letting his son attending physical training even though there was a valid MC. SAF conducted investigation and found out that the deceased did not submit the MC to MO. So now everyone is going to find a black sheep. SAF and an MP seems to put the blame on polys for not being able to precondition male enlistees during poly terms...KNN ...might as well blame the deceased and parents for allowing the son to attend poly in the 1st place...or might as well blame the whole govt for setting up polys in the early days..... it is individual responsibility to condition own body and keep fit to maintain healthy...
  11. MAN was charged in a district court on Friday with causing the death of his front seat passenger and a woman pedestrian in a three-vehicle collision. Owen Calvin Tan Cheng Lock, 44, is said to have caused the death of Madam Lai Foong Mei, 41, through his negligence along Buangkok Drive last Oct 14. He was driving a van when he allegedly failed to give way to traffic when making a right turn from Buangkok Drive into Punggol Road, resulting in a collision with another van coming from the opposite direction with the right of way. On impact, his vehicle allegedly veered towards the right side of Punggol Road and hit Miss Yeo Moi Liang, 53, who was using the pedestrian crossing. The second causing death charge also states that his van hit a stationary Mercedes-Benz which had stopped at the red light signal. Miss Yeo, who was sandwiched between Tan's van and the car, died. Tan is out on $10,000 bail. His passport was impounded. A pre-trial hearing is set for July 24. At least Jail for 2 Years