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Found 11 results

  1. TL;DR - A jaywalker dashes across the road without checking for incoming vehicles and almost getting rammed by cam car. Watch this 40-second clip of a blur 'sotong' getting the shock of her life after a near-accident she caused herself. What happened? In the video, you can see a jaywalker making a run along the busy Balestier Road and almost getting knocked down by the cam car. This lady almost couldn’t celebrate this Chinese New Year. Thankfully the fast reflexes of the cam car driver saved her life, as the driver, too, e-braked in the nick of time. If you’ve been out and about Singapore, you would know that roads in Balestier, Geylang, Little India and Serangoon often see the most jaywalkers, as the traffic lights are usually far apart from one another. So here’s a cautionary reminder to watch out for cars when you cross the road. And also to not jaywalk. Let’s see what the netizens have to say about this: The comments lambasted the lady for not checking for incoming vehicles before she jaywalked. Many of them also commented on how good the e-brakes of her legs were. Pretty sick. Takeaway Pedestrians are a vulnerable group of road users. Therefore, we can all do our parts by walking a few hundred meters to the traffic light and guess what! You also get to clock in your 10,000 steps - a win-win situation. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  2. Just now i was watching youtube on korean food and an advertisement showed a boy stroking his "weapon" and then a lady hand stroking a big one. KNN i need pomelo leaves to wash eyes.. Youtube allow such advert meh?? i try to replay it never show liao.. this is the video i watched
  3. I like it when Van Diesel said,"The moral of the Story. Don't buy cars in Singapore." Razor TV
  4. sue ah sue ah. anyone got today's TNP print full report to share? http://www.tnp.sg/content/lions-icons-fand...sdp-poster-boys The Singapore Democratic Party has decided to feature two of Singapore
  5. Committee raises concerns over procurement
  6. For a 90-minute taxi ride from Changi Airport to Jurong West, Mr A. Kochumadhavan paid $82.59. On Dec 23 last year, he arrived at Changi Airport Terminal 3 after a 27-hour flight from Lisbon, Portugal, and got into a black SMRT Chrysler cab, unaware that such taxis command premium fares. Traffic on the ECP was heavy, and Mr Kochumadhavan arrived home 90 minutes after he had entered the cab. Cabbies whom The New Paper spoke to said that this is the steepest fare they have heard of in all their years of driving a taxi. Wow 1st time in my life in s'pore, heard so much cab fare....
  7. Today whilst visiting my relatives, I was stunned for words when at a multi-storey carpark, I was waiting for a car lot, the car in front of me moved out of his lot and was blocking my way. From that position, he engaged reversed and floored the accelerator, causing the Suzuki Swift Sport to wheel spin and ram straight in to the metal barricade behind. "CRRACCCK!!" That's what I heard. I was so freaked, I reversed away from the scene of madness. I parked my car in another lot and went to observe what happened, the owner was an old guy about 45-50, and he was observing the damage... didn't seemed to be bothered about what just occurred. The damage was a back wheel bent out of shape (there goes the chassis!) along with a huge indentation on the side of the car next the the brake lights, there were bit of orange coloured paint from the metal barricade on the car. I was freaked because in an instance it had reminded me of a scene in the movie, "The Happening" where the driver killed himself on intention accelerating into a tree. I thought it was happening right in front of me like in the movie.
  8. Home > ST Forum > Story May 28, 2008 Mas Selamat: Shocked and disappointed I REFER to yesterday's report 'Mas Selamat escape: Detention centre superintendent gets the sack'. So the Government has sought closure to the Mas Selamat saga by handing out an assortment of punishments to the nine, mainly low-ranking, officers and guards whose security lapses had led to the escape of the terrorist. I wish to express deep disappointment, shock and pain that in a national scandal of unprecedented magnitude and public outrage, it is only the little people who are held accountable and punished. Catherine Lim (Dr)
  9. Blacklx

    My paper

    The follwing is an article taken from "my paper" dated 23/1/08. It just goes to show how stupid this lady is. She practically slapped herself on the face. Read the complain letter, paying special attention to the parts highlighted in red and underlined. [/left] From the complain that she wrote, i can only gather that she is greedy and trying to justify her greed. Imagine asking for The Straits Times for her parents who can't speak English. Basically, she just "buay song" the stewardess for not giving her an extra copy of the paper. In my opinion, this lady is the type of person where, no matter how polite you are, she will still be "buay song". Shocked by behaviour of SQ leading stewardess MY PARENTS and I were on flight SQ865 on Jan 13, from Hong Kong to Singapore. The Leading Stewardess was giving out The Straits Times and I requested a copy. I also asked her politely to pass another set of newspapers to my father, who was seated in another row. To my surprise, she told me loudly to share the newspapers since we are one family and that there were still many other passengers waiting to get a copy. Can you imagine how embarrassing it was for me? How would the other passengers think ¡ª that I was greedy? I was just helping my parents as they were seated elsewhere and could not speak English. She could have said something along the line of "I'm sorry Madam, but can you please share if you don't mind as we are running out of newspapers". I was stunned by her rudeness and could only manage a reply of "Okay". Singapore Airlines is supposed to be well-known for its good service, but why was I given that kind of treatment? Was it because I was seated in the Economy class? Ms Tan Ai Ching Serene
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